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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Maple Grove Police Enforced Slave Trade

 I can't add any content to this because someone stole all my tools. imagine what it would be making just from as clicks otherwise 

Paul and Marlene stole t

o make sure I can't have clean clothes, a kitchen, alrm clock be free of their mold.. no seriously they stole the saw I need for the airfilter finilazarion budget doesn't include what's needed to eat and do much else but die

April 2020 after ofp court date they ensured I couldn't make they stole the desktop with my portfolio on it, my mig welder and compound miter saw. I need the saw to fix the airfilter I bought with money from a small biz client/ work. it wasn't a filter, 200usd floor dryer ( see centrifugal blower fan) I made a custom top for the inlet by removing plastic grill and fabricating a plexi piece to hold a hvac filter. worked great but I went too small. I bought the plexi broke down the old on and pervert predos came and stole my saw et all else

then Paul the child molesting pubic school bust driver did the same thing he earlier had done when he stole power inverter "what color is your welder" 

or in other words it's like he's reminding me he's going to kill me after years alone or dear God I wish I hadent been born because the only thing sicker is the police. 

I hope their kids know mommy and daddy kill bunny rabbits and help other mommies and daddies have human property they make repeat the word slave try to push over railings slam car doors on and gaslight while starving and forcing labor on moldy car

officer cow fucking Hanson "I didn't see that put the phone away" 

others earlier "it's not illegal to say you own someone" 

yeah but forcing labor under threat to stolen personal property is, it's just when the mentaly Ill and those of low iq and or no functioning emotional iq end up dominating the police force 

next year maybe we can hire all pedos and build the turpin parents a monument 

maybe PA Turpin takes Rorey from behind while he's the usual deep in a cow

sound like harsh words? you're the cops that try to make sure nothing but what's convent is on a report while I starve and try to move forward while being poisioned only to be robbed again. 

if u do me the honner of demonstrating u think we arnt at the end of the day People and on the same level ill promise for allowing the attempted murder via railing and poision and personal jusfmebt Rorey passes.. thus also like the sicko that started this trying to rewrite history... 

I promise I can get shit through the squad car barrier if tazing me isn't lethal for us all. 

mn police arrest man touched as child robbed poisioned and extorted trafficked s adult.. murder attempted 2 other assaults not allowed on record

but the man's crimes.. alleged words and not licking the boot of those who fuck people out of everything then rub how pathetic the officer is in the abuse victims face. 

that's what I hear every time mmbop speaks 

I wonder if Minnesota gets the predictive software that Chicago is trialing... can you input the officers profiles and behavior patterns probably next version where it shows you who is most likely to let you kill them  right? 

That's up for could easily also be Tuned to predict would be easiest to victimized I'm mainly kidding I wouldn't put it past some departments even though I know some officers would object( or I want to believe said Mulder.) 

I've got a feeling that part of what I'm experiencing is Happy somewhere in the chain of command somebody knows enough psychology to know that when you have parents like mine you might have a bigger bust behind it which is why I'm talking about order of operations while I'm being killed. And why I really really think if you think you're better than anybody else resign or shoot yourself no seriously you have a duck how much better are you prove it come on

this whole thing is set so there is no way an indivigual is safe. 

because of not jail to prision deserving or otherwise theres officer asphixation (big knees) seemingly all Department will act on hearsay and defend each other by not allowing reports made. Doesn't matter what you say is what I figured out doesn't matter what I do really because there's no objective criteria there's no way for the kid now adults who you know chose to be an only child sick predators I am me I have only me I can usually use technology but you guys have made sure I can run around in circles while people commit felonies against me melanurus to Starved because you guys fucked up and when you won't even take a report all of my cloud is full my hard drives aren't my hard drives because I'm not me because you let someone own another person. If you want to see mental illness look in the fucking mirror

But that's the other threat I'm crazy because you don't want to write up or I'm crazy because you think you're some god-given not predator or maybe there's the real rub . When you allow bank accounts to be accessed or check signed over with the party that already has the other social and stolen driver's license number Sometimes they come and steal the license itself that's bad enough but then you allow felony theft after felony theft and I can't even get a confession on a report so what you don't get a write-up come on unholster the Funtime stick do the world a favor

Pretended the revolver you can do it it's a Russian game

Or if you don't tell your spouse about how you help parents the claim to own their adult offspring and sexualize their adult Offspring but not as much as when he was a child tell him how that who you support and what you're into

Honorable like a $3 bill

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