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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Maple Grove Police Prohibiting Communication With Family & Assisting Fellony Theft

 if you so happen to be from maple Grove or have family living there I highly caution visiting them or communicating with them.

the police will literally abuct you on hearsay

anything left at a family members house is probably not yours any more 

probably state wide, if you have a family member terrorizing you, file an ofp first because otherwise you may find yourself poisioned forced labor everything stolen and police threatening mental holds to not take reports 


ymmv, this may have a lot to do with Paul's 25 year run as vp of seiu local 284. there is likely a liability aspect at play as well. but hey just allow the person killed an poof 

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with out so much as a trial

 Police have helped force dangrous labor, steal 6.3k in services and by my estimate so far 43k in personal property. including all of my kit...