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Minnesota Gotca Law Predatory Policy and Predatory Police

 mn law as I'm finding is pretty ambiguous on a few key points, like exactly when one is emacapated. also when one must show Id. what I don't see likely is media pointing out what I've been calling it. gotca law. if someone doesn't know by what criteria they will be judged or what metric to reach there might as well not be one. it's a black box. it's a pricelist only visible behind the counter once you've already bought the service you find the real price. aka even if it's known to them u would never know if they change it on a by case basis either. I don't think this is compatible with a free people or Gov of for and by

A Systemic Issue 

I think a lot stems from incompatible goals. this first assumes the goals are as stated or peace officer is any more than propoganda. I've met a few I think truly try to be this image. It's not the majority. but under the assumption there's some truth to more than arrest

Dominance training isn't really compatible with family mediator. Family DV Lawyers and FBI stats all say like 99 percent of domestic calls involve no violence. If we want peace officers the goal can't be to arrest or make most gain from things like OVW grants. The issue here is also that if one person has to leave under police order or something like my case where I'm unlawfully repeatedly ordered off public property outside where everything mine is still being destroyed... the issue is police force no way to comunicate. what the state needs is arbitration or officers trained as arbitrators.

lethal mistakes un correctable 

there also needs to be some seperation between the sheriff's and police and ideally an independent agency to do regular audits of all police departments while handling complaints. 

if police acting on hearsay put you on the street. many will have a friend to turn to. in cases where someone just moved though, this could be a major threat to their security health well being and stability. it's also incredibly hard to seek a lawyer or make court dates from the street. ideally a computer, printer and desk if they already owned them but the reality is I'm in close to this situation and when police realized it they largely doubled down. I'd guess they realize my potential liability to them is less if I'm in hell to dead. this is inhumane 

I've found hard research showing mn even did the med research as to what Mal nutrition and starvation do to cognition and emotional inhebition let alone health and imune function. 

but in general even the founding fathers knew today's layout where police have little fear of consiqense for anything they do or say is not a path to justice or free people. 

checks balances seperation of powers 

mn seems to be edging the medical system into combined powers and the ability to appeal anything is non existsnt to hard to find 

the mn bar association also may not be free of conflict of intrest/a puppet. calling about the emergency medical hold only to be told no one touches those...

Which further digging there are a few lawyers that do, but when the state legal advice line is telling people this a lot will never find more than that.

meaning essentially police can force a 3 to 5 day detainment where u may be force drugged and for most intents and attempts at compensation for I justly doing so... there is no route to it

biggest question is if edu is required age 6 to 16 but most common 2 more years.. why arnt things like this key focuses when you consume thst much of a person's time with penalties for not attending?

compulsory edu is the label.

if one starts working the moment they can as a teen and parents have police help the moment they turn 18 they might be on the street with like 36k after tax. but from what I've seen even if the parents illegaly access the account and drain it the police are likely to give 0 shits but enforce the total lock out of accessing the property where all their personal property is.

we arnt free, most people just don't get this shit on. the system is set to abuse those who have likely had it pretty rough from the start, the hardest. no one asks to be born and forgetting that or what studies show about the vast majority of people do want to work and have meaning... forgetting this we justify some nasty things that border on if not are slavery

The Aclu MN and Disturbing Truth 

"The truth is that there are situations where people have done everything they could to put an officer at ease, yet still ended up injured or killed."

this is more like a hostile take over than peace officers. as I've found they also will refuse reports at all or censor the contents/whats on them. there really can't be an investigation and no hope of charges if it's blocked at report level. the police will say they don't belive a crime has been commited but as far as I see the judge is suposed to be the ultimate decision maker or the prosicuter based on police reports. when I called to try to have my dad's confession to stealing a fellony amount from my garage in April 2020 added to an existing report I was instead offered a mental eval. this is as crooked as it gets

"We want to be clear: The burden of de-escalation does not fall on private citizens — it falls on police officers."

there is some merit to their Saftey and the dominace training that goes by a few names but for a lot of what they are tasked with its incompatible


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