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Minnesota hearsay free pass 2 repeated felonies effectively owning another individual

Funny thing happened in 2019 Maple Grove police arrested a woman potentially for stealing a bottle of Three Buck Chuck from Ann Arbor lights establishment. The report said a bottle of wine from a restaurant. Theft and trespassing.

Yet if you can get someone to believe you when you say you are their landlord you're apparently entitled to everything they ever worked for and a felony level of services stolen. I say this even after I deduct market rate from the services rendered for the room rented

The big problem here of course all of a sudden with zero notice police are enforcing but you cannot enter or touch your things and they don't want details. That was August 2018 around October or November 2019 I managed to get recorded admission that Paul and Marlene falsified police report that Marlene tried to kill me and drove from the torture cell that they currently keep me in Maple Grove with the intention get on Marlene listed as unreliable Witnesses and or press charges for mail fraud and or check fraud. All of a sudden we can't do any of that

But even when I bring up that at that point now Paul has already told me two times that's the owns me and that I have Clyde rabbit in the freezer

And one of the still held parcels from USPS is Bonnie rabbits ashes but the check was from my mail was made pretty clear and that wasn't the first time I only drove down there because at a previous encounter I was told I would have helped and doing this I did so in a Hazard To Life car

The phrase we might be liable if that went on record came up. At some point after when I brought up Paul is literally claiming to Own Me the officers told me it's not illegal to say you own someone

Since then and for that they have been doing everything on the ofp list as well. But attempted murder isn't a civil offense. Well if you file it as man tried to hurt woman domestic violence Rowan ofp I'm guessing my arrest generates violence against women law funding from the federal government to the state I could be wrong there. I'm guessing someone also figured out that hey we can use this to scare anybody at any time if we just say that it's been be gendered as well hey let's drop the statue of limits on it too. Ring ring hello is this Minnesota this is Salem Massachusetts from 1690 we want our quarterback you can keep the Ruben but watch out that last bite is a doozy

The thing is Paul and Marlene are still destroying what I was separated from. They have come installed felony amount to times since and other times lesser amount. Or my driver's license goes missing and so does my debit card except unlike when the Somalians go through the car in the parking lot the only things done or what Falls took or the only things out of place and nothing gets spent on the card. But I still have to go get a new one. I don't have anything in my kitchen besides twice I have three molding folding tables after 9 months of forced labor on their Hazard To Life car

I literally just crushed a fungus gnat on the screen of the phone while typing this

It was discussed two times in front of police that my bicycle is my bicycle and I'm supposed to have it back two summers of come and gone. Paul and Marlene not only created the dependents with their mistakes with their house that spread to my last apartment and agreements that Paul and I made that resulted in me working for myself after having work 62/100 hours a week between two jobs still having side clients, before that office supply store it clients and school I could have gone back to school I could have worked a little more to execute the plan on my own. I don't know of anything in La where it says if somebody agrees to something you can endanger their life repeatedly commit felonies to do so in Malice Wells flaming you own them Steel in this attempt to keep them off-balance well officers threatening emergency medical hold over mental state.

If I put a dollar in your squad car do I own your house? By Police logic stated to me if it would seem so

I have a feeling trying to enforce that want to go so well.

But have we really outlawed slavery? Seems to me that if even stepping in to say hey cut that out to a party committing felonies that endangered another's life wealth planning to own them if that's optional for the police which it is because enforcement bias is a thing then can one selectively not enforced The Outlaws slavery? We really are going downhill brain damage mental illness and police sets into think they're above it I was pretty Disturbed to read that may include looking down seems like you selectively Define it at that point because the moment you start feeling yourself as above others you're kind of looking at a mental illness called the cluster B personality disorder but hey at least you're not looking at the bed where your last friend died in an empty apartment knowing that you can get Ken and will be taken from you well the police threaten a mental hold for wanting a report updated with a confession Minnesota still have slavery we just have some very brain damaged individuals that probably grew up with the game where you don't talk about something or you lose and know they are police applying it to allowing people to be enslaved


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