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Monday, November 9, 2020

needs update

 no update just the same list edited a bit for clarity


nothing on this other than maybe the trailer hitch assembly and a shelf is a demand to buy, it's mainly give me my stolen things both with 0 notice lock change and subiquent thefts. 

I need basics back, everything I forced under multiple threats would destabilize and isolate anyone. if I truly had mental illness I wouldn't be here to type this 

I dont have anything or most of what I bought not having lived at their house 06 to 2014 15 to 18. they stuck me in empty apt then came and stole after forcing 9mo labor that contaminated apt continues to endanger my life

immune health as well as mental health is and general health all severely impacted by the years of Mal nutrition their malice and crime have created. 

mn police support forced labor under threats to animals property and person 

mn police support forced labor after party threatening steal even PPE ideal to make that labor safe.

mn police acting on that parties word enable a emergency medical hold likely done illegaly before all of this.. 

if I had mental illness what's been done would have left me dead already. no one would fair well under these conditions but restricted to no diet is especially hard o. those with issues to begin with.

mn starvation experiment in 1944 showed Mal nutrition to have such a profound impact on the mind that the question of should we be giving psych medicines at all with out addressing diet first? 

doesn't sound very profitable though 

I'm losing my mind and police play the same games of I don't understand why u can't function when relocated under threat then forced to expose yourself and labor under dangrous conditions

let's take lives and drug people instead. let's rx seriquil to emergency medical hold patients at the hospital where Dan markinson was given it as a trial on a civil commitment. 

let's just make job security for anyone in legal medical or cremation fields at the expense of citizens lives 

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