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OFP Law harms

 I think the most unrecognized erosions are standards of justice, owning anythign/personal property rights, the potential harm from lack of personal property( in a medical context like increased risk for things like type 2 diabities to stroke), the chaos of anyone is 4 days from a court case if you are related to anyone or have ever lived with anyone.


I had 0 record indicating any likely hood to harm anyone  before moving in with the dad that claims to own me and the mom that said she wants to make me suffer 

why do we pay 3 letter agencies to research psych and criminal profiling if we all the sudden decide hearsay is reason to endanger? to prevent someone feeling threatened? shouldn't any sane court also be asking " did you do anything to agrovate the situation or is it more likely at 31 and having been to court less than 5 times, for no reason what so ever im all the sudden violent? 

if public and or med records are involved (an officer from another state I talk to online told me a few interesting things about hippa law but didn't know ofp) there wouldn't seem to be any accounting for if accuser had ability to modify them. in general the trust with only cursery perhaps conflicting intrest supervision of med professionals is as dangrous as police but that's another topic for another day. but as long as Marlene didn't modify them or have someone else do so (she's a cnp and has been for a long time) then Paul's first claim about off my meds is straight purgery 

One Hand Claims Ingroance of while washing the other 

first; seperation of powers is as it should be. claiming seperation with policies set to play the ignorance while endangering life is not.

officer Hanson of the maple Grove police force is by far the worst example of this. list any crime he won't acknoldge it or will tell you it's civil. then a year and a half into enforcing a 0 notice rent current lock chance eviction he's again doing it while serving me with the ofp and they might have lied because if I read correctly that was past the time limit to have done so. I didn't know that at the time, maybe it's good refused to sign. the thing is while he's claiming everything is civil and there for out of his rhelm. family court is an extension of civil court. he's also allowing several fellony thefts and attempted murder to go unreported while trying to paint me as violent. while keeping me from enough stability or personal property to cook a meal or print a page. 

even Libyas dethroned and assassinated leader recognized how important housing is for the stability and economic mobility of any citizen (yeah I know if we go by emotional logic not a great association but neither is logic tainted with emotion.) 

 my life has been at risk for a year and a half due to the maple Grove police department acting on and refusing evidence of Paul and Marlenes false reports. threat to myself my animals and my personal property after a 0 notice lock change in a housing agreement where my mom had declared herself my landlord 8 months prior on moving back in. an amount of services were rendered that would be fellony theft even after market rate rent were subtracted and police awarded her wirh everything I have ever worked for or been given by anyone. year and. half of continuing distruction death of both my animals later, 6 days into broken down car and as covid hit, boom summance for ofp in a court an hr and a half away on a Friday with court Tuesday morning.

also not considered when police act like this is those claims date back to when I moved back in but not only un comunicated lock out. about 4x since they have cleaned out my only place to store docs or property.. a car.

but this isn't 1940. medical studies show beyond a doubt if you starve to make someone malnourished you shorten their life increase risk if dibilitating, disfiguring or deadly disease and decrease emotional inhibition and cognative function in general. the first such study was 1944 in Minnesota none the less. I had a lot of kitchen stuff I bought with money I earned living in apts not their home since 2007. I still don't have it.

that's real harm for hearsay acusationions

the two to petition the court for protection  have said the following pre ofp filing

  • I'm going to make you suffer 
  • I need control because I want control 
  • I own you
  • I bought you
  • I decide what hurts you 
but worse than that post hearing they are recorded indicating 

  • the conditions they forced are a threat to life 
  • you deserve this because you are a man 

which is coming from the mouth of a cnp with a masters in nursing. aka a medical professional. 

the labor they forced on their moldy property under various threats and thefts to prevent escape while contacting associates friends seemingly anyone they could get the hands on the number to has also acted to ensure I have little place to turn other than the street for the criminal acts maple Grove pd won't allow reported let alone act on despite some direct confessions of things such as falsified reports as weapons

which I would think then at least speaking logic, could be construed as police allowing evidence in a criminal defence to needed for the civil defence to be held and destroyed. 

Paul and Marlene have admited some of the property stolen is stuff I have used to earn well above minimum wage with in the past and at least while I have been present in covos involving the police (vs seperated party convovs) have not contested my claims to what is mine 

even slapping a cheap tracker on my stolen held and being desteoyed tools I could have rented them out for profit. 

Paul's agreement with me left my credit over extended and now destroyed. 

Paul has also once indicated I need to pay him as well as work for him to get stuff I already worked to pay for back

everything given back has been covered in mold to missing components. they paid to have their mold problem fixed but put my property in a location where moisture will destroy it anyway but it continues to grow their mold. 

Feb 2018 my primary docs advice was get away from the mold

Does the Court Decide Threat to life and harm or do relevant experts? 

if a medical professional states things she's done in violation of the law are a threat to life but an extention of civil court wants to label me an abuser because things allegedly said in responce are potential threats or make someone feel threatened. 

doesn't the court risk making the concept of harm expartay to the purpose of the state actors decision

I also find it a bit terrifying that if you attempt a basic intro to law at the university level you are taught thag the standard for most non criminal things is an average rational adult. 

Yet this extension of civil court doesn't even seem to account for that in being able to make court. 

from my point of view (and having called the court pre trial as covid started to no avail) you could be chained to the wall to down buffalo bills well and it will pass labeling you the abuser for bills petition for protection. Between the 9 months of forced labor under threat on their car under the least forced under duress and threats to my animals me and my personal property I still managed to make a very much decrease from what I should have for the hourly $2,000 profit for work on a small businesses website and transferring to a new web server. Every dime of that was spent on labor forced the tools to do the job that I told them from the start was dangerous to next to Impossible under the conditions they force. I need a $5,000 dental implant that insurance does not cover. This court is killing people to leaving them just figured on hearsay claims and the police are part of it

dental health is also impacted by diet and the implant I need has left a hole in my mouth. I had a baby tooth that never had an adult under it. it dissolved for probably 18 years wedged between two acting like a place holder.

there are some indications moldy environments have an increased risk wirh open legions in the mouth. almost 4 years of my life directly taken by issues my parents caused when I was a minor. decisions finishing their basement paying general contractor. their decisions in not dealing with it their lies and crimes in malice risk leaving me disfigured after every good leaned habbit I developed leaving their house in 2007 and all of my assets earned since 2004 and credit built since 2006 is desteoyed

Paul has literaly demanded I repeat the word slave and at one point telling Marlene fuck you was taken as an excuse to make me her personal emotional crutch / vent about how she's wishes someone would.

Sigmund Freud a hundred years ago describe a full-blown narcissist and what parents with that condition would do. Sexualization of their children and demanding emotional support without providing any are Hallmarks we now know that condition comes with weak to non-existent conscience as well or in other words Medical Science says they are prone to lie even under oath but Minnesota courts seems pretty excited to just push the assumption that people would never lie

your parents made you a slave left you broken and disfigured to dead, you alerted them to a problem they caused that threatened the value of a paid of half million dollar house and made you sick. so they forced labor and destroyed every aspect of your life and at best it seems the system is set to victimize you worse.

this is probably the reality if you ask to be born to mentaly Ill parents in MN. 

Historically I found the justice system outside of race was first recognized to be the worst outcomes for those with the least means. What's kind of pathetic is we seem to have legalized taking someone's means away from them by violating the law to create the worse off situation meanwhile we focus on race and gender. Which I'm not arguing don't play roles. But I think it would be an atrocity to correct the racial disparity by bringing one number up to par with the other as far as convictions go. I also happen to believe that some of the questions I'm raising or problems bringing attempting to bring the people's attention undermine any efforts to correct police brutality. What does it matter if they don't beat you to death or put a knee  on you if they repeatedly stand between you and getting your property back or stopping infusions your bank account while forcing you onto the street. This is Minnesota and -30 in the winter survival times are measured in minutes. Economic Mobility if that's the case is non-existent

Some might argue than knee or a bullet is more humane

 whatever the court says now or reality of who may apply or petition and or how often it's granted or passes regardless it's not hard to find that this was VAWA related law. It seems to me we've taken the image of battered women to a road rights and protections and also distract from the fact set standards of Justice went with them. It's probably easy to forget that when the news is sandwiched between CSI and NCIS. But I'm not so sure it being open to everyone is really better when that's the case. It almost seems like taking advantage of battered women to advance an agenda. A lot of the psychology iPhone and this is coming from someone who knew what a medical journal was probably 10. Who can tell you quite a bit about the Travis stock Institute with no theories of world domination involved or conspiracy theory I've read things like Chicago fabric of organizational environments I understand organization. To a working extent and know that one of the authors of the paper I just mentioned also was pioneering open systems theory. But what I wanted to get at is a lot of psychology and good psychology suggests that abuse has a cycle that starts at childhood we pretty much ignore the children CPS is nothing but an extension of the ATF and DEA yet the APA says that parent to child verbal abuse and emotional neglect is all it takes to create three to four times the likelihood that that child is diagnose borderline as an adult. Any of the cluster b is more likely to abuse another person it comes with the territory of diminished to non-functional conscience sympathy and empathy it comes with the territory of incomplete the damaged mental construct of what another person is. It's like we made an industry out of abusing women and abusing everyone

I've even asked everybody that I still talk to buy a text message that I know has had kids. Have you ever seen CPS Act without drugs firearms or alcohol involved?

Come to think of it I haven't was the answer universally. One of the biggest mistakes in my life was convincing someone that trusted me to trust that the system would help

I think what was told to Maple Grove Police to get them to facilitate in this harm was that I had never left my parents house. I think this is also an example of Minnesota's esoteric policy and law being set up to hurt people or with no regard to the harm it might cause. Because of police act on hearsay like I described above the consequences are real for the life of who they acted on. I was able to find on legal and Law Firm websites that if you never leave your parents house you can be kicked out at any time. Which is unreasonable even if it tries to be reasonable because if police allow seizure of assets and there's no time window no time frame of notification or awareness this is happening you lose an opportunity to sell all the things you might have worked for it to be able to say put a down payment on a lease or deposit. Without credit you might have to pay more upfront. This again is set up to hurt those who are most likely already the most kicked around by their caregivers. It's also known to psychology and sociology that as you get older friends groups tend to shrink. Friends groups in the context of Social Circles or safety mix. It shouldn't take explaining to anybody that if you are working $6,200 a week you have even less time to maintain those things. Or if you are saying move 65 miles because you got sick it turns out what made you sick is the place you moved into well if you're 65 miles from where you tried to maintain those Social Circles. Yep Maple Grove Police at 30 and 31 and 32 years of age are asking me why I can't just go stay with a friend well allowing everything I worked for to be destroyed to this day or giving back as a bioweapon contaminated with toxic mold that Marlene for 19 years straight into children's NICU. This court doesn't just hurt people that protects people hurting infants

And without a description on what exactly leaving the home is classified as it's pretty hard to know if it's just a trip how long that trip would have to be is it having a lease in your name what is it. This leaves a lot of room to hurt people. Meanwhile my business law professor while covering torts and civil law make sure to insist that even miners can own personal and real property. Supreme Court decisions of said you have to have use of in possession of to have enjoyment of or something along those lines. Maple Grove Police make no realization to any of this or that they allow it to be destroyed by standing between you and recovering it

They bill themselves as industry leaders but I'm left wondering by their actions is that the industry of the slave trade or?
 maybe this treatment was mostly to do with the fact that Paul was leadership for 25 years in a related labor union I can't say that it is or not I can say I've seen things that would suggest that might be possible before

The lack of oversight in general is disturbing on its own but no ability to detect or apply consequences for something like that why do we even make a point of bringing up how different or better we are than other countries legal systems the only thing we don't do in that instance is allow it talked about


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