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Sunday, November 15, 2020

perfection, forced labor, slavery, nothing stops ofp

 I used to ask my dad why he would always find something go pick at. Eventually I concluded I could solve world hunger and he would tell me what I'm doing wrong.

 I also included a lot of it comes from my mom making him to do it. But I thought that made a great intro here as from what I can see ofp is sex so no matter what you do you are not safe if someone wants we're working music maliciously. There could be a system in which this exists and one is safe unless they mess up or do something violent to another but this isn't it. This as it's currently set and three much what I experienced is you can be abducted all of you belongings stolen after performing labor services that you have in the past or profit and your family member telling you that they are your landlord instead you fix their house you perform skilled labor you have in the past they just keep all your stuff or s'more labor until they want more power or want to be done with it and filing ofp. The beauty of the ofp is you don't have to be done with it from the position of I want to hurt the person because it's a one-sided restraining order.

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