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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Personal Property Prevents Harm and Police actions to deprive one of it are sick

 Easiest way to make this argument is PPE. If you own PPE and need it you usually know when you need it or when it's beneficial for you to wear it I'm not having it usually poses a risk in those conditions

It's not much of a different argument when you start thinking cookware and the police peeping you from it. It's known that diet plays as big a role as genetics and I miss you most things there are exceptions.

The police have managed to keep me from personal protective equipment when I showed them the mold car I was forced to labor on without it officer Hanson of the Maple Grove Police Department tells me I didn't see that put the phone away. That was January 2020. I was then ordered away from public property outside a house where I would still rent current on a room

Seems like way more effort in this country is put into making you feel that you are protected then there is probability there's any way to stop life-threatening actions in a timely manner even when they are also Criminal the police want to play ball with the criminal

Part of the problem here is no one watches them there are no independent audits they're supposed to handle their own complaints in Minnesota even if they're fired there's a 50% chance for Union gets the job back

None of that is acceptable to Modern systems thinking as it pertains to any actual protection for citizens. To err is human and unless the officers think there's something like the Aryan race or Hitler's Children...

You can't really argue medically speaking that there's any way what they're doing is good for anybody here. You can argue that don't get me wrong you can't argue that with the espoused concept of Justice in the United States and congruent to it

I hope it's known by all but a few officers on that forces children. mommy and daddy help parents kill their kids and bunny rabbits after forcing labor under various threats including to said rabbits. 

something tells me 

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