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Monday, November 30, 2020

Police force you to doctor for pstd they cause or contribute to

 unless someone is auditing police actions or there are some recognized human norms like personal property, real property, state recognizes oral leases and service for rent, hearsay is terrible evidence cause people lie...

Unless police are trained to know ball park how much risk of disease and death they create by acting on hearsay

especially on less they understand how they may be contributing to pstd

they shouldn't be forcing people to doctors out of house and home or away from companion animals

but hey, one mpls officer had 18 excessive force complaints in 9 years and arbitration ensured he was rehired... 

so yeah good chance of reforming an out of control force with ability to leave you unable to make civil court or ends meet right?

50 percent chance being fired doesn't stick and reprimands have to disappear after x years.. there's like at least perceived negative consiqense for misconduct right?

how often have you know perfect people? myself included never.

that's about the only time I've found that never is truthfully applied as well. 

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