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Saturday, November 7, 2020

predatory covert npd parents

 Not even I want to believe this what it is. I'm 99.9 percent personally sure that both Paul and Marlene fit the definition of full blown (albeit covert) NPD and or aspd. 

Hallway trick just demonstrated once again he will do every tactic he can to try to enrage me well his steps of felony amount s while his decisions to threaten my animals my animals remains my things and me have created the persistent my life.

Predatory Paul literally will try to make me repeat things he chose for me I was probably the hundredth time tonight and then he gets more inflammatory if I won't do it he'll say the same lies sometimes got like a list of him who brought down yeah. I wish you fucking die I wish I hadn't seen you pointing the damn phone antenna you fucking molester at the TV that is in 2004

What the police are totally on interested in hearing is Paul Marlene lied to them ever since they've acted to further the damage to my life I have no idea what to do other than slit my throat or gas myself to death because anything I do right now I'm dealing with their mold the possibility I don't have a place to live my credit shot and I did put all my time into work why though why just so some fucker like Rory Hanson officer boom Bop I'm a crooked cop could ensure that sickos Les Paul and Marlene end up costing the lives of my rabbits everything I ever worked for but they get $6,300 labor on their house on computers I built for them on their Network upgrade on maintaining everything they get me starting labor on their basement the mold they caused then they just all of my stuff and then get to terrorize me continuing now 2 years the in April 2020 they stole the felony-level amount March they did as well

I should have never worked a day in my life

I'll post the Congo later but Paul months and months and months ago admitted he knows the place he picked for me is too small for my stuff that's one of his lies another lie is love you playing any games whatsoever another lie is that there's any mold on my things when everything's been covered in it.

Call the molested me as a child public school bus driver who Maple Grove PD put in front in charge of all of my things and have allowed repeatedly steel felony amount from me after Paul and Marlene physically assaulted me well Paul the child molesting public school bus driver

during the 9 mo of clean the car perdophile Paul responded to my pictures buy a text while no he didn't you would not respond even though he would send text with new commands that I really hate you dad I wish you were dead I wish you would die you fuck me over now but I'll just kill myself I just don't want you to live longer than me after you make me alone with your nasty Melissa me as a child fucking shit faced to f a person and then you ask me if I need company you sicko fucking molester

pedophile Paul made sure if he addressed theold spread from car to apt.. he turned the claim it had started into... I'm predatory Paul 

I hate pedophile Paul only darker soul is marberg marline maybe they r one in the same 

Basically he would split the issue so he either won't talk about the fact that the mold is spreading as predicted during the 9 months of hazardous unpaid forced labor under threat to everything of mine or if you addressed the fact that I had sent pictures of it like starting to spread to the desk chair it was oh so you're saying the apartments don't good now it's all contaminated and toxic. Nopal what I'm saying is stop fucking raping my life you fucking nasty abomination

pedophile makes sure I don't have a kitchen 

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