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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Prefrontal cortex and 25

 This wisdom is about as great as valid as concluding does flies coming from the maggots they must have spontaneously generated on the rotting meat

there are also a few relations to npd and the first is one of the most solid Meta debunkers of what I consider bullshit. 

Here's a link right off the bat. For the most part this is all entered via smart phone. I'd love to go back and edit/proof read but it's not very efficient. Believe it or not since it high through college As or Bs in English.i don't do well with out some of what I figured about my learning and org styles. Not rocket sci and criminal theft law applied with out bias or prejiduce would prevent the need to mentionosy of this blog.


cluster b/ many if not all personality disorders arnt traditionally diagnosable till 18. which might some what be a line in the sand but if anything the push there is now to declare them in kids and teens. note they usualy also declare them life long and or genetic (also... bullshit that's awefuly complex behavior for genes). I sincerely doubt the prim factor can be genetic but what's better than an intractable disease? oh how about confirming an abusive parents me complex? me me me me me... now medicate. suzzie wtf I said take this pill not zone out going ohmmm you some kind of ducking reaistor? 

I digress. 

npd has been shown to be associated with decreased gray matter in prefrontal cortex and if I recall correctly there was something like plaques similar to Alzheimer's. I could be making that up as with most things are post to be off the top of my head. So I'm fighting someone who will steal to sabotage family that's why I asked if I'm so smart why aren't I anywhere or rather that was smart of you I would be a lot farther by now. Or you would recognize that why am I smarter than you that candidly don't actually say I guess you can't you don't or if I'm in a situation I can't overcome you would be 2x as fucked. If not dead already. 

again I'm off topic. 

the point is some irregularities are regularly detected in the prefrontal cortrx of narcissists and I'm guessing the degree varies with whether someone is full-blown npv or lots of the traits frequently. Cuz unlike flies spawning from rotting meat.. (they don't) behavior and or pathological Behavior clearly comes from brain. 

But the point was if Skins are showing that this is present before 25 and if it's always associated with a decrease compared to a normal brain you can simplify this to the series extra bulshit for what I'm about to bring up below but also by 25 you might have taken so much brain damage that even if it does stop there as they say or finalized you might have had more function in it when you were 13. 

Computer analogy ayou burned out half the fucking fets must be finalized in it's processing capability. here maple Grove police to over volt it holding a blow touch to the heat sink to maxamize trauma.. I only replaced the thermal paste with vomit should help right? 

I think I just described an ai snuff film. toss me a cigar an Austrian accent a woman named Bernays her sister and some cocaine and strapped in. We got to keep up with the Joneses. 

If ignores the possibility of C in the causal relationship ideology. IE just because a and b appear related does not mean there isn't a missing C driving the relation

that c is likely progressive addition to rights and or ability to try things on their own. The freedoms that teenagers are given in healthy parenting. We know that as you learn the brain rewires. I doubt the prefrontal cortex is any different. We also know a lot about trauma causing brain damage. With healthy parenting the additional Freedom's with knowing that someone if shit goes bad has your back and or a parent that does their job in helping a young adult reason through decisions instead of deciding for them I would argue that slightly what helps Drive the wiring of the prefrontal cortex. I'm not an expert to say for sure but everything else I've read about the brain and how we learn and Science in general suggest that saying that we should limit freedom because it's not done till 25 is similar to same flies appear on meat that's where they're born they generate from nothing. Or saying that by 26 you just proof you know single variable calculus now. Oh you don't you must not be very smart. I'm going to choose to ignore the fact you never tried 2 were required to had the option or wanted opened a textbook

If you don't know it spontaneously at 26 you must not be normal everybody says it comes spontaneously at 26

 some sarcasm intended.

The real danger ignoring this and allowing science to be degraded is how ripe for exploit It Is by ruling parties. We may very well find if we Implement policies with regard to 25 and not why that all the sudden science shows it doesn't happen till 30 because we didn't look for the causal relation we assumed or corrupted with purpose

Studies on narcissists make this more potentially profound. They find an absence to underrepresentation of gray matter in the prefrontal cortex in other words my take on that would be specific things are wrong but there's no why. Or another words the spirit of rules is not something they'll consider. We're literally creating a generation where why doesn't matter except some strongly wired inhibition Mage this. This doesn't bode well for their children

It would be really good at creating slaves that don't know their slaves, abusers who have the media broadcast image of abuse meanwhile what they're doing is abusive damaging and endangering to the people around them but the media told them it's only men that can do that to women not the other way around. Without the gray matter to link that I don't do this action because that is dangerous another person and or in rages them or give me of the logic behind if you have a generation of I win or Sims the rules tough luck but how dare you do it to me

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