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programing people and 0 day exploits

 As a human stepping outside of myself and observing I've noticed one thing about humans we have this really dumb dichotomy between your machine or your magical free will

This post is far from finished

Some people believe but if you can't 100% confirm something that isn't worth arguing that it's there I don't think this helps anything.

It's actually kind of opposite the scientific method and causality. Because if you don't look for the unknown that might be driving it there's many cases where you think a drives b or vice a versa

If you limit what you're willing to accept about what might apply to where you might see this dichotomy and or Josiah from a science point of view we are just machines. I think we are but I don't think that precludes free will. This intro is actually kind of a side note but what we're seeing is on the subatomic level there's fluctuations where things pop in and out of existence all the time it's starting to call it the popcorn nature of sub atomic particles. If you play the meta a little bit even Quantum uncertainty without subatomic particles popping in and out starts to devise a path towards 9 pre predicted action or original ideas original motives. And that's even if 99% of someone's existence is predictable based on inputs. We also have this problem where even without modern culture we have a limited bit width in our very processor like brains. As in how many things can you compare remember you are to each other at one moment. That's not aided by the fact that so much of pop culture and heating you is set up to encourage the dichotomy and black and white. I think if more people earlier were exposed to the fact that this mode of thinking is in fact pathological psychology and the term is splitting we might be more opposed to us being done on that level.

What I want to get at is how nurture in the formative years my create exploitable vulnerabilities in so called conscious adults. As un comfortable as that might be the truth about public relations and propaganda is methods work better the less you know about them.

I'm going to have to continue this later post is acting as a placeholder


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