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Monday, November 23, 2020

remove all reference to Paul and Marlene

 I need the list


here met imedieatly for my health security and sanity.

 the money is negotiable but I do not deserve to be stuck in this empty box poisioned intentionaly terrified stolen from starved and stalked after labor preformed for profit in the past  accepted to requested sometimes demanded in the 8 months at their house but not paid for or considered by police while ordering me away from public property (outside their house) beinging 8 mo after I moved back in 

also aparently of no concern is my mom telling me on moving in "I'm your landlord now". 

decide on tenancy or not from a court perspective I think there's an ethical issue of why does responsibility for one's words only fall on the bottom of the pecking order? how do you get near middle if anyone can take anything and everything from you and police refuse to take or heavily  censor what is allowed on a report? police once maybe 2x over my stuff in general have heard a mission it is infact mine. specificly over my bike an additional 2 seperate times. 

if police acting to prevent department liability for misconduct or even just on personal/cultural personal bias are refusing reports how accurate are statistics based on reports? 

if my experiance in maple Grove Minnesota with maple Grove police is to be extrapolated state wide (one data point a set doesn't make) but police refuse to allow anything about paul and Marlenes physical violence against me on reports or confessions that they use false reports as weapons. but basicly id say if this is at all the norm I heavily question studies on gender bias based on police report data. what went down as me Geting agressive and shoving her never happened. she did how ever try to push me over a railing and told me she believes she has a right to take my life while doing so. around 2 weeks prior had threatened to push me down the same set of stairs. 

there's a related topic: filicide. parents murdering their minor offspring. it's estimated that it happens way more often then it gets recorded as such. 

I think all hope is lost if we keep allowing ourselves to try to bend reality to fit cultural delusions while pointing to statistics equaly warped by cultural delusion manifested in police deciding what's on a report and or investigated. 

but then there's also the likely hood that ovw grants factor in to some arrests. in other words some arrests when a woman claims /alleges something against a man might pay. the pd or locality. 

so cultural assumption might be as much a cover story as what warps reports 

I'm not saying it happens for sure or when it happens but the programs exist office of violence against women grants is all one needs to search. 

worse yet violence is likely a cycle something we learn watching our parents as children and or having our needs met or otherwise plays roles. I'm not talking wants. I'm saying a child given attention support and nutrition is 1 less likely to demand the want of an iPad 2 less likely to hit anyone steal anything etc but I digress 

as does law. twoards something that makes mediocracy look like a choice alternative ("if you have the means I highly recommend it") 

I've been relatively kind I am human I do lose my temper went extremely endangered and purposely stressed because somebody or both of them gets a thrill out of doing it or whatever they get out of it there's clear indication at some points they enjoy doing it

The point is I don't lose my temper against anyting animent both of them have assaulted me multiple time well Marlene twice Paul one

Marlene tried to push me over a railing a few weeks after she threatened to push me down the very same staircase

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