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Salem Witch Hunt and Minnesota civil law

 Everything I found in a brief search wanted to equate the witch trials to a woman's rights issue. 

That's not exactly how I remember learning it's in school. Regardless of what the internet says right now; what allowed the Salem Witch Trials to happen was a legal and court system where two things were true: 

there was almost no standard of evidence in the accusation 

burden of proof was on the accused or the defense.

Which are two qualities or attributes that it would seem Minnesota Family Court has adopted.

But thanks to a guy named Sigmund Freud then later psychologist psychiatrist etc.. but starting with Freud we saw a pathological mode of thoufht defined. The full-blown narcissist. This would later be defined as narcissistic personality disorder and made part of the cluster B disorders hey why this is extremely relevant is it's known one of their tactics is to make their victim walk on eggshells. What this means is they attack or blow-up perceived issues non-existent issues or little issues out of steel or fabricate them to have a reason to attack. At the very least besides messing with the emotions of another person this consumes their time. Modern Family Court has all the access to this information Sigmund Freud turn of 1900 first defined this condition. If off the top of my head I remember correctly NPD was defined 1960 something. When the court ignores this and creates feeling based here say whoever makes it to court first has the advantage you legally enable the system where you can tie up another person's time with baseless accusations. That's about the best scenario assuming that unlike my case property hasn't been sized and threatened to extract labor and control for a year and ahalf with police help.

This atrocity was only end of the 1600 so I guess we haven't got the memo yet. Probably caught in a male Loop somewhere when it was initially sent to a non-existent post office before Minnesota was a state. Heavy sarcasm intended and I only feel the need to mention that because the DSM has little criteria that is objective in determining if one is sane or otherwise. On a related unless mentioned note is not just those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it when we allow history to be politicized and taught from lenses of political nature or emotional arguments it's as bad as not ever learning it

We can't really claim to protect anyone's rights or life with the current setup. Impact police aren't obligated to do so and almost all the states have some preferred Lidl method of making themselves not accountable for their own actions yet the citizens are accountable for more and more of what ultimately seems to be got you law.

The system how it is and what percentage of the population control what percentage of the money plus how the Fed works or what that is I would say it's only going to get worse. In any given state either a family or two or a few large corporations have most of the money, if the state raises taxes on them it's a Level Playing Field to go to another state and pretty much to go to another Nation. Part of what Andy Stern calls the race to the bottom.

The reality is the government to pay people and enable them to live well providing government function has to get money from somewhere. As the creation of money is a government corporate hybrid and level above the state government that would mean you pander to the few that have the most and ultimately Finance off of texting the workers they pay or in states with civil asset forfeiture your supplement that with stolen and then sold assets none of this bodes well for Average Jill and average Jack Citizen. The race to the bottom ends up quickly down the hill.

That's especially true if we forget lessons in history like why people were burned alive. It would be hard to argue that in Minnesota housing is it necessary for a large portion of the year or that money is how you obtain that. 4 year and a half before my parents went to Civil Court police were helping them zero notice evict me 8 months after I moved everything of mine back in. $6,300 of services were rendered during the eight months I lived there my mom had told me straight up she's my landlord the state has laws on the books accepting services for rent and oral leases. Even if it didn't tissue becomes police are willing to put someone out of house or home and help someone steal all of their personal property. This state also defines personal property as part of its property theft the hypocrisy is huge. So is the risk to life when in the winter survival times outside might be measured in moments or minutes rather than hours or days

The winter of 2019 we did -30 Fahrenheit. It was so cold that after 45 minutes of hard driving both directions on the freeway I returned to the Staybridge and Maple Grove and sitting in the car Idol wasn't sufficient to keep the cab warm. No amount of winter gear is going to help you for very long in that especially if you're malnourished going into it

It would be different if Minnesota's definitions of theft didn't include personal property or if they would outlaw resale but it's bait and switch all around to allow the police to assist in theft and separation of one's property or direct theft. It has the potential to be the difference between affording rent and not. The further that bait and switch Minnesota law books considered Criminal to make a promise you have no intent to will fill and to steal Services in excess of certain amount

Though it might seem unrelated at first about 10 years ago it was theorized that if your average person read every end-user license agreement they agreed to in a year of using a computer it would take more time than is available in the year to do so. Off the top of my head I think you can drop out of high school at age 16 in Minnesota but the majority of people make it to 18 and graduate oh, not everybody probably knows that there's an option not to. So realistically speaking from age 6 to age 18 most of your life is consumed by compulsory education if you dedicate some of that spare time to learning the law it's utterly useless because as it turns out the police can separate you from everything you worked for or outright steal it instead of enforcing laws even when they might pose a threat to your life or not or to stand behind the party that is breaking law in a manner that leaves you on the street possibly in the middle of winter

It's also worth noting this isn't 1600 understanding of what creates death or poses risk there of this is much more advanced. Our understanding of psychiatric illness especially Minnesota should be more advanced than Law reflects 

Where they intersect would seem to be civil commitment and emergency medical holds

In 1944 we wanted to help those on rations and those that went through the concentration camps or we're going through them rather so conscientious objectors we're giving the ability to volunteer and other ways to help the war effort. Minnesota did what's known as the Minnesota starvation experiment

The psychological effects were so profound the question was raised should we ever prescribe psychiatric medication without first addressing dietary deficiencies

now days as i is I experienced your say is also enough for police to Force the psychiatric hold with no regard to the law which is basically detainment for 3 to 5 days and everybody wants to drug you nobody is under obligation to review any evidence no one even talks about diet. If you don't want to take my word for how profound it is on the right hand side there's some links where I've tried to lay it out. Google Scholar can be your friend as well. But it's not just cognitive function or emotional inhibition and regulation

Diet plays one of the predominant rolls in deciding how long you live and what you die of

If America is truly capitalist then what iron and what I'm given by any source short of a contract is mine for one but two what I have available my meme monetarily are my ability to choose we now I understand that certain choices there can influence your quality of life and even how long it lasts when the police separate you from saying my case everything including all of the kitchen stuff I had acquired having not lived up my parents since 2006 with this happening in 2018 well that is a threat to not just my life but how long I have to try again. It's against everything we claim this nation is about

I ran into some folks mainly of the boomer generation who actually justify this as sort of a culling most people insist it's necessary. What I can't help but see is all of these changes in the way they're being implemented serve a better competition protection for the powers-that-be than they do any attempt or mere humans to decide what the fittest is and carry that out wisely. It's a bit of a joke because monetarily speaking that's a game created by other humans. We don't know what mind would save us from the approaching asteroid or threatens the unknown unknown threat. I believe it was Donald Rumsfeld had a layout though the known knowns the unknowns and so on. On top of that if you put it in terms of energy and engineering the way your body energy at a cellular level from the food you eat deficiency that process is something we've yet to come near with machines we've engineered. Simple terms otherwise healthy if your last meal today became unlikely to get another one and you wear your cell phone you run probably for two weeks without a charge. Your phone might go two days with extremely restricted-use. The moment you start wanting it to do image recognition and video processing off the top of my head I'd say you have three or four hours of battery life on that device. I don't think we're ready to play God yet but I'm a nobody what do I know

Oh yeah and I'm probably a Witch too

But along those lines to anybody that thinks this is required it's not Noble by any means to devise a system where everybody after you suffers. Or as I put it simply if you believe the need for population reduction 4 Active population reduction Why not start with yourself? In a desire to finished within the scope of the original subject oh, it would seem to me it's not just about the burden in the court context what was done is created a system where it doesn't matter if you work hard it doesn't matter if you follow the rules because the legal system is set where anything you earn can be taken away from you with 0 hard evidence by another citizen and with even less by the police. I think we forget something very face in here people don't ask to be born and as long as we have a system where it can be exploited to harm them and human nature isn't accounted for we will always very vicious and violent acts we will always have lots of lights because of them you can't hope to reduce crime when people have their lives threatened unduly. To further this line of thought it's also unquestionable today to any rational person that children learn by observing the adults around them and to some degree(increasing later) whats communicated to them.

As discussed here and known for centuries before, people lie. Espicially with incentive or possibility of gain and little assumed or actual consiqense for doing so.

Edward burnays was probably not the first to realize this but your average person does not have the ability or learned behavior of tracing what they feel back to why they feel it. Its probably something everyone is capable of.

Those three combind with law; how do you teach a child how to respect others and stay safe with in regards to the law, or whats right/ respectful in regards to another person and interactions if the reality is their safety is based on what another person claims to feel? 

I cannot think of a better way to raise a generation of the dambed than this current reality.  The apa knows verbal abuse and emotional neglect parent to child makes the child 3 to 4x more likely to be diagnosed borderline in adulthood. All if the cluster b diagnosis share some common traits even if they maniftvest or are demonstrated slightly different. Emulated with logic, weakly felt or non ex sympathy empathy and conscience damaged to incomplete construct of what others are. All of these are great for breeding a gen not just of the dambed but likely to harm others. More importantly, have no idea why they feel what they feel or feel justified in saying they feel what ever, maybe actually feeling it because best I can see its like a short circuit ripped apart and haphazardly reconnected if at all if we compared it to electrical wiring. A signal might be coming though but who know why or how to make that into anything but anger. They also have a tendency to think in all or nothing good bad black white binary terms and little awareness that this is only processed from their perspective. Esp bpd. Ive observed npd usually can but if they will at any given moment...don't bet on it. 

With out giving identifying info I can say I've known a few diagnosed bpd people. Recently a face book post was talkign about how she felt it was creepy that people had an image of her in their heads from years before. 

This damaged construct of others starts to bleed into others right to think if legal penalties are bases on emotions not objective reason . That post really illustrates it though. They say the natice Americans used to fear cameras because it captures their soul or something like that. 

This is being upset over someone else storing a mental construct of you. Aka basic human function for interaction. If you are of a mindset that normal constructs to enable interaction is creepy and consciences is weekly felt how much of a leap is it to think this person capable of claiming they felt threatened by objectively benign behavior? 

Why do we have a system increasingly reliant on your life is in the hands of who ever gets to court first and claims to feel vs any objective reason? 

I havent checked mn stats but the us pop is likely decreasing.  I checked pop growth rate maybe a year ago on a hunch. 0.6. I though I remembered 1 is replacement rate but someone in a comments section mentioned it might be 1.2 because some people die before they reproduce.

If it is 1.2 our pop is halving with every unit of time for the measurement. Ie more are dieing then born. Yet I've seen some states justify what minnesota is doing with civil and family court as demand for criminal court has outstripped suppl ly so this is to ease the burden. It seems anything but logical as an argument. 


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