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scope shifting

it's hard to discuss anything when there arnt terms or words for it.  language is symbolic representation of thoughts actions and physical things and or intentions to operate on produce or destroy the above.  words are symbols for concepts and things in life.. so with out a word/term for anything specific.. it's hard to share it no? there's also a tangent that would make for a good article.. why double speak is dangrous. aka if scope or meaning of words is flipped or limited.. well try being oppressed to endangered and hearing as my dad says 

"I can't abuse you you're a 32 year old man" 

which works as a tangent to what I'm coining as scope shifting. 

it's a form of gaslighting. the sort of thing where the appropriate response might be if your aunt had balls she'd be your uncle except it's done to put you on the defensive or a differnt topic all togeather (deflection) 

I've seen it a lot from my parents and increasingly from police

here is something may or may not be true now. 

even if it's true and we caused it, it's your problem 

but what comes out is "why can't u deal with this problem"

and it might only have been a second to what ever (unreasonable time frame) or they might be actively contributing to sabotaging solutions while asking it. 

some combo of advanced gaslight in denial of the obvious or their own actions and often employed as deflection or excusal from at least their stated purpose.

Maple Grove police on the night I drove down to file get help with mail and check fraud charges... I had also told them I have evidence my parents use false reports as weapons. the attempted murder of my mom trying to push me over a railing was included... 

all the sudden "why can't you manage your finances"

sooo I'm suposed to what physicaly take the mail she's held to do so?

haven't been able to mention they also used a computer I left logged in to access many of my accounts.. shouldn't have to nor do I think at this point it would make a difference or would have then... this also is still an illegal act. they are not authorized users of those accounts and that puts them in violation of hacking laws if I remember correctly. 

but no instead the onus is put back on me with an assumed scope or history of I've always had problems. this convo was happening 2019. 2006 is when I got my first credit card. I had good credit till end of 2017. which is also when I moved back in with Paul and Marlene after their house unbenounced to us spread mold to my apt. 8mo bleeding and seeing docs...

the bigger hell on earth is split between the police and the people commiting the crimes the police refuse to enforce.

the point though was OK I go to see police officers and then instead they 

insist on a false (implied) narritive

based on this decide the proper action is aparently play life coach instead of act as Leo or with concern to law at all

the definition of impartial 

  1. treating all rivals or disputants equally; fair and just.
    "independent and impartial advice

the definition of meaningless is publishing thag mission statement or any restrictions on police at all unless there are independent monitor and review/audits of general activities and especially complaints. GAP is more likely to catch errors and wrong doing than the system for justice. gap being generally accepted accounting principal. I digress. 

I'll give this a proper ending later.. maybe

It's kind of hard to guarantee quality of anything let alone writing when you're the continuing victim of a biological assault and repetitive felony-level theft after forced labor. When you can't follow doctor advice because of it. I suppose the answer is work work will set me free. Sure won't allow me to move away if anything made or earned is stolen

Minnesota AG: In Minnesota we proecute folks who steal from people. 

More like in Minnesota we prostitute folks and steal till they are dead


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