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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Speaking of racism this doesn't need race but it has it

 Like I could not think of a way to be more overtly racist. I pointed out the fact that a lot of times the media lights to use parity as a sign of any quality or Injustice discrimination whatever. It would seem if you're writing or researching reports that's going to indicate that police shouldn't see teenagers you should just stick to that I mean unless black brains as teenagers are that different than white brains as teenagers I don't think they're different at all I think this is going to hurt us all

That said if you dropped the race from it it does make some good points


I recently came to the belief I don't think you can be racist without being a narcissist or somewhere cluster B. I think if we make it through this as a nation or as a people if there's any freedom left some days it's going to come out that there was a push to create cluster B disorders in as much of the population as possible. From a control standpoint it's actually perfect it's really sick too. It's also possible that this is a no intense by anyone but there's quite a bit to indicate otherwise like how polarized everything is how psychology knows better but would rather regurgitate will half-truths than situational ways to improve one thing instead of educating you about how bad this is. Oh wait they're going to tell you it's genetic. What better incurable disease could there be? Just come to us for life for pills and adjusting your pills maybe some talk therapy if you can afford it. If we leave out the right parts your kids will be here too. Or in my dis I'm probably going to be in an oven or six feet under pretty soon

The point I wanted to make with police and narcissists it's a dangerous combination.

I think it Savvy most dangerous combination In Articles like this are toxic when they mention race and need not. Don't get me wrong I want those problems to end.

Do you remember science class? The talk of causality? Just because a would seem to indicate B on a graph or that there's some causal relation you're not done yet there might be a third variable driving the relations. Put more simply correlation is not necessarily causation.

But we confuse even what issues were after or rather the media does so we get nowhere or we all just lost the ability to think like that or most of us have.

If we want police to do the image of what police do instead of the actuality if we want to lower everybody's chances across the board and equalize them which is slightly unlikely because there is a two-way street to interacting with cops and or if conditions like npd should happen to be more orevelent In plaid people you might still see a slight bump in how many of them experienced injury at the hands of police because it's a two-way interaction. The police need the right to protect themselves if that's what's going on which no one seems to look at. I'm sure don't get me wrong I'm absolutely sure people are getting shot in Cold Blood or beat the fuck out of because there's literally no control stop it

But what I'm trying to get to is the apparent brutality problem for black people if that's driven by narcissism these people seek control and power over others. This disease in their mind won't be cured unless we address taking these people off the force and controls to make sure they don't get that way or that they're spotted if they are. As well as controls and policies on use of force. Because assuming it's not racism driving it but rather that narcissism drives racism and the probability of a cop uses excessive force then articles like above I would expect help normalize white people being beat or another way to say it that mental illness of the officer is going to come out on someone. That officer is also less likely to protect anyone so there's multiple reasons that we should be trying to look for the roof cause instead of the Band-Aid. Another way to say it would be trying to implement anti racist policies instead of psych eval and anti narcissist we're anti cluster B policies it's like treating the symptoms not the illness

Whether they're called police or not we likely do need some Force like that. We just need it not to be on people and we need more attention 2 are the police acting or promotion well violating your rights or endangering your life or are they truly being peace officers trying to reach nonviolent Solutions? Are they prioritizing protecting life? I think there should be a a lot of thought put into how has the suspects been in level of detainment required. If you're running bets are off but if you're calm and collected which the little bit I saw of the George Floyd video didn't seem like you was putting up a hassle, there should have been no reason he was in that position on the ground. Police need to see us as human if they see us below them they need to go. No seriously they need to go but that's unlikely to happen at the moment 50% would get their job back

I can't breathe is not okay officers not being aware they have a life in their hands is not okay. Neither is the chance that we stayed divided and allow the police to increasingly become by us on what laws are enforced through there and force for and do they endanger life unnecessarily?

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