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still need this list.

I was talking with a cashier at menards who is looking for a laptop to do light gaming. I have two such on spare that would be ideal one is powerful dedicated graphics shitty case because Asus laptops tend to skimp somewhere of it was acer idk nice Nvidia chip and like 8th Gen i7 I also have nhp elitebook second to Third gen Core i5 or i7 I don't know what's covered in mold that if I had the money I could take off of it and sell as well because that's the one that I bought used while I was at their house and it sucked all the shit in

But this girl is beautiful she likes computers I can't even change my fucking clothes because the washing machines broke felony-level thefts forced-labor to indentured servitude  remind months  labor I perform professionally since 2004 totaling $6,300 between January 2018  and August 2018 when Maple Grove  please help them perform a zero notice lock change eviction 8 months after I moved in 

nasty fucking incest child molesting trying to murder me parentsa and predatory police force 

it's like a scam in a city, make agreements with you son he's invested has worked to fulfill them taken on 3rd party to increase roi for him and Paul and provide fall back options.. tldr he makes sure I'm all in and when his house contaminates my apt causing 8 mo of bleeding I end up further extended failing credit then Marlene decides to get physicaly abusive while they get 6.3j service never pay 

then mgod helps them take everything u had and still destroy it.

scpd won't allow confessions if sy sjwebt fellony level thefts but now 3 years malnourished isolated abused and cpted beyond my wikdwwr and no where to turn they slap me with abuser label after ensurinf I couldn't make court date.

www.paypal. me/vengeancetech if you can help

my anxiety us through the roof will to life Is still bearly there. They have acted to keep me from having any success like even insisting that I didn't change the tire when it went flat when I changed it the very day. Then they'll say they never said that.. if I had known or been able to hang on to what they are more than a move because I think they are pretty much the Dead inside I would have got a tattoo when I left second toe ever. They treat me like a human punching bag but in between they do the cycles of cold shoulder then pretend like nothing ever happened while they shower me with compliments to work back in.

Then they pretty much masturbate themselves killing me. Violating the law being physically abusive change isolate Me by disconnecting battery taking the car keys then nine months singing that car that should take in like a week 2 weeks max if I could have got a rental car probably try to push myself and done it in a week once it got warm out. They made sure I could not even have my bike all I can do is drive around in the car that I'm taking apart down to the freaking frame all the trim off the interior headliner out to try to spray the mold problem and clean that out because Paul May fucking snow blow through it and would not transfer the title but continues to threaten that he would destroy giveaway donate recycle otherwise be too fucking bitch everything of mine and at first I still had plaid alive and they were threatening funnies ashes as well technically held US postal service parcel

I need a $5,000 dental implants because I had a baby tooth that was white between two adults King and make sure that I have enough to eat fast food but can't get my stuff out of storage they waited till the Liz for the month come over to even communicate where the storage they had picked to store my bulb stuff like Furniture was. We started Paul you offering to pay an associate of mine who I had didn't know well at the time and that relationship is sabotage because of this because Paul would only only agreed to it if I text Paul price of 16 an hour was okay first then Paul needed to be something child molester Paul was and wanted to take two weeks to renegotiate 14 this person lives 3 hours away I told Paul from the start all I needed some money upfront cuz I can't have him come up here for nothing and you've been nothing but decite full

noope. then won't allow it talked about 

as summer II rolled around I knew the lewce  was going to be up and they would want me out they had already Richard the garage the apartments the only apartment at Sal and Marlene have ever picked for me I told them at the time I was signing this under having to rest because all of my stuff was threatening my rabbit Ben remaining worth noting Marlene's taking care of your sick newborns if you go to Children St Paul for delivery you really trusted nurse that kills Peron for not stroking forever changing ego and needs for her son to be less than her?

That's funny that simply giving birth to me is really all it would have taken here these laws are set up to be predatory I found sources of that and posted on this one or two postings ago. But by this all-or-nothing logic she was also teaching at the College of Saint Catherine's couldn't be bothered to learn enough PowerPoint to transfer her curriculum so where's my saved in her income then why does she get to keep everything in destroy everything and use it like a bioweapon will trying to push me over a railing slamming a car door on my leg please try to paint me as violent I've never struck either of them or push them or want anything into them I have not been physical with people what you doing the abuser label there's no way you can win this fucked up incest supporting system. The peace officer at least the nasty ones and the majority that will follow them it's literally looking for a fine and doesn't care or the rest that might be profitable and doesn't give a shitt if they exterminate families in the meantime but that's the age of spin we don't think about it that way. And it's so fucking sick slavery has just branched into so many versions

And the protections offered by things like an ofp or non-existent it's like hey it's free to call someone a witch and we're going to strip their rights and tell you you're protected. What happens to police response time? Nothing. Also the things listed are all one-sided how is that ever good they can keep stealing from me but if I go near my stuff taken when the police refuse to act repeatedly let alone allow a report or investigation but if I answer their call I can be arrested because they called me a witch and made sure I couldn't attend court which by my read would have done it anyway but the sentence that they are killing me I have not young anymore I'm still not old but this is past the age where I can fuck around and I cannot stop them from harming me we just police the power to do these things to order other people when they're more concerned about their bankroll or enforcing their sick fuck up version like I can't tell you what's going on in every officer's head but I know positions of power attract personality disorders medical field is one of them control over other people

What do you mean before covid-19 when you can accomplish anything because it will be stolen from you you will be abused even if you do two people are telling people you didn't do it well looking for an opportunity to steal it when is people have multiples of disposable income and have demonstrated they will stop you steal from you after the ofp

Marlene and soon probably the court listening to her has been insisting I'm so messed up I need a social worker will every time I turn around she steals something from me while I'm at her house she tried to push me down the stairs then pushes me repeatedly with my back to the very same railing a short while later. I lost clothes put them on the bed that in the bedroom she said was mine when she said she was my landlord I've managed to leave their house I come back and they're on the basement moldy carpet or on the garage floor things I paid for things other people pay for found in the trash out in the rain out in the snow down in the basement moved around 20 times every time I turn around

But here's the thing about a social worker if I understand correctly the dominant theory is systems theory in other words things are interconnected in other words what I've been saying about I cannot control them they are a system operating on the system that is me. If the system that was law and the system that was law enforcement would be more concerned with actual attempts to kill someone then the words said well it's demanded you put the lotion on your skin or you know property rights because Minnesota goes to Great Lengths to include personal property in property theft and felony property theft several levels of it but it's all worthless the people stealing Paul literally has wanted me to repeat the word slave when I said you make me feel like a slave and I was three days hungry because of their malice their lawlessness. Before that I had already had to endure him saying I own you two times I posted on my Facebook the admission of that I've got the recorded calls to another time he says he bought me. I need control because I want control I decide what hurts you, I can't abused you you're a 32 year old man. Where's the same person I'm not doing anything to you, no one's here has done anything for you so what fuck you recording.

 fucking sick violating twisted nothing


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