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Sunday, November 15, 2020

still no response

 other than the house they had when I was born and one we moved to before I started kindergarten the only living space Marlene and Paul picked for me was 2019.

i think they told police I had never left their house despite fact that I spent 8 years in Fargo. mn law would allow what the police did for an adult child who never left the home. actually mn law would seem quite meaningless when no one audits or reviews the actions of the police and they are tasked with handling their own complaints.

I don't see a great argument that civil court is a sufficient to sane way to resolve this as mn is a state where civil asset forfiture is easy and winter survival times may be measured in min not hours or days. unless you want to argue that being able to leave someone essentially naked in the street mid winter isn't going to impacted their ability to afford housing.

or that allowing and or participating in the theft of 6.3k of services 20k cash purchased assets and 23k credit assets doesn't impact one's ability to chose housing or chose to migrate to a state where conditions may be different (see exist stage left or slavery via theft of means to leave)

the long and short is under threat to me, my remaining animal and all of my held by parents property (still being desteoyed) I was forced into this lease under duress. they were holding on to at first all secondary ID and as the lease ended and they filed ofps after the first 9mo being forced labor on their assets under threat... they stole my driver's liscense.

. point I'm Geting to is I'm still in un livable conditions. don't take my word for it, my mom is a cnp and admits the conditions they force are a danger to health and life. she also says I deserve everything she does because I'm a man.

who woulda thought a civil court extension with hear say as standard of evidence on accusation, no consideration of details leading to what is alleged was said or done and burden of proof on the defence could create a situation where police are empowered to continue enforcing lethal misconduct?

well, Salem Massachusetts late sixteen hundreds might have discovered this but aparently mn hasn't got the memo yet. burnt at the stake? I prefer mine so rare they almost still say moo but lack the pan to cook them in and the creature that was my remaining friend, pet of over a decade and a therapy companion animal is in the freezer so other than the mini fridge I don't have much for food storage ability.

it would be a pretty nasty situation normaly... but if you haven't noticed there's a bit of a medical issue going round. aka rhe worst pandemic since the Spanish flu.

the landlords at this apt also wernt keen on me cleaning parents mold car in garage. as I expected when the lease was up I was suposed to be out. then covid hit and mn put an eviction ban in place. that don't stop the landlords from sending 4 more notices to vaycate via registered mail.  nor does the current crisis help with having the menes to love what I've bought since or been given back to a new place.. let alone sign for one

in that recognition of issue I made this list


but Paul is too busy pretending he ddoesnt know what a txt message is or in this case how he even heard about the needs his sadistic malice and law breaking with intent to harm have created.

ack I need a higher rez version of this but the thumbnail probably serves to indicate the link to the article. he seems acutely aware people have limited attention spans and big numbers seem big. aka bellow he mentions the internet bill. he has stolen what they both admit I have worked to earn well above mn wage with in the past. also the agreement for Geting me back on my feet wasn't followed. I made minimum commitments but one such was to the isp. they varied what they gave bellow eating and the work carried uout under threat till I had late fees on the one service. worth noting promise wirh our intent to follow through is also a criminal act according to mn law. 
the 400 bellow is largely late fees as well. 

but point is he creates the issues and persisting threat to life and steals to keep me trapped or on the street hboneless 

not saying it's going to be me but historicly it's been recognized that humans didn't achieve what we have with out the ability to location wise stay still a moment. unless the world is going to stand still then allowing parents to Rob their offspring we are eventually going to cull the mind with the next step in technology or advantage over forigen nations. with a level orsclose to playing field between the states and from pov of biz and taxes, mn seems to be banking its economy on keeping old players and sacrificing the chances of the young to survive let alone prosper or crest prosperity in MN. Andy Stern referred to this from the perspective of average worker as a race to the bottom. specificly internationalization. what I derive thst to mean is when companies with the money can play nations and or states, pack up and move if regs make it less profitable by commanding to pay more, the net effect is thst from the workers pay perspective and or rights and Saftey, the trend if graphed is like dropping on the wild thing at valley fair. with rights or pay on the vertical access and time on horizontal. 

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