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Sunday, November 22, 2020

stolen vacuums lost friends


had I not been made to clean Malice and Pauls car Clyde wouldn't have died. except with no regard for the 0 notice eviction Aug 2018 where parents kept  at first my things and Bonnie and Clyde  then Bonnie died.. they still destroy most of my things and I don't have basics in this tourcher cell. 

They have stolen some things April 2020 and may 2020 to make sure it's more isolated alone unproductive unorganizeable 
Clyde would die everyday here. There are certain things needed to keep rabbits safe. I miss you so much Clyde the way your eyes lit up, how u always listened. even if I wasn't talking to you. it never failed if was talking you had an ear in my direction.  how we could play tag, or in a wide open area like parents basement how eventually you would just sit down and let Me catch you. Bonnie you were so sweet I'm always yours (usualy if they were in cages I'd bring greens or food.. anything and Bonnies rubbing her chin on my finger (rabbit for mine)) you were also great at reminding Mr to take a break. I wish you had got to dig more. I should have made that way earlier. 

you guys arnt missing anything. I just killed the 5th and 6th fungus gnatt attacking my face and flicked it onto the floor. 

if I could flip having likeky saved my dad for still having those two or either alive right  now... I would in a heart beat 


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