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Thursday, November 19, 2020

suicide methods


  • dry ice
  • nytrogen cylinder 
  • liquid nitrogen 
  • Exaust 
  • get covid and cover yourself in ambisol or other oral pain releaver. if still alive pound energy drinks and do jumping Jack's 
the ln and dry ice work better with a hot plate near by. 
  • both legs of split phase ac one in each arm connected to a fork stabbed in arm should give a lethal amperage across the heart 
  • Microwave oven capacitor 
  • microwave transformer 
  • clime a power poll or simply get close enough with metal rod like paint roller extendable tube. distribution voltage will do the trick real quick.
otc medical/ other  
  • bottle of tylnol chased with shots of Everclear
  • find a pine looking push with barries
  • Lilly of the valley 
  • point an empty pellet gun at the police
  • Bleach and ammonia, probably belongs with asphixation but it might be more poisoning. I've never looked into it
  • hydrogen peroxide and 30 percent hcl gives chlorine gas. muric on its own is pretty nasty though I'm not sure if it would be quick death or wake up with burnt lungs in icu, chlorine gas would be a bit more sure. add scrap copper and you've got cupric for circuit boards or art
  • rumor has it if you pour diesel fuel on Paul he's such a wack of fertilizer... ymmv
  • move to MN in general, existing in MN works quicker sometimes if African in heritage but it's not very great either way
  • stand between Marlene Wuethrich and a railing 
  • cut both canap├ęs skydiving 
  • call maple Grove police 

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