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300lb Gorilla: OFP Discrimination and Tool for Arresting Victims.

 we are getting pretty damn close to arresting people for talking about how other peoples actions are killing them. 

the police stand in my way of recovering or stoping the destruction of things my parents have even admitted in front of me and police are mine and have for a year and a half. 

refuse to allow a report to contain the reality its all been threatened to force labor

civil / family court has now made me arrestable and labeled abuser despite I've not laid hands on anyone involved, paul and marlene have laid hands, marlene admitted her intent was to take me out of the world mere moments after trying to push me over the railing to their basement. another time she slamed a car door on my leg and before the railing incident she had verbaly threatened to push me down said stairs

paul and marlene did everything they could to make it appear they killed my rabbit Bonnie after the 0 notice lock out 8 mo post moving in to their house. after 6.3k services demanded to requested. with out having paid a dime. 

bonnies ashes were sent to me usps. one of the still held parcils. i had bonnie rabbit since 2007 she was a pstd companign animal. so was clyde whos remains are in my freezer.

I've now been mal nurished like 3 years starved 30 days in 2019.

if I wanna talk violent about the police enabling someone who makes me feel threatened and uses violence not just words to do so

and you wanna arrest me vs have the goon squad stop doing to [people what they would likely shoot someone trying to do to them

so be it.  note how not saying what I could potentially do...would happen either way in this scenario? 

so be it, just keep killing me through protecting criminals and ignoring actual crime and criminal law. medical science as harm is defined as well...why would we need that

oh and he said so be it, must be ok right? idk is it? how many people do you do this to? at what point do you fear every bump in the night? from the level of local politician or leo vs the US pop, odds statistically speaking are that out of 320 million in the us you probably deal with people that can outwit you in a tactical sense. odds are there are people who talk that game and wont try. when it comes to racking up numbers wronged like that, its probably worth remembering that you only need to be wrong once about how safe you are /measures in your home and who someone is... I've never heard anyone mention humans have 9 lives other than the metaphor for  cats survive crazy things. 

maybe ask George Flyod how fragile life is. Dont hold your breath for a response paul and Marlene stole fellony amounts 2x since forcing me into this empty apt/flat save for clyde in the freezer and 3 now moldy walmart folding tables. I'm now blowing out black and ate kwick trip alfredo today..

medical advice in 2018 was get away from the mold. 1st week at hotels symptoms gone for the most part (visible ones, joint pain took a bit longer) right before lease starts at place they picked (apts since 07 and this in 2019 is the only one they have ever picked) coincedently they used police to pick that after labor done on computers and networks built for them and then their houses mold problem, labor that even after rent is subtracted would equal fellony theft of services... police offer then all of my personal property ever let alone since apts in 2007

you know that first week after a move? imagine everything is no where cause u haven't unpacked it yet, except now you have a sick rabbit friend and somehow snow managed to blow through the car vents right before lease started. 

"CHECK ANY CAMERA YOU WANT IDIOT ITS MY CAR" was his response when i said if you did it the hotel camera probably caught it

so then the threat becomes labor on our car while we hold even your full face respirator and do so from empty apt. or lose everything.

add water to car collecting mold spores for 9 years what do you win? police enforced poisoning of your son on labor you've made impossible while you destroy everything he has ever worked for or been given by anyone for any reason. this continues to this day and my health is on that list.  Back to the car  unknown to anyone at the time, both sunroof drains plugged. 

maple grove police support slavery and enforce threat to life. ofp just makes coverups easier and might pay federal funds

in maple grove don't make the mistake that letting someone lie to the police is a recoverable act. don't make the mistake in assuming if you get admission the police will allow it on record let alone reverse course. 

of course blocking a 911 call is against law police will probably enforce. funny aklmost like life isn't a concern let alone the concern and we never outlawed slavery. think about that last bit, how do you enforce the end of slavery? let someone take everything of another person threaten it and animals while endangering their life then keep stealing to terrorize and make problems they caused insurmountable?

how about while certain officers ignore the poison and forced labor and based on other parties lie insis you've been given enough  but don't want details as to what you earned externally or services rendered? let alone how they participate in bio terrorism. 

fake anthrax in the mail is bio terror, keeping your sons resperator with the help of police while threating an officers sallery worth of personal property after 0 notice eviction (8 mo after I moved back in which should make that illegal even with out lease but my mom claimed she was my landlord and with or with out services rendered were a fellony amount to steal. money on lease they forced and starving cause money given doesn't cover threat to life problems given and eating... not really counting.

The labor on their car should have taken a week if I work myself all the way out Max effort and the prerequisites were meant for tools and budget. Without having a kitchen well I have a kitchen but the only thing in it is my pstd service Companion Animal which apparently is just a liability or a benefit to the state if anybody can kill my friend via their illegal actions enforced by police but all it does is helping ofp case against me which you could have called me a witch at anytime anyway and spared his life and mine this is really fucking sick. But anyway that should have taken a week at Max you can't really do it without a few days of a rental car I have the pictures of what it looks like on the inside but logically even though I'm not qualified that in today for the title then came up with a budget when they wouldn't transfer the title I said hey I will sell it I will scrap it I will take whatever I can get this is dangerous this is not a good use of my time this is against doctors suggestions this is against agreements we had made but no clean our car or all your stuff goes away

I'm in about 5 months passed between when they took that and when the ofp court date was they never gave the stuff back they continued with if I go down there even after they tell me they're not keeping anything from me the police show up for sitting on public property at a place where I was evicted zero notice and they all a felony amount for services stolen but the police awarded them the ability to continue through this day to destroy everything line while threatening even the ashes of my other rabbit who the fuck came up with this shit I know I won't watch my language cuz that's what it is it's shit

If you scroll back a bit page back on this very site I believe I've already posted the recording When Marlene we tricked my mother says I deserve it all because I'm a man. When I say Minnesota has apparently legalized murder in the form of post turn + 18 year coat hanger abortions that might be more humane

That mold over nine months without the budget to eat and clean the car which I mean disassemble the car completely clean out component by component without the tools to do that even without the shelving to do that which I built up anime maid useless anyway but it's spread the mold to the apartment so I got paid $2,000 for a web server and website work for a business somebody else's business like profit I made last year. That was used on their fucking mold stuff I need a $5,000 dental implants for 1 or two I bought a air dryer like a centrifugal fan and then converted at using my compound miter saw on plexiglass to take a HVAC HEPA filter. I was in the middle of making it take a bigger one so it would be more cost-effective run longer and move more air longer and they stole the saw my MIG welder that I had bought with the last of savings bonds my grandmother had left me and my desktop computer from my garage police would rather give me a mental hold then allow confessions on a report I don't have a kitchen I don't have any of my stuff I would be homeless if not for covid-19 because cleaning that car here kicked off the landlord's it was pretty clear because I've rented since 2007 I'm not new to this it was pretty clear when you get them trying to evict the garage that the moment the lease is up there going to give you while 2 months before in Minnesota if I recall correctly off the top of my fucking had tasked with loading every little bit will someone literally keeps me without a place to write it down when alone what a for printers I paid for this is fucking cruel and unusual extrajudicial enforced by police murder


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