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The Maple Grove Human Property Special Ft hen County 4th

  1. Chain Adult Offspring to something immovable before or after filing a petition for ofp exparty
  2. Drop a cellphone  only enabled to dial the court's number
  3. listen from the other room as they say it doesn't matter you are in chains or covid 19 has shut down everything else, your record free existence matters neither, you've been called a witch and you need to answer to it or by default lose rights
  4. attend court date with "abuser" in chains
  5. have gun to hold to back so they can be served. 
  6. fear not transparent tape over mouth, mgpd doesn't want details that complicate the initial story or require investigation 
  7. rechain 
  8. call mgpd again 
  9. watch chains transform to handcuffs and bars. 
  10. if you are paul and marlene substitute false police reports and toxic mold as bio weapon, lives of animals what were both friends and technically therapy companion animals for 10 years... use the reports to take around 43g of personal property bought with money worked for and credit earned over 16 years trash it all anyway while insisting to your victim he's gay and going to jail because you say so. throw in doses of "I need control because I want control", "I own you" and other insanity between trying to push him over a railing and heaping doses of falsified police reports on a once clean record while extracting more hazardous labor in a torture cell you forced lease on and is still empty to this day. 
  11. don't forget false promises about ending the damage and allowing him to posses his things and things other people paid for again or his held mail including Bonnies Ashes. if he just labors until he blows out black shit because you stole his respirator
  12. then steal fellony amounts 2 more times continue stalking until ...

maybe this how maple grove police improve playing house from the perspective of Sharon Tate. or sorry I confused the victim in this context... wait did I ? there aren't federal grants for arresting women who accuse men. 

protip: while mgpd is said to be willing to overlook chains in plain sight, its rumored they prefer at very least a clear poly tarp when present for plusable deniability. Additionally, it was leaked that white poly is anything but recommended because the chaos and cleanup when a hole forms and the amish are confused... all that extra time on the scene seriously cuts into leg day at the gym. whats a Minnesota officer without strong legs and knees? 

maybe if I get another few months in an infested apt with Clyde in the freezer mal nourished and my dad claiming to own me a few more times while maple grove pd trys to paint me violent and both maple grove and st cloud pd censor or disallow reports of subsequent felony level thefts... maybe just maybe then my brain will kick back in enough to sort all this out. 

probably not though isolation and abuse at the hands of npd likely causes lasting brain damage. mal nutrition interferes with emotional inhibition and cognition in general. on the plus side with the shortened life expectancy of 3 years mal nourished and or starved at the hands of someone who claims to own me, one who wants to make me suffer because I'm her son and a man, and my owner wanting me to repeat the word slave... on the plus side this accused male witch wont have memories of the incest abuse and forced labor for as long as otherwise. 

if I die tomorrow my only regret is not being able to mourn Bonny Clyde or Cosmos 

A distant second is not calling rorey hanson mmbop the cow fucker ( to his face)(for him respect normally given isnt even visible in the rearview but there is the fact that officers don't take psych evals and all come equipt with knees and a union where even termination equals a 50 percent rehire rate. then feds wondering why its so hard to impart lasting changes with consequences to defying non existant short of protests turned riot). 

but for rorey i think that's actually a rather kind title considering the alternative is incest slave and abuse enforcement, orfacer. i cant take credit for the last bit on the fly, office max print center id occasionally try to slip orfacemax into the breakroom prints but the manager was a keen proofreader with a good sense of humor :D

anyone got a synonym for bovine and another for the male genitalia that fit inside the Hanson brothers mmbop hit? I'm drawing a blank 

this photo is within 20 miles of esoteria its rumored to be titled "rorey between heffers" 

I really don't care how its spelled.

the shit thing about this state is with the bar possibly in bed with the county and or state and available imprisonment by 3 to 5 day abduction by cop to the hospital where doc you haven't met merely needs to sign off stating you are parnoid... 

technically "threat to self, others or property" with no qualifiers on any of it... not only would an emergency medical hold apply for threatening to snap your own #2, but contempt or otherwise of cop in Minnesota may be asking for them to offer a knee... an offer you cant refuse regardless of its effects on respiration. 

or perhaps exactly why contempt of cop might equal a threat to your own life and reason to detain you under medical context. 

Im kinda confused in general as to how someone with no baseline ascertains paranoia, especially when the long arm of the law punches out any attempts to audit its swings and insists it handles its own complaints. 

all heil the new reich, same as the one before it, just invade the us through immigration to wi slightly before the last one did its trick. speaking of tricks, check out the meaning of my dads last name on the I should know a thing or two, but don't call me Mr wuethrich that's most certainly my father. 

the tyrant who claims to own his son and wants him to repeat the word slave while committing felony-level thefts after the wife attempts to murder. good job Hennepin county, if your intent was incest in family court or reducing the population through suicide and or

human property murdered; then its time to rent a flight jacket, a copy of the little engine that could and an aircraft carrier. 

cocaine is optional but its said if you can source it photo opps feature the book right side up with the downside being the flight jacket costs more. it probably explains the issues with USAF on the deck of a USN carrier though. 
"heh Martha hold this adult beverage while I nail this landing, tail hook? what in tarnation? Daddy said I wouldn't be arrested and he was sending uncle darth to babysit for 8 years." 
unlike my father, who thinks the police are get out of theft and forced labor-free card and so far correct while continuing to terrorize, stalk steal and poison. 

side note: might have just explained the VPs trigger finger discipline issues. 

(I know that's the Ford, our AG is seiu endorsed DFL, so as a nod to Andys favorite branch in California I figured Americas newest explorer was a sign of the degrading times...)(I think its an awesome ship I just wanted that reference in here) Elevate American superiority, well... if we ever finish programing the damn things. While I'm pretty sure PLCs would be a breeze for me I'm also pretty sure between a doctor Boris блат Блять who quite possibly mistook the oath and medical ethics in two languages and police that want violent offenders not investigations plus a court transplanted from salem 1690s to Minneapolis ... pretty sure military and anything requiring security clearance has been ruled out and all with out me lifting a finger.

Im not sure we are in a very good place if ww3 starts either. cant say I know what goes into those weapons elevators but building more might be out of the question

 all while police award a former seiu vp of his local an estimated 43G of my personal property and 6.3 thousand USD in stolen services because police don't want admissions reports were falsified as a weapon on record. 

After renting the  justice wreck-quisits have Kunta fire up the Enterprises MN to orbit heiling frequencies because you will want to call up your kindergarten (wait isn't that german?) teacher. 

I'm sorry to inform you she wont be able to present a gold star that day due to possibly supply outstripping Hennepin counties demand. 

she can however award you two gold lighting bolts ... actually, some say they had a shortage of stars for whatever reason others that the factory worker is on vacation hanging with critical thought and standards of justice. 

Just me or when you add a second S to Dan Radfords forehead and focus on the shower scenes... I guess the saving grace is when Shindler gives smegal a sock to free the prisoner of aush...hmm

wait, is that snape reanimated?

ima go throw up in my mouth a bit between remembering Clinton doing quagmires Giggity between the bronze bushes 

and wondering how many times he hired a young teen... or what the possibly seiu oval office janitor thought of having to clean the pop machine daily because anything that said "insert bill here..."

this explains a lot about the family dynamic if you think it through and have an eye to detail. Evaluating it yet again might reveal a value proposition of effort to reward that still speaks a mouthful when you examine the gross of his favorite validator, no wonder everyone's screaming #metoo

Newsflash: Scope prices skyrocket as validators drive demand. 

Land of The Fucked. 

Avoid the state of Minnesota and perhaps this Country like the Cluster B plague it is.

Do so regardless of the actual plague. Even if maple grove police incest everything is civil I find it anything but. If Cluster B, Covid-19, Criminal law enforcement, and or no standards of justice don't make it the last place you visit maybe our health care system can help do the job. Between 100k and 250k Americans die of charting errors every year in the US. Sure glad that on a medical hold the doc has every ability to get a bonus for prescribing drugs no concept of conflicts of interest seems present. Also absent is a requirement to use objective diagnostic criteria or allow relevant authorities testimony viewed as evidence to what is and what is not delusions or reality.  

(actual convo) 
"sir i have documents from the extermination and email communication with the hired mold pro on my gmail on my phone"

"patients aren't allowed phones on the ward"

we seem to have one respectable lawmaker and doctor in this state, almost lost him for his courage to speak though. I grew up in a strictly democrat house so this isn't a nodd id usually make but his words are the most sense I've heard in a long time. 

what I was talking about as conflict of interest on the medical hold has nothing to do with covid but the ethical issues are similar. see rx-kickbacks 

also keep in mind that where I ended up was the same org and I believe same ward that held Dan Markingson (November 25, 1976–May 8, 2004)  and resulted in him entering a trial of an experimental drug then attributed to him nearly decapitating himself with a box cutter. let that sink in for a moment. 

 On April 11, 2004, she left a voice mail message for the study coordinator, Jean Kenney, asking “Do we have to wait until he kills himself or anyone else before anyone does anything?”[25] On May 8, Markingson committed suicide with a box cutter, nearly decapitating himself. Laboratory tests later revealed that he had been taking quetiapine (Seroquel), produced by AstraZeneca.[26][27]

I was having the displeasure of speaking with what ego preservation tells me has to have been Malard Duck Boris who also decided the fact that I had not a scratch wound or fidgit /behavior indicating I was self inflicting wasn't relevant to his diagnosis. between the previous apt and my parents (both places mold found, parents house serious and what spread it to my apt when cosmos cat got sick at their house for the last time) it had been 16 or so months of pinprick wounds everywhere but my trunk and eyes like this

by the medical hold I was 3 months into hotels because parents changed the lock. unknown to me at the time they were paying to have the remediation of the mold done by a professional while I was sitting in that psych ward. my dad lying through his teeth went from "how come you're the only one suffering" to "I never saw you bleed" while they both kept insisting I had never seen a doctor and then on a new one to drive me to. dermintologist 2 (unnessicary entirely) was the one my dad saw regularly. Paul (my dad) forgot his scripts having seen him earlier that day. Paul Mr: how come you only show signs.... 

was on rx topical anti fungal and rx steroidal eye drops. from the little, I think I know that derm should lose his license. steroids suppress the immune system and not what you want with fungle infection. at best it seems to be that combo is like pouring gas and a fire extinguisher on the same fire. though I assume he wasn't using the topical on his eye I also assume due to absorption it still applies. if you can explain why I'm wrong I do love to learn. 
here's a shot from a few weeks ago vs end of 2016 when I had gone to maple grove to visit Cosmos Cat. aka after and before shot. 

this rash kicked it all off


but I'm not a trash professional so garbage in garbage out is here to stay and for whatever reason we seem to trust in letting corporate news handle mental garbage collection...this extreme polarization should make it bianay enough we don't need to split hairs over comparing modern koolaid slupers with computer processes. ack... i need the end task button sarcasm wont close. I think end task might consist of turning the ignition on with the garage door closed. I forgot if I sarcastically made it my new years resolution to stop using it as a coping mechanism or not. Considering all my others were stolen, maybe its best not to worry. don't fixate asphyxiate. cement shoes, lets get on the move. 

this is actually sparta:

I helped build that kiddy carnival trout pond (all this lambass(t) and i called it a trout pond, how bizarre). why sparta is involved is probably more relevant to some readers than others. to quote a 90s one-hit-wonder (other than Bill Clinton missing the point)  "wanna know the rest? hey, buy the rights"

anything to keep mmbop from becoming an earworm. its making me crazy. 
painting a boys and girls club, cleaning out a moldy house in my, possibly staring in a old spice commercial in VA. very shortly afterwords an old friend was giving me a math lesson that involved two horses and a tangent line. in programming speak see 

while (HorseBehindAndInfrontOfYou){
    if (!FriendsTangentLesson) runcircle(;
    else break;
followed by variable naming conventions and practicality. 

all pds have actual peace officers. I blanked the name to make sure that this one doesn't catch flack of any kind for being one. Maple Grove has a few that nothing above is about and to the extent id consider them upstanding. I don't have an issue with authority or police, I have an issue with systems likely to hurt people and even sans BBC Dr Who's plastic warrior this system is set to harm and undermine everything we are taught is freedom. 
Apparently, the Roman army didn't require psych evals either. This ones even made of plastic. (show reference)

Germany has great examples of peace officers these days. this photo cira 2006 (desaturated) yep, that's a beer. yep I was 18. i was also walking through the louvre, Musee d'orsay and the catacombs a few days later having caught a train to Paris. funny how Europe the only place you were(at  that time) likely to get id(Ed) was a casino and yet they have a lower percent of teen binge drinkers. almost like the exclusivity and status symbol of carding might contribute. 

that trip started as the intended plan a bunch of friends would go, came down to go time and the cheese stood alone but c'est ma vie. in the sense that I'm an only witness between a rock and a hard place that were 40 when I was born. Europe and Especially southern France featured some people and families that made me feel a bit less alone in this world, thats all been like a dream from another life for a while now. 


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