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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

the most dangrous thing you can do in Minnesota

 is live with or be related to anyone. if you have lived with or still have living relatives nothing is required for you to become an abuser while they steal everything you own and police before and after then repeatedly censor reports and tell you everything is civil.

as you can't control the actions of other people and the standard of evidence is non exiatant... as even relatives in other states can mail in a petition to have the court steal more while labeling you an abuser and stripping your rights 

I'd sarcasticly say the state has by virtue of LA stated to protect ones personal security and end abuse but feeling too account for the fact that humans might sometimes lie let alone be the abuser and be more apt to make it to court let alone know about these to know what to apply for the states has actually created incentive do not leave any roommates or relatives with a heartbeat

That's intended as an analysis not a threat. You don't have to do anything to become an abuser in this state you don't even have to be near the person who claims it. You suffer regardless. I had four days notice well I'm still in what I called the torture cell that they force will they still destroy all of my property hold my mail have been signing my name steal felony amounts from me after taking everything

If the Turpin parents from Texas than California had committed that atrocity here I have a feeling they could have driven to end up in County 4th District with the adult children and children still tied up petition and even if the child or adult child managed to break the chains or swipe a cell phone from one of the parents call the courthouse being chained  wouldnd to have stopped the court date.

But the children and adult children chained up might have had the pleasure of going from change to handcuffs for violating the order

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