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The plight of an individual and Canary abuse

 it seems the push is twoards only abusive Behavior towards groups is a problem or worth getting upset about.

I'm not sure how much pathology drives this but one blm member on fb made a point of claiming I'm not a real victim for my fake mold. I had commented that the issues may be deeper than racism. basicly agreed there is a problem but I think it's even deeper / larger root cause. all the sudden I've got a group of white females stalking my fb to find reason to personally attack. so the one who spoke first instead just applies a label to something she knows little about. to attack for no reason other than not having the same view despite them not opposing. 

this person has a 4 year old male son she refers to with feminin pronouns, brags about her diet consisting of beer and drugs, strips for a living. also diagnoses bpd. 

one entry does not make a data set but she's part of the reasons I have come to the conclusion psych is being applied to divide and control the pop. when it comes to cluster b disorders if the traits are normalized...some would argue if is wishful thinking or a ship sailed..

what we can expect or would or do see is parents selling their children's futures or ending their lives wholesale to get what they want when they want it. 

this inability to see outside of predefined issues which tend to be broadcast as groups who have valid right to claim victim is what spawned the title 

a lot of canaries will die in the coal mine while people bitch at them because they are false victims. meanwhile I of course mean humans so peta is unlikely to give a damn

meanwhile the play to the intellectual propoganda is talking about victim and virtu signaling combined with demographic and pushing the message the 3 can be used to identify a narcissist or someone out to con you.

to the extent one article on psych today was mentioning valid demographics for true victimization. shortest way to comunicate the summery is "white men can't be victims"

good thing edu isn't preaching dogmatic dreck like racism is black abused by white and sexism is men abuse women 

cause like otherwise psychology today would be racist and sexist as fuck.

even that site ocassionaly has unbiased or ageneded articles but for the most part psyop today or burnayeses tomorrow today would be a more appropriate title

Voltaire is attributed with a quote that I find very appropriate here. It's been on my Facebook info for probably 14 years now: 

those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities

One such absurdity pushed by corporate psych is that things like personality disorders are primarily genetic. Why wouldn't they, if the nurture component components isn't mentioned you don't have to tell a parent who is also a person you don't have to say you're doing something bad. That doesn't sell. But also high probability you can find a reason to medicate them for life possibly make an RX kick back and you'll probably see their children next.

academic psych knows better

And don't get me wrong I truly believe a large portion of people in healthcare in general truly want to and think they are doing good by the patient. That said for those who would want otherwise there seems to be little perceived or actual negative consequence especially in Psychology or mental health services


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