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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

two -Face law pathological police

 on the partition for the Civil act of ofp you can ask the court for money or property or both. Domestic violence restraining orders actually require zero proof of domestic violence. But technically civil but carry a criminal penalty for violation.

 If I understand right there used to be more criteria for getting one but Minnesota recently changed that. Because they check with as far as I can tell almost no previous record and the police aren't involved other than I would imagine if they are possibly called to testify or possibly you could print your police reports which of the atrocious because the police will literally sensor what is on reports and or refused to take one and there might be money involved for an arrest after an ofp is made so in plain terms there is a conflict of interest and or closer to slavery when we're creating situations that endanger people's lives so the police can get paid

with little standard of evidence on accusation and burden of proof on defence the on defence ofp is already a lot like Salem cira 1690s. what I don't understand how anyone can accept is monetary relief and transfer of property on partition should be an indicator of how with out it life may be endangered. 

ofp is first come first serve suposibly. there arnt vawl fedral grants for arresting women though so I wonder in practice how often it's granted that way and what the stats show for violation and or subsiqent arrest.  At the same time if you go back on this site you can find the police in St Cloud and Maple Grove censoring or refusing reports so I want an entirely trust police base stats either. Which is even more psychotic because well computer science has a saying called garbage in garbage out except we're making laws based on these stats we're endangering lives based on first come first serve hearsay and people with guns and badges backing it up. We make no check as to situations like mine did the police bar you access to everything you own being destroyed for a year-and-a-half will labor was forced but they won't allow it on report?

Seems to me Visa vie god dammit Google transcribe oh, it seems to me that Hammurabi's Code and the basis of law was we create justice so if I take off your arm your family doesn't come and Slaughter mine. Police action and actions of my sick parents continue to poison me oh, my mom out right tried to kill me they stole everything in the police have helped them keep it they stole 6300 in skilled labor over the eight months where I live there again. Moving back in my mom declared herself my landlord. There is no responsibility for the people with means to harm others it seems to be something we only apply to the lowest in this pyramid scheme soon-to-be a life culling (joke) with the way this court seems to only in the most stylistic image-based way protect life and only the one that reaches at first it's kind of like as I've said the Silence of the Lambs when Buffalo Bill is finished taunting the girl down the well for the day maybe he decides to go petition for an ofp. Maybe if Sharon Tate wasn't tied up she could have got one too maybe first-come-first-served isn't really a good way to identify severe abuse situations . Seems to me in Minnesota  if the Turpin family had lived here their parents could have easily got one against many of their children while they were chained up then call in a violation and they can go from chains 2 the handcuffs

Or since police demonstrate insane personal and are departmental bias and discrimination based on age refusal to investigate or accept details when it becomes clear they were lied to or stop the actions causing the harm I mean their actions unlawfully standing between you and your property being destroyed and threatened unless you do work what I mean is police creating indentured servitude based on hearsay I can't even finish this this is fucking sickness this is the reason our country is going to go to hell and probably quickly

It's like a Courthouse that invites you to perjure yourself all over the floor. I only really read the Flames of my dad's because well when I got served I was shaking so bad I came in and collapsed to the floor I don't really have a desk or mold free folding table to lay it out on let alone printers to do any or a printer I own four of them well I owned apparently Paul and Marlene own me Paul outright said it two times and wants me to repeat the word slave but that's probably ex parte to this court. What strikes me though is Paul in the first claim he makes says they kicked out their mentally ill son I moved back in January no one at that point had ever describe me as mentally ill or required medication my mom was threatening it but according to Medical ethics she is not one that can do that despite being a nurse practitioner. How do I know medical ethics when she was teaching at st. Kate's she couldn't be bothered to learn how to turn on a computer end of Elementary School start at Junior High I was the one converting her curriculum to PowerPoint. That does not a doctor meme ate slightly more educated than a Layman it does I told the doctor hurt makes neither even though she is able to prescribe because she's a nurse practitioner. When I wanted to make his 2014 after I helped the union leaflet there was a private SEIU event where my dad had me if I wanted to be 5 feet from the attorney general at the time Lori Swanson) Franken Governor Dayton no security but then 4 years later after I've done 6.3k of labor on computers and a network I built and set up for them and started the mold remediation on his house while working for other people... police decide Paul and Marlene get to keep everything I ever worked for, other people paid for or was given. they continue to desteoy it to this day while police fheaten mental holds to not allow taking reports 

Paul and Marlene for a year and a half bounced me around then only time since childhood picked where I lived. aka I've been in apts since 2007 in 2018 they picked the one and only apt they ever have and I was already mourning the loss of bonny while they used police to illegal bar access and create an emergency medical hold. then I sign lease under duress and snow blows theoufh car vents. now through death of clyde rabbit who is still in my freezer and while they threaten Bonnies remains(also held usps) 9 months of our son remediate our car while we threaten 16 years of things worked to afford and continue to desteoy them 

mean while maple groves officer Hanson repeatedly insisted my parents give me enough this couldn't be forced labor etc etc. 

They're talking about in Minneapolis right now the police seem to give have given up on their duties but still seem to shoot people. I would argue that what we've done is create incentive to only bus drug crimes and ofp violations or the like because there's likely Federal funding to the state 4 or from the violence against women law grants and especially drug or substance crimes what should really just be the same word either substance or drug their butt Minnesota he loves this Alcohol Tobacco and Drug education then cops are showing up at fourth grade classrooms with boxes of drugs I wanted doubt there's a high number of people who have pointed out Mommy's favorite. But in those crimes the state can seize any and all property resell it for a profit I don't think it's a surprise that police aren't investigating anymore they go for the easiest highest paying Privateer creating sleep driving methods of action modes of existence tile heil a different beat. 

saying I'm mentally ill and I have been for a long time. Except no one that can say that had said that I'm not required any medication to this date. On top of that Minnesota did the study that shows that if you all the sudden deprive someone of nutrients make sure they're malnourished get neurotypical or severe or anywhere in between on the function or damage or condition scale you fuck with their cognition you fuck with their emotional inhibition and no I won't apologize for my language because you also fucking shorten their life if not end it

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