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What they probably won't tell you

 During the six months or roughly so at hotels and then more intermittently as of late Paul and Marlene use false police reports theft forgery of my signature mail fraud check fraud holding everything mine and destroying it has a position of power but that part of already communicated

What I wanted to make explicitly clear is there have been demands and plans this entire time if I get close to it if iron to make sure Bastille they adjust they redefined what I have to do they don't let me have any success

My mom has in the past perfectly describe after a major loss what one needs turn off fall into despair or just stay healthy one of those things is sense of purpose. They don't let me have when I worked for what I was working for what I or what is necessary to negate the risks to health mental and physical.

They don't let me have an end to the poisoning and destruction from decisions they made back in 2001 when I was in junior high Orr elementary school before that,

They're continuing to poison me I cannot repetitively clean mold anymore I should not have had to do this to begin with I should not have been starved 30 days while doing it it was against doctor advise it's against CDC

At one point around maybe Jan 2018 im at My Parents House and I forget what but Marlene gave two commands that conflicted back to back.

when u flat out said those are conflicting directives she responded 

"that's the point"

I belive Paul and Marlene  or maybe just Marlene has legal costodialship over my aunt (moms sister)

relevant for 2 reasons. that sister has as long as I've been alive had stories about someone cones into her apt and Break Stuff steal stuff move stuff.

Marlene has also had a key for as long as I've heard those stories. I have no doubt that my aunt married occasionally falsely attributes things she lost or stepped on whatever...

Also I would bet my life reason I say this is Behavior observed at their house and since. Also despite leaving for Fargo North Dakota in 2006 after 45 days alone in Europe only having called home once...

2019 they force a lease at the only place they have ever picked for me to live. It was signed under threat and duress. Marlene adamantly demand a key.

The other thing is I can put together $30 camera what does 1080p and night-vision 4 years ago that would have been  a $50 camera

My Uncle Mike will tell the story about how him and my dad once stayed the night at my Aunt Mary's apt. Surprise nothing happened. Which would make a lot of sense if there was a known perpetrator not a mental illness. Although that sort of Terror and abuse can easily create mental illness if that's what's going on.

At one point in 2018 my mom had hidden one of the projects I was working on I found it growing mold in the basement. As the house had been diagnosed with the problem January 2018 but it wouldn't be dealt with until 3 months after I left and they change the loft. I left with the intent to return that was the communicated plan. But a week and 1/2 in is recorded call where my mom tells me just not to come around or call anymore. But I digress. I find my project than project enclosure I made in the basement I'm cleaning it out with Lysol hey specifically read the can and checked it it was okay on tile floor because there was some overspray all the sudden both parents are literally screaming at me for spraying Lysol mainly my project enclosure box in the middle of the tile floor and the entryway because I am burning their house running a floor and even pointing out that I'm spraying my project Bakke that I will clean it up the overspray and that the can says it's a tile cleaner anyway...

Screaming intensifies

This is the sort of thing that you can't say for sure except she's a nurse practitioner that can write prescriptions and needs to be able to understand ratios dosages all kinds of things math-related and compatibility toxicity Etc. You're telling me she actually thought a cleaner a little bit of overspray for a cleaner that was okay for tile anyway was hurting her floor to the level it Justified both parents screaming at me

Call it a bad day but that's also the sort of thing people with personality disorders the higher-functioning ones aspd and NPD do as a tactic to keep someone who actually gives a damn off base it's a terror tactic

Every time I turned around my things went missing often we found them my dad and I that is at the bottom of a trash can.

Or I found them out in the rain out in the snow or on the moldy basement carpet

Perhaps more suggesting of why I believe they truly conspire to hurt people and terrorize them is the theft continued up here and the only apartment they've ever picked out. Meanwhile they're telling me things like we're not keeping anything from you just come and get it so I try to call ahead no one answers if I get a hold of him and come on down most of the time the police were called like towards the end I got smarter about it I wouldn't even go on to the driveway. All it took was even after invite when I finally realize I'm there brisket called I am an exited the vehicle or anything Naples not even on their property than Maple Grove Police make me leave public property 4 year and a half after a zero notice lock change eviction. Or you can look at it this way Maple Grove Police help deal $6,300 in services about 20 grand and stuff 5 in cash over the years and about 24 Grand in credit.

My time with Bonnie and Clyde rabbits. My credibility my freedom soon my health which might already be incipient and I'd have to find the records online promise of other people's stuff entrusted to me

Actually counting for what was actually mine at their house it's probably more than that even..

But back in line with how intentional any of this is and or are they doing this to my aunt I want to say four times now everything in a car has been taken from me.

It took 30 hours to get proof of insurance back towards the end of the hotels in Maple Grove after they took it. Or I should say 30 hours of actively trying to get a hold of or topping in circles because Paul will tell you he doesn't know what a text is via text

Paul will probably tell you that you are hurting him while he has u tied down and stabs you repeatedly. 

or in my case deflection tactics:

We're not doing anything 

you deserve it because you are a brat 

you deserve it because you are a man 

you harm yourself by telling others 

you threaten me (true or otherwise... even Marlene is recorded admiting from a medical perspective their forced conditions are not congruent with health and or danger to life) (what I've been saying a long time now... better not make the mistake of your abuser telling you to put the lotion on your skin tells the court about your language while applying. seriously don't make that mistake. either in actually saying it or allowing the abuser to go to court.. why can't you stop them it's only the bottom of a well right? 


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