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what they take

 Time and Loved Ones 

time to have human social connections, time that rendereded worthless should have been spent with my animals 

their actions hastened the lives of Cosmos Bonnie & Clyde. Clyde should still be alive. I miss them all to levels I can't describe. I can't even sit comfortably and process any of it because 9 months with mold car and forced labor both caused Clyde's death and contaminated the apt. then the apt with nothing but a bed and folding tables ends up with broken door switch on washer. so now piles of clothing worn 2 weeks to two months. no way to organize it. could fix washer, have to have air filter list of things stolen since I moved in. stolen by Marlene and Paul admited but police won't allow a report

Any Purpose or accomplishment 

I got paid a severely under rated but needed to be discounted for delays and now that ex clients perpensity to demand half price or less. I found who did the site 2 before me and he had given the owner a dire message that basicly said what the next guy did was going to happen. I saw that two. my main goal was getting back to the paid hardware projects and sellable offshoots and or tool. 

so I had made 2k had 500 more on the table. dealing with mold car and Clyde in freezer predo and marbomination contact an associate of mine tell him to tell owner he can do it cheaper 

all that money got spent on things like dehumidifier, cold fogger, dryer fan 40 dollar a gallon solution but they cut what they gave that month so I couldn't rent a car and do it all or even eat. the car once it was Geting warm out (spring 2019) should have taken 3 days maybe 4 with a rental and ability to lay stuff out on the shelving I set up. 

nope like I said they cut.. 

first day in New tourcher cell was home for a short while. Clyde made it home. 

first day I had a flat when I woke up. I can fab with steal, plastic, wood, etching copper with lithography, I've built 30pcs, built an actual 3x5 (feet or like 1x1.8m) catapult  in 8th grade. hadent had a flat.. an not predo parent trying to permantly mame his son because predo Paul wuethrich couldn't care for public school bus drivers own house... 

I have so much pain and rage. it can't be delt with while they still violate me. it's more pain than rage, it's the sickness of knowing both your mom and your dad enjoy trying to reach inside your body and mind and make u nothing dead and or disfigured. it's violated and disgusted. at the same time they both want me to be their emotional crutch and punish me when I do or don't because they are that warped. more so there's never enough. 

I changed the flat no sweat. my dad tells me for 2 weeks I have not changed the flat. he was 45min by freeway away. 

that's how sick

I'm insisting you did not change the tire, as you drive on the spare.. as I hold your air compressor and most other things let alone tools. 

then he insists he didn't say that but 9mo later I had made serious progress on car with the tools I bought. could have been done in 5. 3 nose bleeds min a day and getting into a caustic wet half treated car for ever meal. 

I realize children's hospitals and clinics st paul mn. aka where Marlene Wuethrich is a neonatal certified nurse practitioner... 

well biz ethics from ndsu hit me. I didn't contact them but I told Paul " if I contact children's yeah they have Mal practice but they might have to show they acted the moment they were aware of the threat" 

I had got the head liner out intact like a month before and found sunroof drain lines plugged as well. 

of course Paul refuses to take it and power wash it and explicitly tells me I am not to throw it. 

aka got mildest chunk out and now he's illuding to the 1k property damage laws. 

I had begged for the title saying I would sell it scrap it take what ever I can getb

predo public driver "HA YOU THINK YOU COULD BUY OR SELL A CAR?!" 

hey asshole think u could have cared for your house or respect my basic sense in 2014 when I realized the smell in your basement was one I had smelled cleaning a house hit by sandy in NY? think u could not commit fellony level theft to keep me dependent? think u could not threaten all my still being destroyed things and Bonnies ashes to force labor in empty apt? 

think u could have let me succeed with the effort I put in or do u need someone to kick fondle violate and stalk for the rest of your sick fucked existance? run out of robisnsdale kids? 

so I get headliner out and he won't take it then he needs me on limited starving budget empty apt 3 nosebleeds min a day doing laundry several times a day vacuuming several times a day because I didn't have budget for tyvec changes 3x a day because 

marbomination and predo Paul made sure I could not get a rental car.... 

Inbetween the month that past I figured out the chance the ndsu biz ethics and scsu  law insight might work and poof the car is scrapped but with it went a ton of things I needed and had already starved for. then predo Paulie tells me explicitly 

there was no mold but we took it cause u failed

no dad u failed to not violate your son cause u can and because cowards encourage it. you failed to tell a pic of truth even to the police. you failed to slit your throat rather than try to kill your son for pleasure. 

comfort and nutrition 

2x I went 4 days hungry 2 x 3 so many times 2 or 2.5 like 30 days in 2019

It does not get easier to budget Morningstar someone the more you make false promises will you do it none of this should have ever happened I moved back into their house Minnesota law should have had me covered please don't want to hear will not hear will not put on report at if theft or that my mom's clear their self my landlord or that without paying the 6300 even if the landlord part is thrown out by a court or not decided as landlord tenant still felony theft of services. Actually plymouth's residential rate per square foot per month is a dollar 32 had a 10 x 10 room at their house starting January 20 18. The eight months before they zero notice changed a lot it's still felony theft after you deduct the rent

When will the Maple Grove preto Department is a resting a woman who could potentially stoled only a bottle of Three Buck Chuck from Ann Arbor Lakes restaurant I'd say maybe $20 hell even if it was $100 bottle better estimate with the service is included is about $50,000 of my stuff is still being destroyed but they're telling me it's civil fuck you guys seriously go fuck yourself you support incest abuse and human trafficking forced labor and nothing I have seen justifies you don't anywhere near children went along with a box of drugs to 4th graders. actual I don't want to say who but a few of the officers are pretty upstanding and seem to want to be the image programed of what police are not the realities like officer Hanson 

My Health

see the what I used to cook link on right. but as I'll explain in the section bellow, I had pushed myself really hard and was burning candle at both ends 2014 to end of 17. then parents house spreads mold to my apt. not realizing it at end of lease and 8mo bleeding I love back in with them my mom said she's my land lord, mold cobfirmed all the sudden I'm doing contracted work, fixing their basement trying to manage my rabbits health hearing new versions of Paul and Marlenes forced reality and manipulation every day. every time I turn around car keys are hidden, some computer upgrades for their computers were needed. I say their sarcasticly. I had built 30 to order/for clients by my specs by age 22. mostly spare parts but some task oriented in the upstairs media center. raid 1 down stairs, replaced those drives upgraded network to include ether et over powerline and upstairs ap for the coverage my dad wanted in between demands to show or help or do what he wants.. he's half decent wirh computers my mom isn't but neither is it technical and these are service values at 150 an hr market rate. that's not the extent either

what I'm Geting at is they made sure I never had a moment to stand still and usualy had to beg for car keys to leave. literlay stood over me cretiqing how much laundry detergent while denying the mold despite pro confirmation 

my mom would try to tell me what people said to me and I said to them in instances like my rabbits vet. aka something she wasn't present for

she would threaten to drop me under a bridge in mpls and or call crisishotline, put me in mental ward, medicated was a constant attack. 

if I didn't go to the dinner table the moment called I was yelled at, if I did it was cold or attack through dinner. 

they would gaslight understanding of why I was doing requisite tasks.. I was looking into a lawyer over the previous apt and had found one. I was typing a time line to save hrly and on a Sunday so I could email it that night and he would have it start of Monday. 

like 30 min at the dinner table of WHY AFE YOU CONTACTING A LAWYWR ON A SUNDAY NIGHT 

then ping pong between pretending it was like off hrs rate/ not understanding what and email is 



which is like a double gaslight because every few min they just pretend like we didn't cover the other assumption 

I have been stressed out of my mind for their mistakes 

how much do u think I was eating of my one meal a day under those conditions? 

then if I say fell asleep in living room with one of my rabbits (who were pstd companion animals, really just friends until parents took their masks off and physicaly and metaphoric started chopping at my psyche while demanding things like I be my moms crutch to vent about her sex life.. while if I tried to leave keys were taken by my dad key finder removed sometimes battery disconnected. come back my room has been entered, stuff outside in rain and snow down stairs in mold, in the trash. 

it's taken so long to describe this because during this all, Cosmos cat, Bonnie then Clyde died and even with out this is beyond sick

that mold was from decisions they made finishing their basement when I was in elementary school and Jr high. 

there were also bugs. when this started it was wtf is going on, rashes wounds crawling. a it support client confessed he had gotten over a case of scabies shortly before I spend like 5hrs working in his home office desk/desk chair on his computer. regardless of scabies or not there was valid reason to think it. 

also Bonnie and Clyde rabbits wounds persisted at my parents untill the vet treated flea tick and mite. but the scraping always came back negative. she concluded after legions all but disappeared it was an emvioemental mite. aka doesn't live on host but might bite them and survive or try it for the heck of it. (my addition) I go edu/academic on issues and doing so learned some mites have host preference or requirements but if hungry most will try anything warm with a heartbeat 

I miss my rabbits. I miss my cat. I've been alone or abused sabotaged exploited demeaned stalked gaslit, slandered defrauded stolen from and assaulted for 3 years now

Human Friends

 my parents, vis a vie calling them if they get a hold of numbers, clients as well, telling them I'm sick in the head. projects and or things people paid for and entrusted for repair

custom electronics for a gainfully employed friend. I had it working when the bleeding started.

I had been working office supply print center, business IT and going to scsu, then a cell phone carrier and school, then cell carrier and cell repair store I was helping create at a rented retail location. 

what I'm getting at is before taking the deal with my dad to finance a shop just for me I didn't really have time to socialize much. my dad indicated it was more about Geting money back in the end so I tied in gainfully employed friends, the main one didn't pay for the project, his company did. 

sorry mn police help murderers steal and poision and murderers say John can't come out and play even though u paid. 


I have recorded confession of one of my associates that Paul and Marlene told him to undercut me and he would likely steal one of my clients I was able to maintain through the first part of their continued death March for offending their egos by their mistake with their house 

have I mentioned Marlene still cares for new borns at a large nicu? see that sun roof at the top of this blog? car she was driving to work

Maple Grove police support those who endanger sick newborns and kill their adult offspring. 


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