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wish I could participate

i have no ability to trust if I turn around something isn't stolen. I have no kitchen no desk but Clyde in the freezer and mold growing on Walmart folding table

they stole my desktop April 2020

its no sense having hopes and dreams or even being alive. they have stolen everything I worked to earn, everything given by anyone including then, made sure money left in my name by even my grandma was depleted and stole the mig welder I bought at the best deal I had seen in 8 years of watching prices

They even threatened the remains of Bonnie rabbit well clyde is in the freezer at this fucking torture cell apartment

They use everything police help them hold on to and continue to destroy it but they used threats to extract labor for 9 months. Some of the personal property included personal protection equipment that would have been ideal for the Hazardous labor they demanded. Paul was an SEIU Stewart and VP then full-time organizer but VP of his local for probably 25 years. He retires and later claims to own his son

No wonder Andy Stern noted issues with the locals.

But I can't say for sure is if he realized how deep the issue goes. as in starting around his generation the mind of Sigmund Freud's nephew was applied to what we would call public relations but might more aptly be called propaganda. Man believes in things like manufactured consent. He had probably all of the access to his uncle Freud knowledge Pandora of the psychoanalyst in general she was probably applied Freud similar to how in college you can take calculus or applied calculus. Applied himself pretty much to create a docile heard. The more I learn the more I see it was done Vaya exacerbating some of our worst tendencies basically makes narcissism the norm and emotional reason the default problem is emotions aren't I always accurate even if valid. You don't know what triggers them if you don't think about it. Until we have people like Paul consent to tell someone they are destroying and claim to literally own well you get Paul saying I get what I want when I want and I need control cuz I want control.

This isn't conducive to actually following any group desire or goal it's everybody else for themselves but trying to maintain the image of otherwise.

Andy Stern labeled globalization the race to the bottom. Psychological aspects of what the globalist normalize is so far beyond that it's literally parents selling their offspring future over a harsh word using lies to the police to enforce it

What I can read Andy had a pretty good bead on what's about to happen way back in 2010

. About 3 years ago a truck drove itself across the country to deliver a load of refrigerator goods this made me wonder what percentage of American workers would lose their job

Automated cars fast food and Retail is 40% of the labor force gone overnight and all doable overnight 3 years ago

Amazon has demonstrated a cashierless store. Boston Dynamics announced a robot that can make all the packing employees things like Amazon fulfillment hubs unnecessary overnight. If you want to see some of their work check out Boston Dynamics Atlas Android.

For those unfamiliar that company is owned by alphabet or more recognized as quite a few years back now they restructured informed alphabet as the holding company things its turning out to be useless for me to know.

Set 30 to 40% did not include fulfillment fulfilment hubs or mail employees. It also didn't include airline pilots. For probably two decades now easily extremely easily for the last decade need for co-pilots has largely non-existent. need for a pilot that all is arguably nonexistent. The human Fear Factor will probably keep One Pilot there way longer then it's likely to keep true but with what's happening to the economy right now I think copilot's are already gone whether they know it or not

The way this is worded he understood a lot of this. The natural question that arose in my mind is why even have stores or at what point do you stop? Who's buying things if you're not paying people?

One thing I had to do long long before is the rhetoric that the jobs to repair the machines will replace the jobs lost is just that rhetoric. The machine has an initial cost and then depreciates over the years but it has a variable cost of electricity and just put it simply business ethics teaches that ethical actions of business are to stakeholders and profit. Within the legal sense and what people and nonviolent sense within the sense of what we know as the system today you will never see the same number of employees paid the same amount and automation. That would be a decrease in profits it will not happen. Well it could but it's unlikely. Because the machine has a cost and if you're still paying the same amount of people or even fewer people the same amount that you would have otherwise maybe production goes up to justify it but you still would rather keep that as Prophet then pay someone needlessly and the moment tasi than equal to maintain machine it's not because you paid for the machine on electricity I don't know if I can make this any more clear

Really sick thing is the amount of doublespeak the amount of denial that goes on and is normalized. Especially from Paul. He thinks he owns his son if anything labor movement was supposed to be and sometimes toots itself as why workers have rights at all

I work for even a company that supplies software to the teamsters in SEIU. Later I don't want to learn in business school that if you've done work professionally and someone accepts it let alone demands it they are obligated to pay you market rate. Paul demanded about $6,300 of labor on computers I originally built for him. On top of that this isn't skilled labor but I identified the mold problem in his house I started the mold Pros instructions and dealing with it when they were denying it. For this I lost everything and my life is still at risk grave risk

in 2004 paul likely would have died had I not been attentive to detail one day when I was let off work 3 hrs early at age 16. But as far as what I can't participate and or the comparison between a VP of his local and the head of the organization. One sees that we're headed for to put it mildly Hoovervilles and or Slaughter the other claims to own his son and does everything to engineer this defeat and death in poverty

out right stealing all assets ever worked for let alone given

My last apartment before the torture self. Take note this is on the third floor of the building without an elevator. That TV hanging was given as if you can make it work it's yours I was as Frugal as I could be only buying tools with the money I work for

The torture cell

 moldy stand in desk folding table


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