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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Fungual scalp infection

Reason I'm pretty sure this is the case is the first dermatologist I went to diagnosed subrehic deatitus and rxed anti fungal shampoo.

Moto e6

 $79 buys quite a bit of phone

despite the message on the back noting that the phone is only compatible with verizions prepaid service it activated just fine sticking a post paid sim in.

Google. don't be evil

 You are big data and have diversified to even military robotics. You have voice and face print data stores on most of the American population 

All the Control None of the accountability

 I've said this to my parents in the past and forgotten about it "you force decisions but I take the blame for the outcome "

More recently I learned it's a common trait with  narcissistic personality disorder to seek positions of power over others

It's also pretty common that they will not admit the smallest mistake different position of power over you as I've experienced May punish you for their mistakes.

The only time I've seen the concept of a position of power discussed has been feminist propaganda (it needs to be called for what it is).

It's a very real concept but introducing or normalizing it only in that context warps it.

We have some sick people in this world and we tend to let them not just rule but normalize their sick behaviors. Admit it or not most are followers. That's fine. The issue is when the followers are programed to hurt each other and the definition of normal and delusional are being played with in a way to spell out stay in line wage slave till death u own nothing, tear apart anyone who works for more. 

I'm off topic

Position of power is actually crucial to abuse.

Those of equal means are free to walk away from each other with out harm for doing so.

If laws are enforced equally one can not do much to prevent it or harm for doing so.

Any non warped message on abuse needs to include this.

This won't eliminate co dependency or not sickos undermining self esteem but what it would do is allow the same effort and funding to concentrate on those least able to escape the situations

Instead abuse seems to be defined as anything man does that you don't like or even if your roommate doesn't like it so a year later it's now rape

This is already how it is at American universities. Last I read there was an exchange student who went to the UK and was accused of something that the foreign college cleared him of. He came back to America and his school did their own investigation of the same data then expelled him.

As messed up as that is justice wise if you consider another domain gated concept that the glbt movment alone tends to use the true danger may become apparent.


In other words every college student subjected to this non standard of justice presented as such nomalizes it.

Eventually if there's a push to make it actual law with criminal charges how radical would that be to a few gens that have already spent 4bplus years subjected to it?

If they now have families and most of their time tied up what are the odds they object to that at all and even if it kinda bugs them what percent will be bothered enough to fight it?

Yet in this scenario we just discussed hearsay equaling jail or prision time.

I think giving Drs powers to detain and pring it with helping the mentally I'll is a similar ploy

At the same time like npd and aspd the gov and it's agents want 0 accountability for their actions 

Injustly locking people up , re appropriating or aiding and embedding theft of tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars is a so what get over it. Searching then Detaining 3 to 5 days and possibly drugging you on no evidence is the same. Even when the police doing so aren't abiding by the law. A  wrilaw already written so vague that threatening to snap your own number 2 pencil technically qualifies as a reason to detain.

, yet a police officer can be legally forced you to an ambulance after searching you based on hearsay then have you detained 3 to 5 days possibly drugged. The Doctor who drugs you might receive a bonus for doing so

No Phone

 gonna lose my mind. phone screen broke a few days ago. now it wont even make calls from the car via Bluetooth. 

laptop battery is long shot. 

Im alone with fungus gnats mold and Clyde in the freezer.

No Im Your Forced Dr and I say whats real. ( how crazy that is and why)

 Evidence be dammned, did you know I went to med school? I dont need evidence to prove you arnt being poisioned by zebras. I dont care what the fungi zebra expert has to say this badge say MD. I decide whats real and it doesnt matter that the symptoms arnt pressent and stoped when you left the environment. Now that ive asserted you have mental horses, here's a supisotry made for them to work on my...er your brain. 

How dare you claim im projecting? if i say so you dont know what that word means and apeal to authority isnt a logical falacy. we dont need roads...er logic where im sending you. 

Minnesota Caste System (Roasting Maple Grove Police)

 Where dependent on your class police are there to slowly execute you draining your time and money inbetween. i think its a bit sicker than that. it might be intentional it might be happenstance  but only the elites children are likely to maintain. of course not everyone parents are like mine so maybe socioeconomic mobility is better than i assume.


Felony level crimes are being comited to keep me spun around 6 way to sunday and starving while posioning me. regardless of the amount paul and marlene want to claim they have given today tomorrow last year or a month from now I am or at least was worth a hundred a year. I dont mean for doing nothing or from them. 

The problem is they carry out crimes that destroy my credibility after the work is nearly complete. They do so having accepted to demanded enough labor that ive been paid for professionally since 2004 if not earlier (but regularly since 2004) that at fair market rate they may owe me. I dont want to go there other than to point out some of marlenes income was also aided by 7th grade me converting her Neonatal Nursing overhead slides to interactive power points she could treach with and college students could use as study aids. 

I dont want to be on this topic other than to say members of maple grove pd after realizing they may have acted in error and while still allowing marlene and paul to possess and or destroy all or my property and all other acts mentioned elsewhere... a few notficers have saw fit to assure me "YOUR PARENTS OWE YOU NOTHING"

When CNNP Marlene Wuethrich and or Paul Wuethrich can repeatedly steal felony amounts while poisioning me, stalking and downright terrorizing, unless all the sudden my health is restored and they stop this only goes down hill. They steal mislead to outright lie and triangulate to human traffic to make sure im in this empty shit hole apt with clyde in the freezer and nothing but their mold. they have re stolen things I took or got back once. Somethings i've bought since. If you think this isnt happening because parents wouldnt do that, get a fucking grip on object permanence and a construct of others. Possibly ask yourself, what has science uncovered as to why parents are suposed to be incapable of this? how about why most parents care? afaik its only reinforced and empahsized by society : empathy sympathy conscience and construct of others that enables parents to care. nothing is forced about it. Most consider the time investment a reason to care and care more. Throw NPD, ASPD, BPD into the mix and you get 


and a mother that while she destroys contracted work her son has done and his property while trying to tell him he cant and hasnt done anything with his life, while trying to tell him the confirmed real mold is in his head... responds to "FUCK YOU" by taking it as an excuse to try to use the son as an emotional crutch to vent about her sex life.


while mom and dad are hiding car keys.


while he bleeds from the corners of the eyes 

Marlene D Wuethrich CNNP Childrens St Paul, direct quotes : "WAAAAA MY EYES HURT. WAAAA MY CREDIT SCORE". (She was on the phone with either her sister or her niece) 
The pic above was at their house.

note the pile of clothes next to the green chair? I had laundered them while Paul criticized how much detergent i used and i couldnt use bleach with out him throwing a fit. I had dryed them, placed them on there bed in the room that was mine. Came back and Marlene had decided they belong on the garage floor. For anyone LEO or Outright enemies with out thermal imagers and helicopters... 

she then to my face said she did it because I have been doing too much laundry.  If you push me hard enough I will push back. but note, despite I grew up alone with some version of this.
 both denying the sky is blue or hand on knife in your back twisting telling you that you stabbed yourself. Thats my normal though the next part of normal is it never happened. 

if you push me, at this point you might just find my body. they might find yours and then mine (orders not important) what wont happen is any sort of word or psych game enabling you to get what you want. they ensured both my animals that lived with me in the past decade plus are dead and i cant even see the remains of one spent the last year and counting with the other in the freezer. mostly alone on the bed he died on. I highly suggest not pushing me. you wont get me to blow up, I have no emotional connection to you. officer bitch ass...errr sargent bitch ass hanson has been playing these games. I describe him here not in anger, just in a desire to illistrate his lack of character. whats really sad is last time we all had psychotic thugs with badge support npd or aspd murderer time....

"your dad wants to talk to you but you have to be civil"(they havent witnessed me so much as raise my voice) "Can you be civil ? youre gonna be civil?" a few more times some idiot-eration (when an idiot reiterates or alternatively: iterations by idiot )

So my dad comes over and plays same games only denying the mold, talking in circles while i stay calm. eventually I ask if we can be done. (i had already aked if im being detained and i was so its not as if i could exit stage right) 

My dad kept trying to loop back and reengage to the extent two officer had to step what looked like as close to into him as one can get with out. 

I dont think ive ever seen someone get as close to an officer as he did with out ending up on the ground. 

fun fact, police have an elevated over general population domestic violence rate... so that probably applies to home-life/more ways than one. 

before and after though, they are asking him if i might have a weapon or its worth searching me in general. 

this was may 2020. they arrived ready to arrest me for ofp violation only to realized sterns county sheriff hadnt served/activated it.  

 I  digress. 


 the nudges on my leg by either large eared 4 legged hop preferring friends reminding me to take a break.

the purring of a cat named after the heavens. 

any benefit from having ever earned. 

anything on the walls except white. 

my strength

my physical appearance

my self esteem

my confidence. 

my health

any faith in this state and or nation. 

the computer i need to put a portfolio together with a resume, the computer with a legal license of adobe master collection cs 4 and other pay suits like not garbage drive cloning programs. aka the ability to earn with tools I worked to pay for. 

all the pictures since my first digital camera in 2002 are at risk.

any comfort, security or feeling of privacy. 

any ability to complete what i started 5 years ago or move on

my ability to focus my eyes close up. 

 Rorey wanna go eye for eye? cash me outside! you can beat on someone you made sure was starved and poisoned for 3 years and counting. Or catch me/ think of me when turning on your ignition.

 you know..metaphorically like you are driving away from being such a quality ....something... that even the dogs steaming coil on the neighbors front lawn is offended if the two of you share a collective nomenclature 

all coping mechanisms

nutrition, ergonomics, purpose, life plan. 

ability to organize or clean my environment. I cant even print a document. 

ability to make or answer phone calls.

reason not to commit suicide. 

reason to trust. 

concern for how any of my words make anyone feel. grow up. sticks and stones may break my bones but assault, attempted murder, theft to create starvation, false police reports, ruined background check, ruined credit, poisoning with malnutrition may fucking kill me. 

for the police that create this situation there is this fun game the kids are playing. The cool thing is it makes the world a better place and stimulates police hiring:

start with a semi auto

  • Insert full clip. hallow points are choice. if you have the means i highly recommend them 
  • Rack a round
  • Safety Off
  • Insert the end usually pointed at civilian into mouth
  • Pull trigger attempting to empty clip before you hit the floor.

Look at it this way, at very least you take one mentally ill person out of the world.

federal reports state police culture tends to view mental illness as people that are lesser. funny how police have neither a psych eval or awareness of their potential to create it. funnier yet when you consider that its known jobs like that attract ASPD and NPD

Pot to the kettle said... "I CANT BREATH", except the cop didnt leave in a body bag. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Odd Jobs dont cut it

 Police in maple grove continues to enable bio terrorism and theft to the point of starvation. 

I did an odd job to eat yesterday and though its abundendtly clear to me lets spell it out, spending 20 on the parts to finish, plus the gas required and no ability to store food or cook food from ingredients due to police not allowing reports while someone baicly human traffics me...

120 I gone and I cant get back to finish the job. 

so hungry i could eat a pig

 esp one with handcuffs. 

minnesota lacks ethics and endangers

 abuse is the modern scarlet letter. the title abuser can be applied by a civil court branch known as family. before and after the actual abusers may have police help in human trafficking, stealing till you starve, abusing physically and police may as they did in my case join in on the psychological abuse. 

police aren't hold to much if any of what they do without a protest turned to several riots. this is unfortunately more likely to harm black people. but its beyond crazy to make something that does harm regardless of race into a racial issue. 

Minnesota Food for the Poor.

 Minnesota has launched a new pork rib delivery service, just dial 911. 

for expedited delivery tell them you are a female with an ofp being violated by a male. there's likely federal funds transferred to the state, county or city for the related arrest. This should mean your full rack of porkin privateer shows up quicker. 

you might need to do some processing of the meal and it will arrive raw. 

while a bold move on the states part supplies are said to be limited. so limited in fact a town like Maple Grove Minnesota with a population of 71807 only has 55 full racks to go round. If your police created hunger isn't yet threatening your life consider maple groves non emergency delivery service @ 763-494-6100

i have a feeling this is so bold peta will actually encourage it as the only ethical meat. The people of Jewish faith may take issues with the blatent discrimination though. 

the non emergency number is included to aid in any query for maple grove police producing this page :D

Freedom in 3rd World Minnesota


it gets to negative 30 deg f but rest assured after someone has signed your name and emptied your bank account police will do nothing. 

in Minnesota you are free to walk away on foot in -30f with nothing. 

Minnesota Police and Courts Terminate family lines.

 if you are looking for a state that will allow you to on hearsay commit felony thefts while enabling your physical abuse attempted murder and repetitive theft to render your adult offspring hopeless while labeling them abuser. Minnesota Courts and Maple Grove Police are here to help'

Definition of Abuser in Minnesota

 also how to lose your rights in mn would have been an appropriate title. 

if you are considering moving to Minnesota don't forget, we define abuser not based on evidence or in courts with standards thereof. 

The Minnesta Definition of abuser is applied by a civil court branch called family court. which is important because police will tell you everything is civil not their issue but once you are labeled enforcing the civil order will have them horny like a cow behind sargent hanson of maple groves finest murder and molester protectors. 

Abuser: whoever partitions court first regardless of if they chained the victim to prevent them from reaching civil court. see mn ofp law. 

Minnesota Police Departments and Courts

 Helpful at enabling child molesters to endanger the lives of their former victims via assault, poisoning, felony level thefts and ruined background checks and right stripping without due process. 

if you belive in owning your children through adulthood a vote for mn family courts and funding police departments enables that human property you crave. 

after all what fun would it ber if you cant try to kill your adult offspring for your mistakes. how much of a big man or woman are you if you cant take the thing you touched and torcher them till death?

mn courts and especially maple grove police take hearsay as verbatim and are here to help. 

another fungus gnatt just buzzed my face. i guess its not really mine as paul says he owns me. 

if police and courts fuck you up repeatedly and you still live you can look forward to courts and police ordering more control of your life in the form of psych services. 

a vote for maple grove police is a vote for child molesters empowered. police in mn enable bio warfare to assault as long as you say you own your offspring. any evidence otherwise is as orfacer sargent mmbop (sargent hanson) says:


sargetnt mmbop and the molested hearts band. here to rock your world like he used to get rocked with a cow behind him. 

unrelated note: anyone know how to get bovine semen out of a pigs asshole? i wouldn't want it contaminating the rack of ribs. 

its said in maple grove 911 and nonemergency will soon be starting a food delivery service, just be sure to ask dispatch for a half or full rack and specify a side of unconstitutional search seizure and detainment for 3 to 5 days. 

if in Minneapolis and or black ask for unreasonable knees for 1 life off. 

if you are considering moving to Minnesota don't forget, we define abuser not based on evidence or in courts with standards there of. Abuser: whoever partitions court first regardless of if they chained the victim to prevent them from reaching civil court. see mn ofp law. 

Worst Case Psychology Policy & Policing & A Solution

 I guess its kinda a matter of perspective. As I realized before letting or creating a situation where someone is pushed via endangerment discriminatory acts from a position of power either physically or metaphorically... letting that get to the point they end up dead or take other with them I about the worst-case scenario for that person and their loved ones. 

Monday, December 28, 2020

Phone Screen Broke

 nothing better than being totaly cut off from everything and unable to back up or send in the phone despite owning a lot of hardware to even do it myelf

police in Minnesota and specifically a town called maple grove Minnesota will act on hearsay of parents and on finding out it might have been a lie and or left them liable while endangering the life and property of another...

well whats a good guy gov do? not this. 

if you want to add to the pile of evidence this is insane. this phone is on their account. i really wanna see it televised when police in mn harrased trafficking victims for why are you dependant. afaik paul is paying for insurance on this phone. 

paul said it was my phone though maple grove police will tell you its not your call if someone hit you or not and cenor report to the point everything is civil except the year and a half forced labor death of two pstd therapy animals 6 day stranded OFP ...

Parents try to kill adult son over mistwkes

But it where is there a willing to settle for disfiguring and or disabling as well destroying might be inapplicable understatement

They commit crimes to endanger my life, life span makes sure I have no ability to live up to commitments when all evidence indicates I had .

They tell me they've never seen me do things that if honest their coworkers could confirm I did 10 years ago and that was bi far the minority of my it support clients 

I thought myself concepts of EE then uv lithography made working circuit boards intended for my own products some as services and contracted by others 

But predatory Minnesota government and police.  Espicilly in maple grove mn. Help ensure I die after literally being told I'm owned , assaulted pretty mulch abducted while I couldn't leave their house yet  when I said fuck you to my mom I was all the sudden to be her vent about her sex life while they both stole my keys even on my birthday when friends from st cloud had invited me to their new house

A few weeks earlier my dad had wanted me to be his emotional crutch because sometimes bi weekly trips to the bar with two different friends groups like 12 large social events that year wasn't enough for him be feels empty.m

So naturall

Maple grove police teams up with expert incest mind fucking incest abusive  murderers to help them finish the story.

Cuz like hey if he loses it he's an excuse to hire more predo department officers at worse and job security for the crematorium

Maybe in between he's state sponsored and co raped so bad its essentially the stated giving large medical corps welfare for having mental health services

Some police have seemed against whats going on the departments in st cloud and maple grove overall though seem to act to cover each other's backs and endanger life and property while they and paul wuethrich and marlene wuethrich endanger sanity life limb reason to be alive and corrode all good because they project what they can't apply to themselves 

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Maple Grove Police endanger life and property cost the lives of animals

 Potentially to manufacture a restraining order. It just dawned on me that they have every reason to act that way if there happens to be Federal payments violence against women act grants more than arresting me after the restraining order. I'm not saying I know this for certain but the more I looked the more I'm finding that Minnesota courts especially the family ones have some potentially Dirty Laundry lurking on the internet. I couldn't believe when incentive exist the best of people might consider taking it. Life is usually Between Shades of Gray. When in a position of power such as police officer whatever the cause of this I need a better I still do my life is at risk everything I have ever worked for is being destroyed while I'm kept in Terror with my pet rabbit in the freezer

Bonnie and Clyde's Favorite toy

 I can't even have something of theirs to hold.

what I have is pstd from their deaths and Clyde in the freezer while Paul pretended to have lost Bonnies ashes and Marlene Wuethrich Cnp children's renacted it 5 days before filing for ofp

Bonnies ashes were addressed to me usps. 

she's still technically held mail opened and threatened. 

they abused both and me. they made my time spent not with them worthless and continue to

they prevent feeling anything but basic needs by persisting crime 

i love you Bonnie 

I love you Clyde 

npd parents not mentioned

 not sure how common this is. I haven't seen it mentioned to this extent.

they try to make sure I have absolutely nothing. 

they do so for their mistakes with their house that already made me sick 

while doing so they are harming my ability to stay current or even process the loss of pets I cared for, my friends my pets my pstd companions. They literally hold Bonnie's ashes hostage will making sure I don't have even a flat surface to fucking write on.

But while doing so they do stick things like tell me they don't know that I ever did anything they have never seen me work even though I've worked for people that I found on my own I've also worked for their coworkers doing I T support doing web design. I've worked for North Dakota State University and what they are doing is incredibly dangerous and harmful. In the legal context they have demanded I pay them back for stuff I already paid for the first time they hold it hostage they threaten it to use the legal system as a weapon which is another violation of criminal law

but then people insist they wouldn't do that. it's beyond sick. I fear for where we're going. There's probably some elements of me projecting in that or inability to separate my own situation but at the same time I know it's not entirely that. Cluster B traits are being normalized corporate psychology tells you it's genetic. No attention is being paid through learning on learning basically anything in till you're too fucked up to function in extreme cases. Meanwhile the mild cases have the damage that creates the my worldview must be reality for you... or damaged construct of others and object permance. ie the us seems to have a shit ton and a half of adults who insist their interpretations of things are how it is and it couldn't be another way

maple Grove police help parents rob assult and poision

 key concepts here are

 the police acting as a gateway to the court with modern standards of justistice is against what we are taught is justice.

police acting with personal or departmental discrimination based on age and family relation and seemingly only in one direction is against the mn human rights act and against maple Grove polices mission statement.

if some citizens can violate seemingly any law repeatedly against another while police won't even allow or censor reports and also take actions against one party its hard to sat that with the discrimination above its not equating to a second class citizen 

with no clear explicit definition of when it ends or what needs to be reached one can not know ahead of time or during how to escape it

when you add the reality that parent vs adult offspring there will likely always be an income disparity. worse is if laws like promise with no intent to fulfill arnt considered like in my case an agreement that leaves my credit maxed and credibility over extended, I didn't make myself totally dependent Paul and I made an agreement. 

no where in MN law does it say police can put you on the street on here say allow all of your property destroyed and threatened to coerce labor and signing of contracts. 

but back to general if no law is enforced and parents are accessing banking and signing adult offspring name wirh out court granted costodialship its hard to say the adult offspring has any recourse / could be emptied out 

oligarcial tech compition control

 bio deversity is sometimes discussed. almost always in the context of we are losing it. that's likely the truth. I think just as big an issue is neuro cognative diversity seems to be the oposite of anyone I've encountereds concern.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

maple Grove police bio terror

oxford nutrition and infection

meanwhile mgpd won't allow fellony level theft confessions and I have none of the kitchen stuff I acquired over about 10 years to make a meal.

almost a black out

 the real issue here is when laws like theft and signing another adults name are not enforced adult offspring violated by parent

the reality is getting away may not be possible 

Divide Distract Disillusion and Conqure


in the name of equality what we actually do is create unlevel competing fractions when there should be a united populous. it's all a play to emotion as well.

Slavery & Civil Commitment

we have laws about locking people up in mental wards for being unable to care for them selves

why police or more police are not the answer to order and justice

 problem with police not justice creating order is if we are equal as humans here what happens when one wrongs another

a percent of people just take it,

   % of this ends up dead or on the street 

a percent beat the person who did it.

    % a percent of that end up dead

a percent shoot up public

somewhat variable with how it's reported but most of the time any of those outcomes lead to a knee-jerk of more cops needed.

when cops answer to few to none with little oversight or accountability it's beyond easy to create the wrongs that drive those outcomes

I belive if you look into works by trist and emery what I say isn't just my idea and has been researched. 

Thursday, December 24, 2020

starving for another Xmas

 after 3 years malnourished stressed to the max physically asullted and the death of 3 pets I loved as much as any if not more than most human friends I've had.

police refuse to allow reports or censor the contents 

knowing there's such thing as civil commitment makes that even more terrifying. 

police have assisted in helping a coulple that happen to be my parents steal close to an officers yearly pay and continue to destroy it while poisoning stalking and terrorizing me. 

while several times over having emptied out a vehicle and with the reality of credit destroyed and civil court abuser label (parents made sure I couldn't attend)

this is all sick but I recognize the reality I'm about to be homeless, police records even if requestable by me later should at least work to store accounts of potential crimes and decide investigation is warented or not

instead I've found the hard headed to gistop official answer is police may refuse a report believing no crime commited.

id bet reports are being made or some data kept but maybe not. hopefully if they get rid of post 911 bullshit someone clamps down on how lethal mn has become. 

how many unsolved murders might be because u take one parties hearsay as verbatim and lacking a record the other is auto disqualified on basis of age probably gender and family relation?

say Paul was actually responsible for 50 murders that would go unsolved.

I'm talking cold cases. clearly the police would let him kill me. they are helping as I type. 2 fellony level thefts not allowed confessions on record since the ofo

I've been human trafficked forced to clean their mold 9mo despite they make it impossible while I coumincate what's needed they make sure I don't have it or anything but a dead pet in freezer threatening even the other pets ashes (which are held usps as well)

they 9 mo dragging mold there's 4 mo where they arnt giving things back will say and do anything and cut budget to below eating with out my kitchen 

I left their house in 06. save 6mo in 2014.. then 8 in 2018... 

Yet police acted and now act to cover acting on my parents telling them I never earned a dime or left the bouse

. so I starve again while pale and malice terrorize 

if I want a coat I have to wash it in the bath tub while starving 

Marlene Wuethrich resident and self proclaimed landlord of Maple Grove MN. neonatal cnp children's st paul Minnesota is recorded even stating if they want to steal everything and my id then I should just stand on the street corner to afford a new one. 

they stole 6.3k services 43k things bought with cash and credit earned by earning 

is it thank u piece of officer or Heil Hitler to show respect? or lock u out of everything yours.. have a feeling I get a bullet but no qualms done to me 

Heil the mn murder squad

I'd love to take this down. Police in MN are killing with more than just their knees. I think the nasty ones realize that going down this court u trip people's fear and or anger either way u get to claim you put u our dignity and ethics away 

or was that a person that absent u was a danger to self or others? what if they wernt?

maybe its's just your honner flushed and the claim mn doesn't support forced labor and slavery

Minnesota has issues, race may amplify them but the system issue is police have little to no oversight audits or fear of neg consiquenses and act outside even the golden rule of do onto others. 

lawyers and fbi stats say something like 99 percent domestic calls are loud arguments. 

starving someone allowing them actually assaulted and refusing record.. but wanting to paint.. I'm more done than maple Grove MN police department ever started  

peace officer is propoganda doesn't cut it when they aid terror and crime, its doublespeak at that point

my dad outright claimed to own me 2x bought me a 3rd. they act to keep me from having any purpose but dealing with mistakes and malicious acts they create 

. at times living there they would be screaming leave. other times they want emotional support my mom wanted me to be her ear to vent about her sex life for saying fuck you while she threatened to lie to athority to have me medicated for delusions of something expert confirmed to exist and be an issue. while my dad tells me life is empty he doesn't have enough social events 

I had been working till point I pass out on floor or break glasses head hitting bench or 2 jobs till I dropped or job and scsu since 2014

at one point be sat on my couch telling me all the social events and how extravagant 

then I'm stuck in their house of horror and on my 30th he takes my keys to prevent me from going to a couples house claiming a small storm makes it too dangrous to let his 30 year old who lived in Fargo ND for 8 freaking years  and drove in every storm to be allowed to leave. this was like a week maybe 2 after he tells me he feels empty cause he doesn't have enough friends or get out enough 

seiu Xmas, hot air ballooning 2 groups of friends some times 2 x a week local bars, friends wedding two hs reunions, neighbors sons wedding. that's just what I know of ans remember 

the mold that made me sick transfered visiting dieing Cosmos cat. 7th or 8th grade pet in 2001. also the year they played general contractor finishing their basement and created the mold 

meanwhile officer  Himmler/Hanson calls this the life

shoot me or beat someone starved for 3 years by your lack of honner u fucking playground bully with a gun he's too Coward to taste the shot from

at least at this level of hunger the flash backs of Clydes death and Bonnies  are fewer and quieter 

if you think things you caused are reason to then command more of soones time. good for you we all are entitle to our opinion 

if you are an officer and supporting fellony level theft repeatedly, supporting stalking, poisoning, assult, etc

think it's now your duty to get me to someone to medicate me for your violations?

Tupac once took care of an officer that sick.

don't worry, I'd never play judge jurry and executioner mgpd has filled those postion 


a government that bites your hand

 something less radical than revolts and or the reason for the 2nd amendment would be that the enforcement branch of government should be governed.

instead we get police playing executioner or reverse robbinhood

ignoring how they endanger lives let alone when they directly take them.

gaap doesn't allow independent audit free systems and we've long understood a conflict of interest is the scenario if a org handles its own complaints

merry police state and a happy suicide

 another Xmas hungry with Clyde in the freezer

in several week warn clothes 

 no working vacuum or air filter 

not a dish in cupboard. 

no drivers side window. 

no TV, no furniture 

mold from parents possible sclap and sinus infection. it was fine at hotels. it was the 9mo forced labor that did me and this apt in. false promises to make sure I didn't replace basics after force red relocation

not a moral or ethical fiber with In police department though some officers may be the exception. 

I start the car with the garage closed these days. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

claims of domestic abuse create abuse

 also it seems at a time when guided age wealth still has it and we are being reminded every day of the plannet...

spend money on things nessicary for life and police may seperate u from them and allow them destroyed let alone luxury or comfort items.

this creates disposable lives at a time when every day we learn more about how diet influences what we die of and the planet is inparel worse yet, what did you work for when it could be taken at any moment with police standing between you and it?

then disallowing subsiqe t the reports while you are being stalked burgled forced labor poisioned asulted and terrorizesd

. but hey here's family court to hearsay label u the abuser

psychopath says...


Monday, December 21, 2020

Criminals and Deadly Police

  Not all of Maple Grove Police deserve this. Overall the department is like elementary school bully except guns and badges. 

Spoting Emotional Child Abuse


mn is kinda nasty wirh it's polocies. I'd go down right predatory to slave labor and rights enfringing. though it's the gov so esp when people end up empathy fried predatory is as gov that I should call other wise does.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

competition control and culling in a 2 class technological disaster

preq: there are 1 and 10 percenters that form elite.

then there's everyone else but we split this to make ourselves feel better and or provide the illusion of a latter to exit a pit

normalizing npd creates a pesent who sees what should be the continuation of their family line in sucess of offspring as a threat to their sense of self. it's a delusional (fuck you apa) game that if they do better I do worse that applies to colleges friends and children. it is the devolved short buss tasty glass outcome of decapitation the Jonses.. 

the APA has an exception in the definition of delusion. the exception is if a culture believes it nothing about truth matters it's not a delusion. which is really 2 ambiguariteiss as the locality of what makes a culture isn't defined either. aka maple Grove has one? how about Minnesota (you betca) the United States?

npd and parents video

 a friend sent me this. the two faced nature ie very true but also easy to mistake for someone expressing uncertainty or normal behavior. I think looking for it in others you have to also consider if action match words and when they don't was the outcome potentialy or actually harmful wasteful boundary violating etc. if venting what was the tone and is it a possible miss understanding or does it seem harming is the motive? 

also for those unaware narcissism is a continuum they claim some is healthy and there's levels up to full personality disorder.

I don't doubt this but in more than I can cover starving on filthy matress with Clyde in freezer at some point I think thst deserves more expansion. 

adding that here because I didn't hear them differentiate so far. npd was defined in like 1960s but extream narcissists or the narcissist was first described by Sigmund Freud around the turn of 1900.

Otherwise a lot of what I've heard so far listening to this very good at describing

in Minnesota Rights are for the upper middle class and above and emancipation is not objectively defined while fedral law isn't much considered

 they get police assistance in forcing labor that leaves me looking like this 

pick a place that with mold growing up back wall to do it in

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

ugh trump

 and whoa is me(dia) 

I don't like trump, I don't really hate him either.

 I joked I was going to write in V. Putin during the race against Hillary then didn't vote. mostly because I'm not a fan of either. it was like Southpark during Kerry vs bush. shit sandwich vs douchebag. I forget which was which but that was also kinda the point. except I liked Kerry and I wasn't yet old enough to vote in that one. 

Obama 2x for the record. not to get political but what the fuck is a snow machine.. er oatmeal? 


this last one I didn't vote either. because someone commiting fellony level thefts claims to own me and the rest of the details for why that sucks to may be lethal are here already. 

Paul the predofile

 why is he a made up word? likely the same reason the head of the mn police union has been called a doo doo head.

aka likely concerns over defamation. Hawkeye Pierce aka Alan Alda once said "you can't sue someone for definition of character" but times tend to change and in Minnesota police who outright execute citizens rarely face prosecution so the kindergarten label of the head of that union might be such for fear of more than a civil suit. 

Paul did fancy the joke that once upon a child was the slogan for someone he handled the arbitration of while working as a public school bus driver and the Union Stuart between isd281 and seiu local 284

in my experiance that might have been a brag

police refuse to allow on record confessions of recurrent fellony level thefts or that Paul and Marlene use falsified police reports as weapons. 

meanwhile I'm blowing this out 

this spread to my apt 

from 9 mo forced labor on this 

 It just dawned on me. If you want to see evidence that black people are no more inherently violent than white people Martin Luther King and...