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Thursday, December 3, 2020

3days ago


the first two are what in blowing out and or dealing with in torture cell empty apt while being made to eat fast food and or starve  after Paul and Marlene ensured their mold issue is still mine

this message was the 29th of nov

yesterday I noticed weird orange light and looking around it with cam... 

tire pressure I attributed to temp change and needing to fill because of that 

my debit card is also missing 

I belive they somehow accessed the garage in the apt in the only one on the lease for and sabotaged the car taping over the light

I hadent driven more thst a few min in the days between 

this post https://www.paulmarwuethrich.com/2020/12/what-actual-peace-officers-look-like.html

was prompted by this and fact police won't allow confessions or reports and heavily censor them. 

I am being terrorized. 
the pics below were a few days after I received the car. despite the state having deemed me paranoid enough to illegal put me in a 3 day medical hold while 3mo after 0 notice lock change eviction and theft of everything still being destroyed.. 2018. 

despite paranoid being reason to abduct I took pics when they dropped this car off. they literally paid to have their massive mold problem fixed as a doc who wouldn't account for fact I had not a scratch or negative behavior let alone had email from mold pro.. doc diagnoses me a head case after asking for the story and refusing the email this state is homicide and slavery. 
thewes pics taken about March 2020

note not possible anything I did caused it but it is in line with a npd person to have to be perfect. even at the expense of disfiguring disabling or killing their son. 


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