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Friday, December 11, 2020

A Christian Source for Identifying Harmful Parents


I'm not a non believer, I'm more of a doesn't really mean much till I'm there and Inbetween I'll try to do what I can to not harm others 

this isn't posted so much for me as it is anyone to who this is their thing. 

it's not a bad read even if religion is strongly not your thing though either

my dad has at one point told me to come to Jesus between stealing lieing and daily acting to try to get my temper or trap me in their home while my mom was doing the same.

plus throwing my things in the trash, out in rain and snow, down on moldy carpet. then they both knew better for the rabbits I loved since 2007. to the point that Marlene and Paul had to pick against Bonnie and Clyde's wishes which cage went to which rabbit. 

also B and C were my de stress. I've always had issues getting to sleep unless flat out exhausted. walking on egg shells is the understatement of the century with Marlene and Paul when they have you targeted. 

no seriously at one point she issues two somewhat immediate directives as commands. it clicked in my head they wernt compatible at once and counter. so I said 

"mom those are conflicting directives" 

"I know that's the point!" 

so a few times I fall asleep living room floor with Clyde or Bonnie (room wasn't big enough for their Cages they were a ways down the hall) 

only to be woken by Marlene who has for what ever reason (terror revenge for her own mistakes helicopter or midnight snack) left her bed and entered the living room. woken by her yelling asking why I'm not in bed. 

I wasn't there for a punishment and at that point mold had been confirmed. which is when they got so bad. 

but regardless both were ruthless with the don't cause undue stress.. more like terror. 


I really need a decent meal and control of my things enough to at least run the air filter and have a desk to sit at. 

I have a bed and Clyde in t he freezer mostly emot apt and this is insane this state is police enforced slavery. 


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