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Thursday, December 24, 2020

a government that bites your hand

 something less radical than revolts and or the reason for the 2nd amendment would be that the enforcement branch of government should be governed.

instead we get police playing executioner or reverse robbinhood

ignoring how they endanger lives let alone when they directly take them.

gaap doesn't allow independent audit free systems and we've long understood a conflict of interest is the scenario if a org handles its own complaints

Yet mn, gistopis state of terror doubled down, attempting to file a complaint of misconduct may be misdomeaner charges 

police can not be peace officers with out independent audits, e for me t of anti discrimination or what mn freakishly calls human rights law in enforcement also a requirement. 

ie they need training on filtering personal bias.

the mission statements need publicly acknowledged penalties and plans to enforce in line with laying down the law with in the law 

departments need ibdeoendent audits

and people need external complaint filing and investigation methods 

at some point propoganda goes to double speak and I think it was flying way before starship hopper prototyoe at space x

if you seriously wrong a person from a postion of power

there exists a percent that won't be able to (financially) escape

some can and will

some can and won't 

some can and will do so or not while expressing opinions publicly 

others yet will shoot stab or otherwise strangers 

another group that might target specifics exists as well 

but on a larger view(zoomed out) 

the less agents of gov create or are allowed to unlawfully enforce threat to life  less mass shooters

mn now takes your rights wirh out due process as well. you can be made abuser in label by people who are in the process of killing you, it passes automaticly if you can't attend or even with out requirement 

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