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Thursday, December 10, 2020

A Note To High School Students

This is for teens in Minnesota with abusive parents. This is for Minnesota middle and higchool students who find mom and or dad do bad things and won't talk about or deny it later.

start saving no. It might not help. No laws about who can and can't touch your money in my experience will be applied. Parents can poison you was in my experience even after you leave the house. My best advice is get out of this state. It's run by people you are that kind of abusive. There are some police officers that will not furthers the harm. Some will do their best to not be tools to abusers. The majority or just in it for a paycheck or passive the ones that would further the harm tend to be what set the tone and the damage is done as soon as they're present.

Nothing on TV about investigations wont apply. What they don't say is the moment you turn 18 the police will help boot you out if your parents desire. 

It's supposed to be once you have left their house that can't happen again. 

The thing is this state is so in favor of letting police hurt people that you can end up a criminal with a misdemeanor charge for filing a complaint against the police. My best advice Leave the state while you can. 

I do not know why I worked the day in my life. Police have helped take and destroy everything including my credit. If your parents are the type that like to play playground bully and hold your life over your head expect the police will help them in this state

Respect that the police won't allow report let alone investigate if it doesn't match the easiest to prostitute.. It won't matter the police will go with whatever your parents say it doesn't matter who you are either. I have no record I still don't. 4 years I rode the MS 150 in junior high. I helped sandbag Fargo during their two worst flood years. 

I volunteered with stlf one spring break went across the country on a bus trip volunteering along the way. coolest IMHO was cleaning up a house hit by Hurricane Sandy. most fulfilling might be a better phrase. 

. None of it matters. no how much I've earned or if your parents actions or police responce acting on hearsay endanger your life. look at Minneapolis. you won't get a riot they might outright kill you though. some days I think that would be preferable to connecting to people as they commit felony level after felony level theft assault attempted murder largely though the primes are with the goal to humiliate and keep me trapped well they literally say they own me and have wanted me to repeat the word slave. 

Maple Grove Police tell me it's not illegal to tell someone you own them. Maple Grove Police in my opinion if your parents are diddling you unless you want I proud to watch and cheer them on I would not call them. No I'm not even being sarcastic I wouldn't put it past them. 

I've watched people tassered for tping a house. more than watched I heard the thud as they bit the ground after the wir of the wires. 

in the mean time if you are pulled over, some light on hands visible on approach. there are good officers, this never hurts regardless of the draw. try to remember there is no psych eval to become a police officer. also visions of power tend to attract narcissists sociopaths psychopath and sometimes borderline if you get really lucky your officer might even be schizophrenic. The last of which isn't necessarily drawn to the position of power just there's no filter there to catch them. Hopefully you get officer upstanding they do exist. There are even cool cops. But remember without a psych eval you might have a sociopath with a gun and a badge. This isn't just my advice the ACLU recommends do everything you can to put them at ease. On their website they say the sad truth is people who have done so been shot and or Beat to Death by police in Minnesota. Most of this website is because I don't think I'm going to live to see the end of this don't find yourself here. If you look up ofp law that's another reason I recommend get out of the state. Anyone at any time.

Friend of mine was choked to the ground when she turned 18 by her father. Don't think your gender will save you. If you're a mother might get a little bit better treatment. I think it's really all about money though not yours how much the other person has and some crimes or so certain arrest might generate the ability to seize your property or pay federal funds. I think the state also like giving welfare to feed the healthcare industry here. You might find you have an anger problem even as they're telling you to put the lotion on your skin after the hose and courts again

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