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Thursday, December 31, 2020

All the Control None of the accountability

 I've said this to my parents in the past and forgotten about it "you force decisions but I take the blame for the outcome "

More recently I learned it's a common trait with  narcissistic personality disorder to seek positions of power over others

It's also pretty common that they will not admit the smallest mistake different position of power over you as I've experienced May punish you for their mistakes.

The only time I've seen the concept of a position of power discussed has been feminist propaganda (it needs to be called for what it is).

It's a very real concept but introducing or normalizing it only in that context warps it.

We have some sick people in this world and we tend to let them not just rule but normalize their sick behaviors. Admit it or not most are followers. That's fine. The issue is when the followers are programed to hurt each other and the definition of normal and delusional are being played with in a way to spell out stay in line wage slave till death u own nothing, tear apart anyone who works for more. 

I'm off topic

Position of power is actually crucial to abuse.

Those of equal means are free to walk away from each other with out harm for doing so.

If laws are enforced equally one can not do much to prevent it or harm for doing so.

Any non warped message on abuse needs to include this.

This won't eliminate co dependency or not sickos undermining self esteem but what it would do is allow the same effort and funding to concentrate on those least able to escape the situations

Instead abuse seems to be defined as anything man does that you don't like or even if your roommate doesn't like it so a year later it's now rape

This is already how it is at American universities. Last I read there was an exchange student who went to the UK and was accused of something that the foreign college cleared him of. He came back to America and his school did their own investigation of the same data then expelled him.

As messed up as that is justice wise if you consider another domain gated concept that the glbt movment alone tends to use the true danger may become apparent.


In other words every college student subjected to this non standard of justice presented as such nomalizes it.

Eventually if there's a push to make it actual law with criminal charges how radical would that be to a few gens that have already spent 4bplus years subjected to it?

If they now have families and most of their time tied up what are the odds they object to that at all and even if it kinda bugs them what percent will be bothered enough to fight it?

Yet in this scenario we just discussed hearsay equaling jail or prision time.

I think giving Drs powers to detain and pring it with helping the mentally I'll is a similar ploy

At the same time like npd and aspd the gov and it's agents want 0 accountability for their actions 

Injustly locking people up , re appropriating or aiding and embedding theft of tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars is a so what get over it. Searching then Detaining 3 to 5 days and possibly drugging you on no evidence is the same. Even when the police doing so aren't abiding by the law. A  wrilaw already written so vague that threatening to snap your own number 2 pencil technically qualifies as a reason to detain.

, yet a police officer can be legally forced you to an ambulance after searching you based on hearsay then have you detained 3 to 5 days possibly drugged. The Doctor who drugs you might receive a bonus for doing so

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