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Friday, December 4, 2020

predatory law Minnesota's predatory nature

when the government makes association between its citizens something dangerous to Criminal with hearsay as the stand of witching and gaslighting of modern medical and sci knowledge 

 Minnesota is doing just this it's doing it under the guise of domestic violence. It does it in a very peculiar way compared to other laws. Or rather if this law is about domestic violence it's rather peculiar compared to other laws. It has no fee to file and there is no statue of limits. Anybody who has ever lived with anyone as a roommate blood relative married and or divorce or here's the part that makes it pretty much applies to anybody on anybody in this state if you have ever slept with them or claimed two would probably be the way to say it. In other words talking to or living with anybody is dangerous and you should probably kill all your relatives. Well it might not seem like that big of a deal because if it passes even in your absence nothing immediately happens what it does is lower the bar and create a almost zero standard of evidence because you're now an abuser and immediately if I understand correctly any job requiring a security clearance is out of the question but on top of that you can be arrested without warrant on what an officer believes was a violation now you're facing charges not poor were you ever violent but did you violate the Civil offense and these are criminal charges. But the Civil offense was never necessarily substantiated the burden is on the defense

these laws started as VAWA state implementations. there are some pdfs I've found that indicate this. Which is a pretty discriminatory basis. I've yet to find anything in science that shows women are less likely to hit and there's indications that they might be more likely to hit. which I belive is cultural not biological. Many people argue men are stronger. as  narrow viewed as a gets.

Unless your average woman is too weak in general to crack a bone, crack a skull with a frying pan. apranetly when women touch oil it doesn't scalad and they are too dumb to use any tools to multiply the force mean while their man is a Vigilant top who never lets his guard down or turns his back to her does this sound realistic? My mom used to repeatedly tell me every poisonous plant on the property and the neighbor's property but of course science has shown women are so moral that could never would never should never cross your mind let alone happen. Except there's three groups with elevated rates of DV in the American population they are military police and lesbian relations. Which I don't think should dress anything about women or about homosexual women the underlying issue which made more sense from the start is current to child abuse during the formative years and early teens

The APA knows you can create a borderline individual or rather raise their odds three to four times by simply emotionally neglecting your kids and verbally abusing. Think about when's the last time you heard a commercial or PSA or newscast were talked about not picking to death on something or just letting it get be or reminding them that they're like for who they are. When's the last time you heard advise telling you 2 spend time doing what they want to do instead of picking what you're doing when you spend time together or not to guilt trip if they don't have the time or want to spend it somewhere else. Why did we forget if you love something set it free we're raising fucked up people because if you get if you end up plus could be you have diminished conscience sympathy empathy and complete sense mental constructs of others. This is how abuse happens and propagates because that sympathy empathy conscience is why you don't hurt other people. Hopefully with a bit of prefrontal Cortex as far as I can see and other than week contributions from oxytocin the only thing that makes parents care for their children are those basic elevated and cultural perception that they should

in line with history before we got stuck on the race lens which don't get me wrong this is the problem but before that we knew that in general the biggest criteria for how well you fare if encountering the justice system or police is your financial means

this hearsay civil to criminal with no recognition 

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