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Friday, December 4, 2020

brushed off

 I think a lot of people consider the idea that there might be sheeple. baaah.

but oh no that's hocus pocus and vodo or maybe it's worse than a devil that went down to Georgia looking for conspiracy theory to sew. there must be some other qualifier as otherwise we would have just knowingly put him in office. maybe in 2 years we can have a she wolf in the closet. let her out cause he can't read. Or in the case of bush Lite, just don't mention Darth in the corner as you turn the little engine that could right side up for the photo op pointlessly wondering why because people have photoshop. 

the worst of it is the hocus pocus can convince you your immediate wants justify harming the long term survival of your family 

there's nothing hocus pocus about applied psych and sociology. infact apply it in one direction and your inability to have accurate mental constructs of what another person is (prerequisite to who) will be damaged and you might even get so defensive over the scar and needing to not look or be wounded that you now gaurd what's left of who in u, which usualy wasn't much to begin with... u viciously defend against ever having been incorrect and by extension anything you didn't know.

which is a shit way to learn for one. 

two makes you more of an abuser by definition than parent. 

three because you don't learn it makes things like applied psych more effective and know it or otherwise the cop helping you ensure your son starves is part of a genocide of ignorance and lawlessness 

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