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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

civil courts and natural justice

 some us states are claiming they need to shift things to civil courts due to demand outstripping supply for criminal courts.

if they didn't make the claim the police and 911 were all you need for protection or that everyone is entitled to a fair trial this might be OK. 

the fact is with some civil court issues you might like I did end up with 4 days notice. 

Which is compounded by the fact that this creates first come first serve justice and if crimes like accessing another bank roll or stealing large amounts to everything they own are not enforced there's little hope of being able to make the hearing or afford defence. 

this stance turns the full force of state police and govents into a tool usable by criminals to further positions of power and harm. 

iirc in MN its been declared that the public defender program is so underfunded its unconstitutional and with out searching in not sure that even applies or is seek able in civil cases. what is certian is notified on a Friday of a hearing an hr and a half away the next Tuesday, even if you have the means organizing a defense in that time is unlikely to no small feat.

in my experiance the accuser might as well be able to chain you down between the summance and hearing and the court won't care. 

the concept of natural justice would seem to be dead. 

mn goes a step further and in some verbiage refers to it as adults responsibilities to assert their rights and or care for themselves.

the issue is adult a can't control adult b. if adult b is taking actions thst are illegal and or may impede adult as ability to escape with out hardship to starvation it may also impare the ability to reach a civil court to assert these rights.

usually the group of citizens hired to play the role of police are entrusted to enforce modifying behaviors and or commanding adults a and or b as on regards to protection of life and law. 

when nothing obligates them to do so the result can be lethal and with the claim mn makes its also likely to be onus on the victim.

victim blaming should be ok

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