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competition control and culling in a 2 class technological disaster

preq: there are 1 and 10 percenters that form elite.

then there's everyone else but we split this to make ourselves feel better and or provide the illusion of a latter to exit a pit

normalizing npd creates a pesent who sees what should be the continuation of their family line in sucess of offspring as a threat to their sense of self. it's a delusional (fuck you apa) game that if they do better I do worse that applies to colleges friends and children. it is the devolved short buss tasty glass outcome of decapitation the Jonses.. 

the APA has an exception in the definition of delusion. the exception is if a culture believes it nothing about truth matters it's not a delusion. which is really 2 ambiguariteiss as the locality of what makes a culture isn't defined either. aka maple Grove has one? how about Minnesota (you betca) the United States?

if many people belive there never would br fillacide its aparently not delusional to state that despite bloody knife in hand and matching multiple wounds, despite video of the killing and confession

stating that parent didn't kill them because parents wouldn't do that is not a delusion.

if enough people belive it's delusional to think parents behavior has anything to do with their children's..

.or absorb the message broadcast and published against the research the institutions claim (like mainly genetic basses for cluster b) then its not a delusion to say beat the shit out of your kid and tell them "YOUR FEELINGS DON'T MATTER" and you didn't likely create the bpd to aspd they end up with after cptsd if they don't kill themselves between. 

this is pysch rewritten to encourage feelings are all that matter. 

when psych has known for a long time feelings are easily mislead. today it's still said just a bit cloaked/masked. 

because to be popular we have to announce triggers right? no one actually seems to care fictious Sarah is alone in the hall having a pstd flashback  but you are the secular anti Christ if a member of the left and u didn't Warn the group triggers might be present. 

.how much time has been spent on conditioning this pop flopsloucher harm? Sarah might need help from a pro but what Sarah, Jim and apace choppa could try or could have been taught is non judgemental validation. 

between work hrs, ignorance or actual no chance to have learned it many parents have no idea what they do to their kids or that their kids mimic them for most of formitive to early teen years. all I see when I look at TV news or online news and psych for consumption or Corp sites is "Stress you kids about grades WATCH THEM LIKE A FUCKING HAWK" 

When is the last time you heard about boundaries on TV? how often? frequency matters. frequency matters because of the hrs you work. processors in computers take a performance penalty for having to context switch. it's been a while but iirc in a single cpu system (easiest to conceptualize) the pointers to ram locations of everything in your ms word document are switched out for the explorer tab you just opened. thus allowing the cpu to make explorer interactive on the screen. this has a performance penalty. working long hrs and coming home to sleep and do it again you might not context switch to the parent your kid needs. 

what they get is a parent who in Lou of context switching regurgitate what they saw last on media related to parenting and or what's been said most frequent.. grades grades HOW ARE YOUR GRADES? 

memory and stewss don't play. this does anything but help the kid

oh shit strangers and know their friends fuck tell me what u did after such schook

and this is assuming neurotypical just over worked. some understand how kids need more but it's been pushed as pop culture not to. 

this leaves kids largely to fend for themselves and creates herd logic of clicks

non of its good for indiciguality and again non of this is malice yet on part of parent or anybody at school bunch of idiots myself included trying to figure it out. But a lot of us are pretty good at that. Or maybe you're too busy I didn't have siblings I had a lot of time to think about things

I had a lot of time to play emotional punching bag and figure out what the fuck I did.. it was a long time and still hard to hold onto the majority isn't my issue. 

if you start to find what I have about what this does to the brain... it's not good. 

if you consider economic mobility as a function of intelegence you might see an issue. 

studies show decrease in gray matter and other abnormalities in cluster b patients 

along with the terror definition of delusion the apa also knows that verbal abuse and emotional neglect parent to child raises odds of BPD by 3 to 4 times. 

I think with how it is being used it's very much Geting rid of cognative diversity if the lower classes and ending family lines. 

science has yet to show anything but empathy sympathy, concience and cultural expectation actually bond parent to child. oxytosin maybe early on but there's some evidence that is disabled with cluster b damage as well. 

IMHO this has the potential to spiral or amplify across generations. untill maybe culture is canceled? 

if your friends are all jumping off a bridge and the TV says go cull yourself.. clearly it's a message to you as a mother. esp one that views your child as an extension of yourself right? 

pyshc  as a study or knowlege base is a tool like any other. good or bad is relative to perspective and how we use it. 

but hey it's not a delusion to call me a conspiracy theorist if an arbitrary geological grouping of people belive it.

it's pretty crazy to say there arnt conspiracies. one of more people working togeather towards a shared goal or desired outcome? is that not the Corp you work for? 

here's a paper detailing the psychology of conspiracy of any size and likely results from inputs by looking at past groups that conspired and what occurred during that time frame. 

they must be nuts right? hey if enough of us belive it...

for the record I don't think the authors or the org are nefarious

I don't think it matters either. it's shrodingers Peta protest in a bag. it escaped and what matters is how it's used by those who financed it. related fields and or the same guys helped with things like open systems theory and all of this can as much optomize a corporation as be used to harm people. it could be used to help families. 

the problem I see with that. why I see it as unlikely in hard to dispute but not proof terms. they call this the knowledge economy. aka the knowlege that is power or makes power and or goods or working systems is the capital.

There's also quite a bit of talk about a problem on earth. here's a self appointed expert who is probably familiar with most significant term.

I don't think this covers his personal wealth making emissions. 

h1b visas. carbon per seat?

2009 alone he personally pushed congress saying 65,000 of these wasn't enough. that's like flying the population of the city I'm from (maple Grove) to maybe China for your personal enrichment. the reality is these people are usually from the wealthy families in these less advanced countries. why that matters? it's not a one way trip. not saying it should be. 

the point is he then talks about how people and carbon are the issue. he's created much of it. 

775,300 lbs for a 7500 mile trip in a 777 - 200

300 people.

 one trip. 

216 flights assuming 777 one way that year.

obviously one of these has to get pretty near to 0

*slow dark laugh from those who thought that through*

math has a concept of significant terms or digits, lead coefficients. because none of those terms is raised to a power they are all roughly the same as unpopulated variables but the most significant is usualy first. it doesn't prove anything but I'll be damned if he wasn't aware of these conventions. then again.. powers shell syntax, 🤮😂😂

gates isn't dumb don't get me wrong you don't get there being fhaf. 

problem back to the main point is if this disease isn't something the top filter out. it could be the species undoing.  I'll expand this later. 


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