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Thursday, December 10, 2020

conditioning terror in mn with police reinforcement

 conditioning maladaptive behavior to terror paralysis is more what I'm getting at.

police don't have to allow report of let alone investigate anything. simply making a rule they have go wouldn't be enough either. even in less life or death direct matters like accounting, third party audit is known to increase legetimacy and catching potential misconduct. 

what we know from a guy wrang a bell before feeding his dogs is that eventually ringing the bell produced the response you would expect if presented food even with out the food. 

let's say you have a postion where it's been demonstrated police won't act even as you violate Law and you intent to harm or kill another or cause self distruct.

if every time they act in a mannir to get away from you and or stay fed you can break law to ensure they can't maintain basics like state of fed. you eventually associate nessicary to healthy actions with hunger and or pain. 

when police having already admited if we put things on record we might be liable then double down on insisting you are in the wrong and gaslighting theirs. 

then fuck you. give yourself a long knee while jumping off a tall cliff 

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