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Danger of Law Wirh Out Reason.

 first. if there are reasons esoteric for some of how things are then so be it but think what you may, I dont think good comes from uninformed decisions or swindles.

not all brains are the same even if you join clubs and share experiance (which would tend to create similarities in thought patterns as a matter of how frequent how dedicated how differ t to start with)

a person in a set of people may be breakable into large member basic subsets like personality type but AFAIK we don't know every combo of experiance and genetic combo or experiance that flips genes (see epi genetics) and more is probably known about the brain than many know but I doubt we can compute on a scale strengths and weaknesses in any given subject more than extreamly general by looking at genetics yet. m if we can and that's hard sci... cool.

but as I've wondered before if parts of human cognition are or can be quantum influenced then the genius we need is still not a certian equation

ie your formulas could point to me being an idiot and with in that pop corn reality under the plank threshold the idea to save the planet or save someone's life who would might hit the idiot.

on top of that until we can engineer something as efficient as atp/human plant or animal energy consumption I don't think we should be playing God or using weighted dice in making gotchas for potentialy everyone but maybe bigger pits for those who arnt part of the cliq.

the only fair way I see is law must be plane. must be clear on purpose as well as letter and the system has to have accountability for anything it seeks to hold its citizens accountable for. the system also needs to filter officials and enforcers that are brain damaged in the npd aspd bpd variety. 

not just because they introduce corruption or instability but because they have serious mental deficits in seeing gray and I belive it may extend to how many attributes they can compare the interconnect/relation , worth and or value of as well.

maybe the circuits work and they really just get stuck on me gets what me wants when me wants to the extent they don't care. 

probably the smartest person I've ever met doesn't belive in a shared universal reality.

physics is back to keeping it sane with a 3rd observer can recongsile the differences when two others see different occurances. 

my guess would be the person preoosing something like the speed of light through a barn either trolls people or couldn't see the interplay between doppler effect and possibly something like linear frame drag? can you truly expect that with the energy required to do some exotic space bending there wouldn't be some gravitational effect. idk I'm out there now trying to stare into an abiss forced into me absorb it and flush it.

point is if like Freud's nephew said there are established ultra wealthy clubs pulling strings of nations then the first argument is more important.

even with out them when law looses reason and explicit declaration plus comunicated  enforcement priority...

we basicly have the framework to create dictatorships to oligarcies and again with in it may end up lock up those who wouldn't have harmed anyone. 

example is the new ofp law. it makes you feel good but does fuck all to protect you. it might harm the accused. if police do before and after what happened to me on the regular it's killing a lot of people and for what or whom? what did those people do?

you literlay can not mitigate risk of ofp but the closest you could come to ensure you don't get hit with one at an inopertunr or any time is murdrt every ex roommate and family member. even then who's to say if Bill Clinton moved to MN, might a judge not say that the oval office vending machine (insert bill here) was in a romantic relation?

feeling threatened is a crazy basis when no consideration is made between what the seperated or suoisibky powers are doing or have done. 

before during and now my life is ml actively put at risk by the thefts and hardships forces by laws if criminal (state fellony) and fedral level not enforced let alone allowed reported.

And this is during Corona. I can have felony amount stolen but get $1,000 fine for not wearing a mask while my immune system is impaired by starvation and malnutrition? Yet if somebody says they feel threatened and make it support first now we don't even care about my stolen stuff before during really or after

The system is set to blow I can better describe this if I could have a half decent meals for my tools so I can decide on my free time or earn with them or even have clean clothes to apply somewhere in a desk search out a new apartment and a job or finish the paid work my other people that Maple Grove allowed to be destroyed

I have to touch this article up later I realize it's not really coherent at the moment


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