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Burnais sauce sus 4 realness

the only truth in advertising I see is the land of the free is not to survive cancle culture. well it might but only sold wholesale and owned 



warning work in progress

stone a feller media studies done in late 1930s (top of my head) found one thing with certainty

the disimbodied voice entering living rooms via the radio (which was Tesla despite Marconi Geting the credit) damn it tune in John lol. 

the voice on the radio and later talking head is trusted more than any of the people you see every day. 

probably something sub conscious about.. holy shit ugh come to me ugs living room but not actually here. he she or apache ugh must be smart. (if cave people had us military rottery wing aircraft as a gender) 

point isn't black and white. they can't tell uto shoot you fixed wing non gendered partner with reliable follow through. regardless of who you love, there's already a strong association with that being bad. 

so back between that awkward period where cave men and their 3rd gender were long gone but the us had yet to develop the apache... what happened in regards to pre existing concepts of good? 

let's aim next to it and play a little bit of the finger game just to honner probably the hardest core bod there's ever been. 

this finger game 

good in the early 1900s was inline with growing mechanical and scientific knowledge and reason. unlike today's rule of thumb association.whats not good about good? well if you are Freud's nephew and your finger game goes red to purple rotated 90deg to dreams of dumbed masses the problem is good is good and done. 

so we aim next to it and play to human sense of novelty and maybe a product originally of inate synistgia. the water wasn't flournated yet and iirc hip would be later but words like "smooth, cool" start flowing over the radios innately trusted info speaker into your brain. 

it's now a context and association game. 

don't u love that feeling when two pieces of ikea furniture just slide togeather so smooth and in the groove with a click and not yet from granny's skeleto florosis hip you've built a dresser and clique plus some repurposed associated with good and a bit fun to use phrases 

now is where the bad comes. (from the perspective of Joe Freedom) 

if we flood daily perception with these good associated but not actual words, we kinda dangle the value of what's good via these previously meaningless now relate or seen as better than good associates... because what's associated with being smooth or cool isn't yet defined in a social context 

enter radio shows, published cartoons moving pictures and later TV where cool is spending all your money drinking and gambling while smoking and that trope might still be here but arguably was popular all the way to the moon. mind blowing I know. 

I'd posit someone figured out next to a united trusting of each other populous the next most dangrous concept to maintaining power you have is a populous producing a lot of smart people like truly smart and cross discipline or with out losing emotional eq. 

because what not my words but would be my own realization and related ones many people have concluded : there was some hard core wizdom the preboomers and some boomers carried. follow what mass Com could have done sharing that and instead  somehow Bush announced we were no longer leaving children behind maybe 50 years after we started strapping their minds down. regan still had concepts like maybe a Rube Goldberg machine where a jar or his urion was some how involved.. it all ran down hill from there with the mechanisms to produce a culture where desire in the moment and being able to get ur rocks off on someone else became.. well almost what's good on the streets today and that's not an inversion. 

kid rock : you can look for answers but thst ain't fun! NOW GET INT THE PIT AND TRYAN LOVE SOMEONE. 

just love e.. not rock and roll.. not rock not fuck.. 

don't look for answers life is a moshpit fight till you die.  cause it's fun to love up your bratty all ultraviolet. 

let's ask Dr Dre.. uh guess marshel lost the basement key how about Jay z for a devolution of hard workers have the most so we need to let that mts swewer pipe trickle with that modern spin of a globe trotter trickle down no, forsheezy. he used to dribble down in VA! he was herrbing them wasn't born hustler but he was burpin em. 

and I'm not commenting here on that preformed but what I want to point out is that was PA 180 on what was safe and good for you and your family both conceptually and possibly required but the game has also been more of a gable point is they walked bad to good with the cool smooth hip progression 

incase you missed it the lyrics say : he was messing around working or playing bracket a u know the life, or what ur redneck would joke is working hard or hardly working. but what he's doing for work is dribbling down product from who ever is supplying the weedto the street level. u know trickle down economics :D but he wants u to know he still has a heart too cause if they was short with cheeze I would work wit em. 

anybody seen a meta? still can't figure out what it's phore. 

it's for throwing you off helping you understand or anything Inbetween. 

take the thought some might be having.. u don't know he meant that or was referencing thst. 

that wasn't the point. it was the progressive manipulation of language and pop culture to essentially ensure not just world domination but potentially lasting  rule. IMHO. but back inside what u can independently confirm Edward Bernays wanted to do with it

Manipulation of perception pop culture to create the illusion of freedom and said choice might have seemed real. But what did you do to pick between one or two parties? for a couple issues that oddly 8 to 30 to 50 years later have bearly progresses? and while in most places communities crumble around us. 

but damn do u get worked up and sold emotionaly on why it has to be the up party not the down right? and meanwhile don't you wish cool was still cool not obj on fleq or that you knew why your kids laughed if you were to demand they summarize a thot? 

by damn it up party better win this election other wise we will go down further to this land of personal confusion where I wish I could get back to were everhting was fun when I was young when 

enter the fraction of a society raised to filter out even understanding of another postion let alone empathy and ultimately in the right off that happens they cut off even the ability to transfer values with in families

I know I've strayed a few points so far. but you might be asking "why" assuming you followed the what and how.

well us edu teaches not really that the quest for domination of the world ended.. but it trails off and is like "then we went YAY DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC POWERS MAN KEEP EM SEPERATED"  manage to graduate and now it's time to vote for your wait demo.. democracy right.. or die. oh Democrat or Republican yeah sounds just like it would on TV.

but why do they want u that head fucked? well it never ended for one. it's about to but that's for you to figure out. the count from hand up puppet ass for kids says 1 2.3. is all I'm gonna say.

but let's look ar history for a sec. the uk did its first censu in 1801. the currently taught living thing population growth formula was like 1830ish(I looked it up yesterday might have been 36.)  the first us census was 1901

I think it was 1866 the first practical transatlantic telegraph cable was laid. making it the second working. point is the first laid didn't work. they hadn't figured out enough about electricity in wire and insulators let alone pulsed impedence and resistance  but I'd say it's safe to assume countries and the wealth controls ers had real time around the world communication ability as the first us census hit. 

maybe it was just the confirmation maybe you see where I'm going with this. if you know the growth formula it's not complex math to take a few period seperated data sets and figure out where you are and will soon be. 

that's greatly depressing huh?

I think the why is they learned the art major giving gold stars isn't going to work, so let's make as many as we can as cool as they can be till they give their kids death in poverty cause they wanted that gold star and get what they want when they wantt

I need to work in the desire vs identified needs wants and best for survival of genetic line vs the pleb school oh um erm survival of the loviest and social love. surfs up bruh

but I think the electoral college went down 


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