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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Divide Distract Disillusion and Conqure


in the name of equality what we actually do is create unlevel competing fractions when there should be a united populous. it's all a play to emotion as well.

we've gone from sticks and stone may break my bones to congress debating the word preference during a mass pandemic after ordering business shut down.

while increasingly playing to parents don't shape their kids because telling them they are responsible might hurt their feelings.

meanwhile the image of parent broadcast is pry past bondries and discipline 

and here commith the insane idea that at age 25 poof prefrontal cortex then 26 multi variable calculus right?

or is it likely allowing boundaries to go up like firewalls while supporting as a Saftey net with increasing freedom to chose is what develops the prefrontal cortex?

pretty sure thats actually known to be the case.

pretty sure a pop convinced otherwise is not long for freedom whether they know it or not

ABC of causality.. I have a feeling if we sat age causes b... with out considering what I said as c

give it 10 years and 30 will be the new age. 

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