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Sunday, December 13, 2020


 If there is no protection repeatedly under law no one can overcome someone is grabbing them on all front without removing depression work very unlikely anyone would Vikings in your bank account are you going to do for the legal defense did you study to become a lawyer what if you're 18 what if I'm not putting you on the street why would Minnesota Twins you to text people with the police might be Turf and his little to no recourse unless you did something you could not have done already. 

passed the bar

Logically speaking if the police will do nothing and as your parent I can drain your bank account the day before you turn 18 then Minnesota law says I can have the police help kick you out at 18 what have you worked at all four if you work from exactly when you are legally able to at all? What is work during feed you what has her name and having money guaranteed you if it can be taken then your life in danger by being put on the street with nothing? This is most likely to hurt the people already hurt

Minnesota license to differentiate between if you have moved out on your own and then move back and the minor who has never left the house after turning 18. The problem is the defining criteria are not as far as I can see explicitly defined anywhere

Is it one month rent on your own is it 45 days in another country on a trip you paid for after turning 18 is it two years I don't know what to reach for if that's not defined and in reality if it's esoteric give me it might as well not be defined. The state is not a trusted source that was against the idea of the Constitution to begin with as far as I can see and that's not really one of the controversial aspects of what the second was for

Where is Dave Chappelle says the Second Amendment is just in case the first one doesn't work out

But it might as well be bait and switch if I don't have something to reach for to secure my right to anything I learned being anything mine let's fucking nuts it's not only fucking nuts but we're not in 1900 or 1800 ability to cook a healthy diet is going to affect how long you live if someone worked and invested to be able to do that both the money and the time to learn how to do it then all the sudden poop somebody else lied to police or somebody told the truth I don't know exactly what was told the police I do know there's been some pretty severe discrepancies to the point they want said if that were true we might be liable. But that's really fucking bullshit when then they allow someone to keep stealing felony amount from me while making sure I starve

No one can seem to tell me what the explicit criteria is for having any rights. Furthermore no one can seem to tell me how one would hang on to that if no one can stop the police from putting you out on the street with nothing. Sometimes you'll have a friend but friendships are really face done at some level ability to live up to your word nothing is ideal it shouldn't be entirely based on that but if someone can repeatedly take from you to make sure you cannot deliver anything you say you will you're not going to have a lot of friends and if you invested your time as you agreed to you don't have the time to try to make more if all the sudden you have nothing and no friends it's a pretty big fucking lie to say you were ever protected specially when that person doing it to you can assault you try to kill you and is actively fucking poisoning you

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