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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Especially Parent to Offspring

 You need to best of your ability to maintain your word. 

Authors on sites like psych today occasionally tell people "hey id appreciate if you and your child or adult offspring were feeding my industry pay for life"

but they say it as "remember as a parent you can change your mind for any reason at any time" 

do as i say not as i do is shit advice. whats not shit advice is most people learn best if practice what you preach creates leaders who lead by example. 

part of being an adult still is your word is your bond. 

if you follow the advice from those who seek to fuck you up how ever functional or other wise you view your child you sound and look like a child. 

when you hurt them with last min reversals or no intent to fulfill or paul and marlene lying to police to take everything i ever worked for and continue to have the state of mn assist in poisoning me 

idk ill work on a better finish after I crack the c25 cylindar in a closed room. 

but hey if we take officer hansons word for it even as they posion me and repeatedly steal fellony amounts of things worked for and nessicary for adult life, my parents owe me nothing

maple grove police, deciding how assets and ability to stay alive are appropriated since ...

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