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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Everyone in MN Is violent if you want them to be

 I have no record indicating I have ever been violent. well had. some how maybe close to two years into forced labor after she tried to kill me and slammed a car door on my leg my mom and dad while still destroying all my things file ofps

if police records were at all pulled it's an even bigger sick joke. 

the police would not allow admission reports were falsified on record. 

when she slammed the car door on my leg she then called the police. I had pulled up sat in the moldy car not even left it. officers roll up and I think it was Hanson was WHAT ARE U DOING HERE JOHN 


would be a few months later I'm showing him pics of inside that moldy death trap I DIDN'T SEE THAT PUT THE PHONE AWAY 

this is 3 days hungey and the police were called cause I sat in the street outside rent current parents house. or fellony theft of services either way. I move in my mom said she's my landlord 6.3k services I've preformed professionally since 2004 rendered they changed the lock 8mo in 0 notice.  market rate for that room should be 132 to 150 a mo. 

police in maple Grove are destroyers. the court is worse. haven't even been there

 I've been to court less than 5 times in 32 years. fingers left if u count it on one hand and one of them was for someone else's beer after I thew a party out of my apt for noise issues.

I walked Europe alone at 18 before starting college. I had some rough spots Inbetween but nothing as bad as the last 3 years due to police refusing to do anything but pry for the easiest crimes possibly funded refusing to acknowledge mistakes or that they are being used as weapons 

mn needs psych eval on these hired citizens. if you want to see violent I bet if u did what they do to me to them.. bullet through the head. I've never met a service member or known an officer who wouldn't shoot someone in their house or attempting to take everything from fhem

 but it's not just that they make sure I'm malnourished stalked and robbed several times since 

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