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Friday, December 11, 2020

Extream invalidation

 Its one thing when those sick with npd can invalidate ideas via cold shoulder or topic change.

it's quite another when they steal everything then steal your attempts to even reach stable or not poisioned. 

then through out make plans to either triangular sabotage or not allow them mentioned sgsin

all while attempting to literally destroy you.

Paul takes it up a knotch and Marlene plays the same games. as I assume via their actions and my study talking to her is more amo for lethal family court and or maple Grove privateers and assistant poisioners I usualy try to talk to him and him only. 

but he plays these games of like 14 years after he sent his first text he will claim not to know what a text message is or to confuse it with email 

hang on idk if I got yours or figuratively fucked you like I used to touch you as a child enough recently.

er.. let me hang up ill see if I got it

no call back repeat 2 days later.

Is that an email on the computer?

meanwhile I'm breathing his toxic mold from their toxic house. 

more recently he will send them but not respond and words things in a way where it's not nesicarly certian he received any of mine. usually it's commands for me to do more things

then if they or he answers its almost always 


it's always total oblivioudness as fake as his entirety. 

let's be clear this is psychotic. I need my kitchen

how many mgpd officers won't put a bullet in me if I'm found hauling theirs away middle of the night?

Yet they help destroy everything mine and force labor under various threats. 

it won't be suicide even if it's by my hand this shit is sick. 

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