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Fungual scalp infection

Reason I'm pretty sure this is the case is the first dermatologist I went to diagnosed subrehic deatitus and rxed anti fungal shampoo.

About 50 percent of the time that condition is fungal. 

This was before the mold issue was confirmed and if my choice would have been the only derm i went to.

maple Grove police and the medical system in Minnesota has no trouble in trusting trust 

Medical pros are given that trust and little oversight exists

Therefore my mom was able to make good on her threat to have me detained (though I doged medicated part) by lies and false police reports .

The shit thing is my shared med records now likely indicate a psych conditions for delusions of mold. Funny how they can do that when you have not a mark on you, no behavior to indicate self harm and tell them you have the mold pros email on your phone.

Doc: patients arnt allowed phones on the ward

Funny how with maple Grove pd nor St cloud pd allowing reports of fellony level thefts I don't even have the documents to look up the name of derm 1.

She would be my best bet.

I'm blowing out black specs and clearish white stings thinner than my hair often after pulling on hair growing into my scalp. This often produces the same white strings from my scalp.

My fingers go scaly and yellowish after touching it.


Literal years of  starvation and malnutrition are devastate the body's immune system cognition and neural plasticity.

Scabies was possible when this started. A client I did it support for told me at one point when he realized I was having issues hey when you are over at my place sitting in my desk chair for hours at a time I had just gotten over...

Regardless of if it was part of the issue that is pretty clear indication that topical permethrin destroys skin Flora making fungal infection more likely

There's also evidence that one and three to one in four people are less able to deal with fungus and mold. Like their immune systems just don't touch it or respond properly. I won't claim to understand this fully. What I will note is the Discovery was somewhat new your average doctor probably hasn't heard of it.

I've also always been able to taste freezer funk on ice cubes when others can't. Once an iccream cake which was a real shame because I love ice cream cake. It's not as my parents  play it. It's not every ice cube or every house or any anything like they will tell me to avoid admitting harming me let alone any fault let alone stopping. But it really shouldn't matter any of what I said if basic laws were enforced equally I would not be in this nasty life-threatening uncomfortable disgusting barely existence

Meanwhile two police department's aid and embed felony-level theft, assult, posioning  and attempted murder. It only got worse after I was told "if that's true we might be liable"

They flat out deny or heavily censor reports as well. 

If I understand how criminal charges work, unless you're in a position to type up print out and file a criminal complaintwhich is unlikely to be taken at the same level as a police report for most intents and purposes police censoring reports Gates access to the justice system. Circumvents any claim of equaly applied or enforced punishment for crimes and as I've experienced can produce police trying to paint you as violent while someone is killing you. Despite 30 years before the false police report started of a clean record no suggestion of violence

With behavior like that they should be on trial for treason

It's illegal to block a 911 call but the police might show up and help you kill someone 

If this is freedom

I want something else. To get me through this abused not charmed kinda life.

The ama and CDC are mileading the public as to the risks and know health issues from mold as well.

Aflotoxin and Ergot posioning are the quickest to the point evidence of this.

True it's not the mold itself but something it makes and releases. Does that matter to those fucked up by the mold generated mycotoxins?

I think not. 

Except the next issue becomes that doctors have developed a fetishistic fixation on horses.

Doesn't matter if you need to see a man about a zebra 

Man or women they will insist you converse horse 

I got better 6mo at hotels even with the hell that was

So Paul and Marlene make sure I then spend 9mo I'm vain doing a task I said right away I'm not qualified to do, might not be able to accomplish in the space u forced the lease on, might make the living space as contaminated as the car u are forcing labor on.

They should be on trial Marlene tried to shove me backwards over a railing while calling out of brought you into this world I can take you out of it.

Maple Grove police help incest abusers commit fellony level thefts while murdering people


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