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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Google. don't be evil

 You are big data and have diversified to even military robotics. You have voice and face print data stores on most of the American population 

You know pbx software easily allows recording of phone calls at call center or business

You know laws on call legaly recording conversations vary by state and nation. At one time you knew you weren't law enforcement.

Why is it that my wifi router can scan 5.8ghz to see if it's in the vicinity of terminal dollar radar and disable channels based on locality or proximity to of airport 

But Google insists on eliminating the ability of even flagship $900 plus Android phones to record calls?

Do their own call centers record calls? I'd assume duh yes.

Why would you decide for the user to not just eliminate that but actively war with those who bypass your arbitrary restrictions?

What happened to the line once in your mission statement (this posts title)?

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