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higher function stress and apearence to adheriance

 it's known in times of extream the body has the means to shut off systems or give an otherwise unhealthy shot of adrenaline to better the odds of survival

edit: I started typing this under the impression the that the expert refrencend was lazlow he was infact mazlow. as I said most of this for is top of my head and entered into a smart phone with a microphone plugged to the point voice transcribe often fails and often through gloves. quiet frequently I'm also intelectualizing as a form of discociative escape and sometimes between screams as always with a previously confirmed add and I suspect milf uncaught dislexia and discalcula as well. not that math plays a huge roll in lack of adgearance to proof reading or symantic rules but the underlying functional memory deficit doesn't always play nice. regardless in areas I've already typed I've decided not to correct the uh.. misnomer. if I don't die or end up disabled and disfigured from unchecked illegal actions by Paul and Marlene I'd like to one day look into how human memory may degrade and how similar or dissimilar that is to something the computer world knows as bit rot.  accept it or otherwise we now know human brains and existance while heart beats are machine enough we can program computers to interpret brain waves and put put an image congered in one's head to a monitor. which has some crazy implications considering dry external electrodes have now been used to do just that. crazy awesome and crazy to discuss because despite legetimcy and technical feasibility these claims in depth could easily leave one in a mental hospital. we've also nailed down a few things like differences between today's computers and our brains from a systems architecture view are things like, in the brain processing and storage is often the same hardware. in a computer we have 3 levels of memory with only one persisting through a power loss event and each being faster and lower time cost to access but more expensive and thus smaller in storage. data is pulled from slow hdd or somewhat quick solid state drive into comparatively fast RAM and the parts being executed and what's next or a quick link table is stored in cpu cach. the quick links are called pointers, they occupy a cache unit and point to a ram location to quickly fetch the hopefully already in ram bits the program needs next either via program or user request. 

I digress quite a bit but the hope of this post is to convince you that we hurt people's chance of sucess, over coming issues remaining free, learning and bettering or even defending them selves and escaping if we don't somewhat consider the machine nature of human life while our hearts beat. I'm not trying to comment on what does or does not happen before or after and even with in this realization or idealogival framework there still exists room for originality and random. iirc something called the plank threshold is the limit at which quantum effects effect the macro world. when it gets down to brain cells as far as I can see there exists the possibility that quantum random and perhaps entanglement can break preditermism or even the worst garbage and low energy in low though out cycle if only for breif moments. 

again where you read lazlow I meant Mazlow I'm leaving it to show I can tollorate my own mistakes and as demonstration of emotional state impacting cognition and recall

Who says Yer Ole Mind Has any Prereqs or Bindings? 

lazlow was probably first to point out something similar to the bodies responce to hypothermia is natural as if regards to cognative function and a list of prerequisites.

it's only 1943. clearly mn law hasn't got the memo yet. worse yet is the though they may have damn well got it and those responsible understand it but just dont give a flying f... 

Physics seems to suggest this as well. there's some quantum fuzz that keeps the possibility of free thought and moments of brilliance at any level of energy but at the end of the day thought consumes calories and repair and or maintence of body and noggin or formation of the network for though from childhood through life 

requires chemicals as well as raw energy converted. we can sometimes produce required Chems given energy but some must be consumed directly. some required are best produced by organisms that live in our intestine and share a symbiotic relation with us. our gut flora. they eat what passes through your gut and do the conversion work then as gross as it may sound dedicate something our bodies need to run at all or stay running and self repairing. they also help crowd out infection. like physically "yo opertunistic microbe punk ye anint got room to set up shop hear.. beat it". in acordence with the lack of medical ethics and ease of forced encounter in MN I feel the need to state that I in no way belive gut flora are speaking English and when I refer to what the badge said was MD boris as mallard duck its purely an ego defence along these lines. 

anyway... the state of our gut flora is also huge in having the preqs to the point that those who can aford it sometimes resort to stool transplants to rebuild diminish gut flora.

let me put stool transplants in plane English for you. a feeding tube is inserted nose to stomach or possibly gut (top of my head what I can recall as usual for this post). derp more plane English. they pump shit through a tube in your nose down into your gut. other people's shit. defication, fecese, stool, its a rose by many names but you'd be ill advised to claim it doesn't stink.

back in scope med sci and physics all dictate that health and thought require at very least input of energy. an extension of this logic is, if it takes humans manufacturing a tube then testing others for bio deversity of intestine and finally extracting then purifying one person's... er.. trash? to restore another's health.. the conclusion drawn is restoring proper function is probably way more energy inefficient than maintaining it. but in a system where cash buys what's required and police refuse to enforce fellony level theft.. death is more likely than restoration. 

if you are still lost on what I mean by energy... . it's the whole atp thing you probably disregarded never learned maybe forgot. judging by modern memes you might remember that the mitocondrea is the power house of the cell...pretty interrelated but this is a novel as is. 

worth noting brain cells are cells as well and there's no such thing as a free lunch. or any time anything preformed work energy is usualy converted between forms. 

if you stick with memory lane and had the experiance of hs or esp college finals you might recall being particularly famished after a study or cram session. suggesting that just working your brain probably burned a lot of calories. possibly  alternatively suggesting someone at a young age showed you a text book before every feeding  of your favorite dog treat. litmus test, do you salivate when looking at text books? probably stick with thought requires and consumes calories 

on off all or nothing is common these days but pathological to pedestrian. what I'm interested in calling to attention is the caloric marginal cost per thought. aka after that fixed cost to manufacture cognition is satisfied what does each additional unit cost and or as this isn't economics, where are the wrenches introduced by lacking the calories or the nesicarly chemical nutrient soup to have neuro transmitters and how might that impare range of thoughts ideas and or decision making.

subjectively I can tell you deprived of nutrition to starved thought comes in blurps or patches of intermittent clarity. 

this isn't word for word said but some accounts I've read of the mn starvation experiment get pretty close. the over all conclusion was that lacking the proper or enough nutriance has profound negative impacts on not just the body but the mind as well. 

Which also is echoed in lazlows higherarchy of needs even if that isn't directly mentioned and wasn't the intent.


the body when cold is known to cut off or limit blood flow to the extremities. it tries to keep the chest and brain at a temp they won't take oermant damage st the expense of functions that are less critical. critical becomes situational. ie your legs might be critical to hunting for your next meal but if your brain has frost burn your hunt isn't likely to go so well and or won't happen at all. as heat loss is a function of surface area andore complex thermal mass and transfer equations the simplified result is it helps to limit how much of the body gets warm blood because ecey unit of distance a unit of blood flows its going to give away that much more heat. the ability of the body to burn calories to make this heat is already surpassed when this occurs. this is only somewhat relevant to the brain. mainly I include it to show the body is capable of turning parts off

fight or flight 

this is where it starts relating. if autonomic (I think that's the word it's been a while) processes detect the body is Ina fight for its life condition one is given a shot of neuro and regular epinephrine 

they then sit up from a coma like this
moments of silence pass and uma/misses Mia Wallace responds "something". but outside of the movie joke and totally not epi pen being passed off ass one (easier to miss pre days of HD) this is responsible for dad lifting a bus to save kids leg or mom swinging a frying pan through three men's skulls. take the genders and do what you like I'm just sick of a maybe on average 30 percent strength difference being considered absolute as if aided with leaver or otherwise females lack strength sufficient to say, crack skull. 

back on topic rhe interesting thing here is the reports of "tunnel vision" hyper focus and hyper strength but clearly we want mental effects. 
ill try to find some links to bck this but in general it's probably not the best state for entire range of the domain of possible human feelings and or calculations. it is evolved or is designed to allow the sprint the would be predator makes you a meal if you can't run fast enough, the pull up when one last is needed to get body off of dangling by finger tips over a cliff or even the courage to say cut your arm off if a bolder has pinned it inside a crevass
it's the all temp version of red alert full power non vital systems off and overdrive the rest incase needed. while it would take a little doing and some pet or fmri laced studies.. probably safe to say the mental circuits for multi variable calculus output via your mouth and language of preference arnt considered vital. maybe in a world where that bear speaks English and is confused out of thinking you are a meal. I don't thing life is likely to emulate a yoggi cartoon though. aka this wouldn't be very adaptive. Mal adaptive is one way to put it and as I'm trying to use not to lose French mal à la tête might be the literal result. rough translation sick in the head. normal usage is headake but if yogi is chomping ta tête because you tried to teach him dirivitives instead of running.. you tell me it isn't all of the above . for my next trick I'll cover folly a deux
actually like it or otherwise Paul and Marlene handle that pretty well as is. 

Dogs and tricks

no it's not that thot. (ask your kids if you don't know it) Neuro plasticity and or factors of is what im illuding to. 

this doesn't so much adress direct ability to change or think in an instantaneous  eval but it does throw a lot of weight behind how much Mal nutrition impacts ability to learn and change behaviors. it starts to suggest how lack of ideal to even good fulfillment of needed activity and chemical intake contributes to alzimers and Parkinson over the years as well. at least iirc. plaq formation is the phrase one seeks on a search engine. 

but as far as I've read when the brain learns and converts short to long term memory with hopefully some orginizational of storage.. it has to physically rewire a bit neurons both storing and processing probably means quite a bit is dependent on a physical Defrag like operation to achieve efficient storage and retrieval of even wrote memory and modifying a reinforced by repetition behavior is probably akin to the risk of updating bios and or firmware on a computer. ie it's a big task with potential issues. brain probably won't attempt the entire process with out the energy and chemical stores probably only during sleep stages and you may encounter an error message unless connected to ac adapter. wait.. 

in general what we've found is age of dog is not really determinant on teaching new tricks. 

nutrieance and exercise contribute to physical ability of a brain to do the processes required for learning. stress may greatly interefear and if the chemical building blocks, welding agents lubercants or thermal transfer solutions arnt present it happens less or is even unable to repair damage and the shorted out calloused over parts may produce old age dementia conditions. 

the lay meta cross comparison. anyone reading feel free to chime in support or why it's wrong. idk if I am wrong but I want to know why. 

thoughts are more than electricical 

thoughts moods and states of cognition are as much chemical as they are electrical
I'll have to refresh the most common methods of action but it's something like certian synapses push a chemical from point a to recepter b which if it fits triggers an electrical impulse. it's iirc part of how drugs like ssris and snris do anything to our cognition. ima leave the blood brain barrier out cause this is already tangent prone to hell. but suficite it to say it's also why some foods make you feel energetic or sleepy and how blue light triggers wakefulness or maybe not depending on conditioning and bodies conflicting demands. here we might find more of the incremental eval. because the process still happens and likely studies will back quality of sleep deminishes therefor amount to same recharge requires more time. 

what I mean is wakefulness is signaled by seratonin. sleepy time is meletonin. a process involving blue light (dawn) chemical converts meletonin to seritonin to promote wakefulness.

for those looking to further this knowlege cardian rhythm is the phrase. tack on something like hormonal or neurotransmitter  signaling for more info. 

with in the chemical view I should probably look at inhibitory processes as well. as far as I know the brain does a lot of what programmers consider loops. repeat simple processes that sample senses compare to memory for say audio patern to a recognized word or even first is this speach? 

reason I think incremental or marginal meal per capability might be revealed here has to do with something I once read about neurotypicals and auditory hallucinations. extream stress and prolonged/forced periods awake can trigger them in the vast majority of the population. I think it was like close to 90 percent over 3 days awake. pstd is also noted to cause them and this is sans skitzophrenia. 

infact schizophrenia itself suggests some of the inhibitory effect may be down to chemicals aa well. niotonic acid is what I refer to. theory is that those people use it less efficiently and when out of it the ability to reject non matches to say words from sound is gone. further more it's been suggested the similarity to nicotene may explain why disproportionately skitzophrenics smoke. 


I'll come back to this if I can. have to run at the moment. I know I have a ways to linking economic mobility etc but it's a good start 

another answer may lay with stress hormones influencing retention or short to long term memory conversions. 

there's also back to basics a thought costs  x callories generating y possibilities to consider costs x*y or worse, possibly better but if wager chemical limited and if depleted needs time. fully me hypothisizing though I can't support that yet. 

point I want is that if there are no bounds on the what it's to consider the congsnitr load one most carry to prioritize what risks or tasks preventing risks are done first or redone /preffrenced and lug all that in active memory. the realizations can also be quite taxing. someone can try to kill you then falsely report to police and they later refuse documentinget alone acting on possibility and evidence as to if thst happened but continue acting to allow party to illegal take from you. this is demonstrating assumed bounds are in correct and puts the brain in recalculation at best. if things taken include things like cookwear and stress preceded the down swing in ability to make food and callery input meet situational or average demand the framework for not much good and low likelyhood of postive outcomes probably becomes clear. 

what's worse is the question, walk away from what might take 5 to 20 years to have disposable income to replace and still be in malnourished must adapt but sci suggested worst State to try or stick it out? 

if the party breaking the law to pit you here has relatively high levels of disposable income and time, what are the odds you earn the means to relocate faster than they may take them through crime? 

all of this also likely negatively impacts life span as well.. ie do or do not when police won't enforce laws that leave people starving they also decrease time alive to try again 


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