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jumping a stranger

 though I'd mention something postive for once. yesterday I was in the Walmart lot watching a family try to get their truck started. it sounded like a dead battery.

a van pulled up and tried to give them a jump to no avail. I have a feeling the battery might have been past life and not taking power very well.

I realized while watching this that I had a bank of Maxwell ultra capacitors in the trunk. 3 parallel strings of 6 in series give the bank a max voltage of 16.8v and 350F a cell works out to 350/6*3 is 175F

I was a bit worried because the bus bars arnt as shiny as this pic. 

and infact some of the mounting hardware was loose. for what ever I was worried the other parties were probably more confused and skeptical as I approached with this non discript plexi enclosure. 

I asked if they were familiar with an audio amp capacitor when they asked what it was. I said well its like that but 100x. I hadent done the math in 3 years and had first done it for 2 p sets of 6. not that it mattered. 

when attached to the running van the spark was so significant I thought I had a dead short (which really it kinda is for a moment resistance wise) there might have been a small short between the two PCBs as well. I watched a spark at the box as well as the jumpers I wasn't connecting. but when the alternator load made the engine Rev and nothing was blowing up or on fire I was pretty sure all was well.

maybe 20 sec later I saw the red glow of the balance circuits LEDs and knew we were ready. 

attached to the previously refusing to kick over truck and on signaling the occupent to turn the ignition (she was texting lol) we all the sudden had a running truck with out even hesitation on kicking over. moments before it had refused to start after maybe 5min of charging and the cables still connected. the sound was mark ably different along with the lack of excessive attempts. 

Maxwell was recently acquired by tessla. rumor has it musk wanted ultra caps but was told a big enough lithium ion psc largely canceled out any benifit. the acusition might have been for other patents and this is highly subjective but from what I can see a roadster with ultra caps would still be an Improvement/ kick ass even if I'm more likely to be dead in a month than ever afford one. 

I haven't run the numbers nor do I think I have the info to figure it out with the quality of calculations that team did. but i think at the time the larger pack figure was given it may have been somewhat true but only bound to less fun factor modes of operation. ie multiples of the packs C tend to shorten service life. also discharging at high C rates tends to cut run time shorter than what ah capacity to draw would suggest. I wonder how much of ludicrous mode is still limited by desire to have pack not go to shit or burst into dendrite induced flames and or how much less it would dent miles till cut point with ultra caps on hand. 

the thing I find a bit odd about the claim is the model S was suposed to be the few holds bared super car. that said it would add some complexity to the control electronics that factoring failure rates and the cost of high powered fets at the time might have made a gamble for profitability if not feasibility. 

if I pull up the cad program I'll look up what mosfet I had doing the switching on the not pictured spot welder board I designed. I seem to recall they cost like 4.50 a unit in 2018 and I know I went with 6. iirc 4 was sufficient before I added the 3rd string of 6s but either way 6 made for way better dubty cycle and or less chance of magic smoke escaping. but that number despite not a quantity order should give you an idea of why when the model s was under development adding any number of them may have significantly changed profitability. 

I just looked and the roadster actualy uses igbts rated for 650a 350v plus 28 of them. slightly differnt switch but at that power rating the expense is usualy on par with mosfet. performance characteristics or superiority iirc as a non ee has been an ongoing battle and there isn't a huge advantage in traditional silicon devices these days with either. it was thought mosfets would never do a lot of things they now do with ease and I've noticed talking to anyone older than I am there's a stigma against them. if I read correctly the model 3 is using a sic mosfet array for its motor controller. 

I should get me a few of those and some microwave capacitors. switch ye old spot welder designed with isolation over to TMS device and blast myself happy. sic or silicon carbide has a larger band gap and deals with high power high voltage high frequency applications wayyyy  better than silicon only devices. iirc its advantage is way more apparent in high frequency operations which helps with cutting inefficiency loses. aka battery capacity and miles drivable lost to heat rather than spinning wheels as far as electric cars are concerned. 

idk human property here just trying to think while it's still legal. it felt good being able to help someone the other night. a moment of micropurpose 
switching and logic pcb. 

this board was built to monitor bank voltage and bleed the bank through power resistors in event lower voltage requested or machine powered off or unplugged. I went with a depletion mode power fet. I wanted to end up with a salable system of modular boards for just about any electronic cutting or welding process. I was designing a paid for project and a bms/charge controller while building the UV litho hardware and doing repairs when this started. probably similar to Mr musks work ethics, I literlay broke a pear of glasses when my head hit the bench trying to push myself thst much further past exhaustion.  have I mentioned I have most of a CS degree but the only formal electronics training was an 8th grade elective?  the extra chip above was a differential converter. I forget i2c or spi but I know it had an aux ch and I used the single ended output pin of that on the enable of the flying cap (chip in middle with yellow wires 

this board was made at their house. it's a great visual demo of why people Etch boards instead of strip and solder each wire to connect each pin. the termination resisters on the other side are even better but I can't find the pic

all for it to be made worthless by a retired seiu vp father who claims to own me. 

this was the weld heldbfor what the cap bank was suposed to do. actually what it did even before making the gig and Geting the guildcop electrodes. I had spot welds that tore leaving the nugget attached (a good weld fails around the weld as heat effected region weakens the non welded metal) I just included the pic cause looking through pics I realized I damn near died drilling out the holes with a cheap as they get drill press in the moldy basement. one of those hunks of copper escaped the clamp and from the sound of the thud on hitting the cinder block wall, it would not have been skull friendly 😂

probably worth noting that few you tubers known to be the experts of that world and with 10s of thousands of subscribers have tried and failed to make working spot welders. I taught myself CAD made the hardware to do UV lithography learned the concepts and applied iterative design from CS edu. 1st trigger push instead of nothing I blew a hole in the nickle strip. which I knew was a possible outcome and was why I didn't attempt wirh a battery under it. after that it was just dialing in voltage and timing. aka no hardware mods if the settings for timing had been correct I would have had a weld the first time I intended a weld and that was with handheld electrodes and one bench supply. I hadent yet built the auto recharge/voltage monitor and bleed circuit. I had to charge the bank, disconnect the psu reset the voltage and move the connections to the switching and logic board. when I realized I had enough power I dialed in the time quicker than trial and error by checking what Sunstone uses for pulse timing. I had intended a touch screen interface but in an effort to prove my mother claiming I made up the bleeding because I lacked technical ability wrong I had said ill have this working with in a week of having a flat space to finish it on. so I modified the code to allow timing adjustments over the serial port. 2 days I had welds then she just wouldn't talk about it and the story changed to I need to be medicated for delusions of mold. 

mold that had spread to my apt and resulted in 8 mo of sever eye irritation, rashes nosebleeds gi issues joint akes and pinprick wounds. spread when Cosmos cat got sick and I was driving to their house to spend time with my old friend. usualy nights often sleeping on moldy basement carpet to be by him. 

mold caused by their use of the wrong pad when playing general contractor finishing their house in 2001. mold caused by decisions they made about their house when I was not even or just bearly a teenager. 

she eventually made good on her threat to get me a psych diagnosis for it. while they paid to have house remediated I was in a mental ward due to falsified police reports and doc refused to view hired mold pro email. 

few months ago I blew this out. it might be in my head 
.. just not the way the EHR/EMRs indicate. 100k to 250k Americans are said to die every year due to charting errors. when the chart entries are made on a forced visit and refusing to see expert testimony it's bad enough. It's pretty fucking disgusting that with forced holds we didn't Outlaw Rex Kickbacks or seem to see the conflict of interest when you are jailer to make a bonus for fucking drugging you let alone the potential repercussions and ethics of Chart entries that you have no say in whether they were made or not. 

I heard Minnesota is launching a new program to ahh... something people.

 It's like the Doctors Without Borders but even better...

 Doctors Without ethics and with large bonuses. Is that the fucking American Dream?



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